Saturday, 25 March 2006

Banana Pudding

Get to know this Banana Pudding Dessert from Jingle26 blog where she learnt it from the cookery class. Base on the wonderful comments from most of the mum who had tried this dessert, I also had a thought of making it. Some after gathering all the necessary ingredients, I also give this a try. It's really yummy and very easy to prepare. Even my 2 years old son said: "Good, want more! Want more more!" after trying 1 teaspoon of it. So for those who loves to eat banana and pudding, do give this dessert a try. Click on the link at Jingle's blog for the recipe...... Thanks Jingle for sharing with us another wonderful dessert recipe of yours

5 Medium Ripe Banana (sliced)
100g Sugar
250ml Water
4 Pandan Leaves
100ml Evaporated Milk
75g Custard Powder, mixed with 120ml water

1. Prepare the custard mixture, mixed till smooth. Set aside.
2. Put water and pandan leaves to boil for about 5 mins, then add in sugar. Stir till dissolved.
3. Add in custard mixture slowly, keep stirring till mixture thickens.
4. Add in evaporated milk and then the banana, continue to stir till bubbles appeared. Turn off heat.
5. Wet serving cups and then pour in the cooked mixture.
6. Leave to set.Serve chilledPosted by Picasa


  1. Hi

    The link you posted for the recipe is not available anymore. Do you mind sharing the recipe for the banan pudding? Thanks!

  2. Hi smiley84,

    Since the link is not working, i already posted the recipe as you request. Hope u will like this pudding... :)

  3. After a few times of making mango pudding, I do feel a bit boring to make the same thing over and over although got good comment of it. Great to find this recipe from you, thanks and I can try something new.

  4. Hi Chumpman, do give it a go and let me know how it is hehe... :)


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