Sunday 2 December 2007

Assorted Berries Fantasy

This is my very first Birthday Cake which I had made for as a gift. Actually I had two birthday cakes to make during this weekend. But due to the tight working schedule that I currently had, I had to cancel one of the order which I felt very sorry about it. This Assorted Berries Cake consists of a mixture of frozen berries like: Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries and Cherries which baked together with Grand Marnier infused butter cake mixture. It is then sandwich with Blueberries Cream Cheese and wrap up with extra Cream Cheese covering the whole cake and top with fresh Gooseberries and Strawberries. (Too bad, I won't be able to get a picture of the inner cut out of the cake, because it's a birthday cake :p)

This is a very simple design cake which I think I still have a long way to go comparing to those blogger who had being doing such a great job on their cake decoration. I think designing and assemble a cake of it own require some skills which I am still lacking off. But I will try my very best to polish up in this area and I hope I will have more chances to explore in the area of cake making...... Posted by Picasa
P/s: Happy Birthday To You My Dear Friend... Hope all your wishes will come True ........


  1. Dearest Ellena, thanks so much for making my birthday a special one this year! I feel so bad u cancel ur order to make a birthday for me! With Love, Susan

  2. Hi Ellena!
    the cake looks good.
    simple but pretty :D

  3. Hi Susan,

    Glade that you and your family likes that cake :)

    Aiyo...actually i didn't cancel my orders la.. just that I don't have time to do the actual orders due to my tigh working schedule but then as a friend, I hope that I can do something for you on your Birthday ma... :)

    Hi Sweet-tooth!
    Thanks for your kind words :)

  4. lordismerciful_ong17/12/07 6:00 pm

    harlo ellena

    hi remember me i send u email...have not got reply yet. . .hope ur fine tks

    - ong

  5. Hi Ong,

    So far as i remember i didn't received any email from you :) mb that's the reason of the unreply.

  6. hi ellena

    wanted to buy some donuts from you, but i cant find the link to your bakes for sale blog anymore! :o( is it under construction?


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