Thursday 29 July 2010

Great Singapore Cook Off & SIS Fun Day

What are you planning to do during the coming National Day long weekend from 07 - 09 August 2010? Perhaps you might want to mark out 07th & 08th August in your diary for a fun-filled family day at Palawan Beach, Sentosa. With the new Integrated Resort (IR) that lines with many great activities and eateries, you can even take a break off to pamper you and your family by have a short stay at any of the resort hotel.

Remember a few weeks back, I have shared a post on the “FairPrice Family COOK OFF” and now the big day has come and they are going to have the live filming of this “Cook Off” program at Sentosa. There will be lots of free activities including face painting, arts and crafts, games, sand sculpting and many prizes and giveaways throughout the day. You can read up more on their official website HERE.

The organizer of this event would like to invite all readers and bloggers to join this upcoming event where SIS Sugar (click HERE for details) will be laying on lots of great activities for you and your family such as:-

~ Icing demonstration: 10 – 20 kids can participate in this
~ Registration for Cupcake Decoration contest opens

~ Cupcake Decoration contest begins

~ “SIS Jingle Jam” competition – live performance (spot prizes)
~ Candy floss
~ Giveaway Kids making sprinkle messages on Sticky lollipops

~ End of Cupcake Decoration Award for most decorative cupcake

~ “SIS Jingle Jam” competition – live performance (spot prizes)

~ SIS Trivia: fact-sharing session about SIS Sugar (spot prizes)

~ Kids making sprinkle messages on Sticky lollipops

~ “SIS Jingle Jam” competition – live performance (spot prizes)

So hurry! Plan your day on 07 - 08 August 2010 with your family to enjoy these interesting programs where you might take a glimpse on the filming of the "Great Singapore Cook Off". But for meanwhile, you can also participate with their online Jingle where you can show off your talent and creativity in design your very own jingle to stand a chance to win attractive prizes as such S$1,000 CASH.

For more details on creating the Jingle event, do hope by to their facebook website at:-

Till then, hope to see you around at Palawan Beach, Sentosa during the upcoming Events and Good Luck to you if you are joining the Jingle Jam too :)

p/s: All photos used on this post credit to SIS Sugar & Cook Off Singapore.

Tuesday 27 July 2010

Sakae Power!!!

Remember this "Power Pro Bento” set which is launched during 22 June 2010, at the "Sakae Welcome The World 2010" event. This bento set is to tie in with the upcoming Youth Olympic Games whereby it consists of protein rich ingredients that help to increase strength, muscle development and improves athletic performance. This is what we have ordered at one of the Sakae outlet which look a bit rather different from what we saw during the event if you compare both the photos. (Click HERE).

The set comes with appetiser, main dish, rice/noodles, steam egg and cut fruits. For starter we tried the "Ebi Avocado Tofu" where you can only see a slice of avocado on it and the "white" tofu seems kind of messy with the pouring sauce all over the surface.

The broth of the "Seafood Kaminabe Hotpot" has being infuse with the sweetness of the seafood and vegetables which makes it great to go with rice. We love the broth which is just right for our taste buds.

The Fish Roe seems to be missing from our "Gindara Cod Fish" plate and the taste of the fillet seems rather odd with its sauce. If you have tried this "Power Bento Set" before, do share your experience with us on the items. Perhaps different outlets will have different end results.

"Sakae Chawanmushi" was still smooth and fragrant as usual and it is always one of our favourite items on the menu too. But sometime I do missed their "Pumpkin Chawanmushi" which has being removed from their menu.

We choose Udon over rice as we prefer something soupy to go with the sushi that we pick up from the convery belt. But you can always choose rice to go with the Seafood Kaminabe Hotpot.

After the meal, you can pamper yourself with some seasonal cut fruits to make this bento set a more complete meal. This “Power Pro Bento” set which cost S$22.90 will be available from now till 31st August 2010. And 15% of the proceeds from this “Sakae's Power Pro Bento” will go to the Singapore Sailing Federation. Posted by Picasa

Seah's Singapore Chicken Curry

Singapore Chicken Curry is always one of the dishes that most Singaporean craves for when they are oversea for work purpose or studies. Like myself when I was away from Singapore, I always stock up more than a dozen pack with me during my visit home so that I can easily whipped up this all time favourite during special occasions or as when we feel like having some home cook dishes.

Inside my recent gift pack from Seah’s Spices (click HERE to read more), I have found a pack of the Singapore Chicken Curry Spices that I have not tried before. And since mum is craving for some Chicken Curry, we decided to give this new spice a try.

We bought some chicken wings, potato, tomato, onion and coconut cream to cook this dish. But as you notice from the photo above, there is a pack of coconut powder that comes with the curry spices which makes it easier for those who is overseas where coconut cream/milk is not easily found. But in Singapore we do prefer to add in either fresh or ready packed coconut milk/cream to enhance the flavour of the curry.

The method used here is slight different from the method shown on the package as mum preferred to stir-fry the ingredients a while to release the aroma of the onion and spices before adding water. So here goes our modify version of the Chicken Curry:-

Ingredients: (serves 4)
1 Packet of Seah’s Singapore Chicken Curry Spices
8 Chicken Wings
3 Medium Size Potato, cut into chunks
3 Medium Size Tomato, cut into wedges
2 Medium Onion, cut into wedges
800ml Boiling Water
100ml Coconut Cream

1.Wash and trim the fat off from the chicken wings and set aside.
2. Preheat a soup pot with 1/2 tablespoon of cooking oil, add in the onion and sauté till fragrant (about 30 seconds) then add in the chicken pieces and potato then continue to stir on and off for another 30 seconds or so.
3. Next slowly add in the curry spices and stir the mixture till well combined.
4. Add in 800ml or more boiling water to cover the chicken pieces when the curry comes to boil, add in the tomato wedges and slowly simmer over low heat for about 15 – 20 minutes till the potato soften and meat is cooked through.
5. Lastly, slowly stir in the coconut cream and turn off the heat when the mixture comes to boil.
6. You can served warm with steam rice or baguette.

~ If you prefer something more spicy or that nice red chilli oil colour on your curry, you can add in 1 teaspoon of Sambal Blachan together with the spices to make it extra spicy.

Although some of the pre-mix spices cannot whipped out the authentic flavour compare to those freshly grind spices but I am sure with all these ready made spices it actually helps to shorten cooking time for working mum like me or overseas friends who missed having those wonderful local dishes.

So if you wish to try out some of these spices, do come and join us on the Giveaway event HERE whereby you can win some Seah’s spices of your choice. Posted by Picasa

EwF by Everything With Fries

EwF by Everything With Fries restaurant has a new fast food outlet located at Orchard Central, level 1. While shopping around that area last week, we decided to drop-by and tried out some of their items that I have read good reviews on.

The overall decoration of the outlet was bright and comfort with white furniture like school tables and chairs. They have giant chalkboard menu display at both inside and outside of the outlet whereby the customers can have a better view of their items. From the menu, you can either "make a meal" of your choice @ S$11.90 for a set of "burger/sandwich + soft drink + choice of fries" or you can just pick up any items from the menu itself.

While queuing up for the order, I have saw a few customers ordering Curry Fries @ S$2.90/pack but I did not get it because I was afraid that it might be spicy for Rey. So I decided to get an extra pack of Original Fries apart from my "make a meal" set. While looking at this "Original Fries" above, I was puzzle at first glance because of the "powders" on it which I thought it might be the curry fries they have took wrongly.

We will kind of disappointed with the “Original Fries” as it taste too soggy perhaps it had being left there for too long before our order. And it really taste “Original” even with those “powder” so almost ¾ pack of the fries are left there untouched. (note: All fries cost S$2.90/pack)

I have ordered a "make mine a meal" set that comes with a burger, drink and fries for S$11.90 which is quite a good deal for a meal. Since it is a rainy afternoon, I decided to go for a hot drink which I settle with "Hot Butterscotch Milk" which taste great like "popcorn" fragrant according to my boy.

My choice of fries is "Sour Cream and Onion" which taste much more better the "Original Fries" above. This pack has being freshly fried and it is still hot and crispy while served.

Now comes to the main course, I have being wonder on which items to choose since they have 6 different choices on the list from "4 burgers and 2 sandwiches". Instead of going for their EwF Super Burger which sounds and look great, I decided to try their low-key item which is this "Lamb Burger".

If you just order the Lamb Burger itself, it will cost you about S$6.90. Accordingly to the menu, this burger is marinated with middle eastern spices, cooked then topped with garlic cream cheese, tomato concasse and caramelised onions. So while looking at this, I expected the burger to be juicy and fragrant rather than dry and lack of sauce in it. So I guess this will be my last time trying their Lamb Burger.

While eating half way through our meal, we happened to notice that someone at our next table are having some delicious looking dessert which I curiously enquire with them about it. So after hearing food reviews from them, I also grab a box of this "Nutella Slice" which cost S$3.50. And I assured you that this is indeed a very rich and delicious dessert if you love chocolate. Rey finished almost 3/4 of the slice leaving only 1/4 for me. Posted by Picasa

Although the burger that I had did not turn out to be what I expected but I am still glad that they have some great dessert, drink and fries. Perhaps I shall drop by their main restaurant at 458 Joo Chiat Road to try out more of their other dishes.

EwF by Everything With Fries
181 Orchard Road
Orchard Central
Singapore 238896

Opening Hours:
Sunday - Thursday: 11:00am - 10:00pm
Friday - Satursday: 11:00am - 11:00pm

Friday 23 July 2010

Seah's Premix Spices Gift Pack & Giveaway

Recently I have received an email from the marketing department of Seah's Spices Food Industries Pte Ltd mentioning that they are sending a gift pack in appreciation to me on sharing some of their products in my blog post recipes. Upon hearing that, I was too shock and overjoy to believe that their team actually take the time and effort to go around sourcing and reading recipes blogs such as mine.

After about two weeks from their email, I have received their gift pack yesterday, which consists of a box of their makeover premix spices, oyster sauce and a recipes book on how to use their products.

Their "Roasted & Steamed & Braised food" range consists of my favourite Emperor Herbs Chicken Spices which I used to ask my mum to send it to me while I was in overseas. And now I spotted that they actually have Salt-roasted Chicken Spices and Stewed Fragant Spices too which I am curious to try it out soon.

So far I have tried only two of their "Broth & Soup" products which are "Singapore Bak Kuet Teh"(click HERE) and "Herbal Chicken Soup"(click HERE) that I have shared in my previous posts.

But they do have other products under this range are:- Scallop Shark's Fin Soup, Buddha Jump Over the Wall Soup and Seafood Hotpot which acts as a great helper for festive season meal. Or you might prefer something healthier to build up the family members immune system such as trying their "Nutritious Black Chicken Soup".

Seah's spices also have a range of "Deep-fried food" spices which can be use either as a batter or seasoning for deep-fried stuffs. The sample that I have over here are:- Five-Spices Fried Chicken Spices, Spicy Fried Chicken Spices, Prawn-Flavoured Fried Chicken Spices and Fried Crispy Prawn Spices.

If you prefer some hot and spicy flavour from their products, then these "Stir-Fried Food" range will be great for a choice. Honestly speaking, I have not try any of these before and I am surprised to see some of these spices too. Here you can find:- Pepper Salt Prawn Spices, Black Pepper Crab Spices, Black Pepper Spices(Beef/Chicken) and Curry Chicken Spices.

Until I found these in the gift pack, I didn't know that Seah's also have their very own "Desserts & Beverages" products such as Red Beans Dessert with Orange Peel, Ginseng Chrysanthemum Powder and Creamy Corn Coconut Dessert Powder. Posted by Picasa

Dear Readers,

I would like to share my joy on some of these special Seah's Spices that I have received with those who is interested in trying these prodcuts. So in this "Giveaway" a lucky reader will have a chance to pick any 5 packets of the above spices that I have shared in the above-mentioned post.

If you are interested to participate in this "Giveaway", what you need to do is just leave your NAME and a comment tag of "I'll love to try these Seah's Spices!" before 2359 hours, 31 July 2010 and I will pick a lucky reader on 01st August 2010 using an online randomiser.

Till then, have fun and join in the Giveaway!!!!! Who know you might be the next "person" like me to be spotted by SEAH's SPICES on using/sharing their products and be rewarded with some of their freebies too :p

p/s: Overseas readers are also welcome to join in this Giveaway too!

Cuisine Paradise - 美食天堂 @ OMY Blog

Together with another 11 invited Singapore Blog Awards Bloggers from OMY such as Silver Ang - Modeling , Zhou Yiwei - Food, Leonny Atmadja - photographing and etc. We are all so excited to start another new blogging journey with this big family. And all these 12 new blogs have being officially launched on last Friday, 16 July 2010 with some news of it published on local media such as MyPaper, Straits Times, and etc.

In my OMY blog, I will be sharing some of the “random” posts I published over here at my main blog and sometime I do look out for “Special” post that it only available at my OMY blog too. Here is the link @ do drop by and take a look.

"莲藕花生鸡脚汤 - Lotus, Peanut & Chicken Feet Soup" is my 1st Chinese written post ever since in my 5½ years of blogging journey which I would like to delicate to the Chinese Readers from my main blog or as well as the new OMY domain.

Thursday 22 July 2010

SuperNature Sunday Organic Fair

If you have missed out the first SuperNature Super Sunday on 27 June 2010(click HERE). This last-Sunday-of-the-month organic fair is back again this Sunday, 25 July 2010 between 10:00am – 6:00pm. This time round it is back with a new lineup of organic offers, special buys and sampler taster dishes for their valuable customers.

At this Sunday fair, the tasting station has gotten bigger with Roasted Organic Turkey Breast Sandwich, US grass-fed lamb chops and a selection of juices and teas to tempt your taste buds upon your visit. Do take note, tasting session starts from 11:00am -1:00pm or while stock last.

Best value buys for this Sunday fair will be featuring these three items such as:-

~ A bag of carrots at $5 (Usual Price $9/kg);
~ A three-piece bag of Nashi pears at $15 (Usual Price $19.50); and
~ A pack of Heidi’s Hens Fresh Roasted Organic Turkey Breast at $10 (Usual Price $15.90).

To get there by public transport, you can take SBS Bus 111 from the bus-stop opposite Orchard MRT station and alight at the second bus-stop which is opposite Four Seasons Hotel. From there walk straight towards the junction of Tomlinson and Orchard Boulevard Road and you will see Park House Condominium. Or you can drive and park at the public carpark outside the store. Posted by Picasa

21 Orchard Boulevard
#01-21/23 & 27 Park House
Singapore 248645
Tel:(65)6304 1338
Fax:(65)6735 0366

Note: During the Sunday Fair, visitors or customers can also a two-can pack of Llanllyr Source Sparkling Water (Usual Price $3.35 per can) between 10am – 12pm.

Wednesday 21 July 2010

Four Seasons Durians Pancake @ AMK Hub

Four Seasons Durians is guided by Professional Chef Victor Chan and Business Woman Joyce Lee where the brand has changed their image from a traditional fresh fruit stall into a modern and innovative durian confectionery. Within a few years, Four Seasons Durians has a few branches in Singapore such as in Takashimaya, AMK Hub, Tiong Bahru Plaza and etc. Sometime you can also spot them in food fair pushcart stall in some local shopping malls.

This is one of the branch that is located at Basement 2 of AMK Hub which is near the main entrance of NTUC express.

Four Seasons Durians has a wide range of products that are made from fresh Durian pulp such as Pancakes, Mooncakes, Puffs, Tarts, Cakes, Ice-Cream and etc. And they also participate in this year Singapore Food Festival @ Clarke Quay Food Street too.

There are always people queuing up to grab apiece or two or their freshly made durian pancake especially during weekends or lunch hours. And one good point of the stall is the speed of making the pancake is rather fast with two helpers to ease the waiting queue. But some of the feedbacks from friends who frequent the stalls, the durian fillings that they used sometime might be differ in taste such as more bitter or sweet throughout the different branches due to the type of durian used. Each piece of pancake cost S$1.50 with a spoonful of fresh durian pulp wrapped in it. Posted by Picasa

Four Seasons Durians
53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3
#B2-28 Ang Mo Kio Hub
Singapore 569933
Telephone: 6484 2285
Operating Hours: 10.00am - 10.00pm daily