Monday 31 January 2005

My Favourite Sunflower.....

Among all the flowers, I prefer Sunflower which represents hope and warm in my heart. To me it looks like a smiley face that always fill your heart with happiness.

During my days in Australia years back, I grew quite a few variety of sunflowers from miniature to large size and I love the above giant sunflower the most. It is about the size or slightly bigger than the face of an adult which you definitely can't find such a big one in Singapore.

Saturday 29 January 2005

The Great Ocean Road

This is one of the pictures of the famous "The Twelve Apostles" in the Great Ocean Road, Australia. The route itself is just like a Merry-go-round as it goes goes round and round and round.... so if you are those who easily gets car-sick you should get ready with some medicine just in case. But the scenery is really very fantastic.

Friday 28 January 2005

Pyramid Rock

Such a great scenery of Pyramid Rock from Penguin Island, Australia. This is a place where penguins will swim off shore at night to the land and stay over night. Tourists from all over the world, came to this island to see the lifestyle of the Penguin.

Thursday 27 January 2005

MacKenzie Falls Victoria Australia

We went to this MacKenzie Falls in Victoria, Australia during our stay in Australia in 2001. It's such a beautiful place and you need to take bout 1.5hrs walk from the park to the fall. The route itself was quite steep with lot of up and down hills so you have to be prepared for a good work up during the trip.