Friday 31 March 2006

Green Bean With Durian Dessert

When I first saw this dessert from Zur's Kitchen I almost drool while looking at the screen. In my mind I kept thinking of the combination of green bean with durian as it is quite difficult to describe the taste with words unless you try it yourself. Furthermore this dessert is sweeten by gula melaka (a kind of coconut sugar) which gives it a distinctive taste which leaves you craving for more.

Thursday 30 March 2006

Mango, Cucumber & Apple Salsa

My family loves mango so with mango season around I decide to make this refreshing mango salsa to serve as appetizer.  This fruity salsa goes well with BBQ meat or spicy food so as to tone down the heat and give a refreshing after taste. 

Sunday 26 March 2006

Stir-fry Pork Liver With Rice Wine

Today is a lazy Sunday morning while my son slept an hour and the half more than his usual wake up time. So while he is still in dreamland, I continue peeling the outer skin of the dried walnuts which I am going to use it for cooking his porridge. Our lunch menu for today will be "Vegetable Pork with Minced Pork and Walnut" serve together with Stir-fry Pork Liver With Rice Wine.

Saturday 25 March 2006

Pulot Hitam Kaya Kueh

Today is another Kueh making session for us because mum is coming over for a visit so I decide to something for afternoon tea.  This kueh that I made today is called Pulot Hitam Kaya; the bottom layer is made with combination of Pulot Hitam (Black Glutinous Rice) and White Glutinous Rice.

Wednesday 22 March 2006

Fishball and Chinese Cabbage Soup

These few days, I am so tired and lazy to cook anything and I actually intends get some roast duck rice for today's dinner. But since it started to drizzle in the evening and it's quite troublesome to bring my kid along I decided to cook a simple vegetable soup to go with rice. So with whatever I can find in the freezer I come out with this all in one soup with "fishball, crabstick, tofu, minced pork and Chinese cabbage".

Saturday 18 March 2006

Steam Tapioca Cake

Recently I have the urge on making all kinds of Local Kueh. And for this post I will be sharing the recipe for this Steam Tapioca Cake which I made for mum gathering with friends. The main ingredients for this kueh is Tapioca and coconut milk as well as coconut sugar (gula melaka).

Friday 17 March 2006

Barley, Ginkgo Nut & Beancurd Soup

These few days the weather was pretty hot and humid so it is best to drink more water, soup or even a bowl of cooling dessert. This afternoon I prepared mum’s favourite dessert which is the “Barley, Ginkgo Nut & Bean Curd Soup (白果,薏米和腐竹)”. This is a famous Cantonese dessert which is usually taken by pregnant lady because there is myth saying that those mum-to-be who drinks this will help the unborn baby to have a fairer skin. And in order to the creamy version, you need to get hold of the correct type of dessert bean curd sheet too.

Thursday 16 March 2006

Dang Gui Chicken Soup

Asian Chinese love to nourish their bodies with medicinal food but before you starts with any of these herbal soup or dish you have to know what you body is lack with. Just like our body is divided into Yin and Yang and where Yin further sub-divide into weak spirit, weak blood, infirm and nutritionally weak. For example: in cold season we need warm supplement food; summer and autumn require cooling stuffs to reduce body heat so we had to select the right supplement at the correct time or else it could backfire our health.

Wednesday 15 March 2006

Pak Tong Koh

Pak Tong Koh (白糖糕) is one of my favourite childhood breakfast treat which my dad used to get for me. And recently I happen to find this recipe from one of the "Local Kueh" recipe book that I bought. The recipe itself is easy to follow but the fermentation time is a bit way too long; need to rest the batter undisturbed for about 8 hours. In such case I did not try out the recipe until I come across another similar one from a website.

Mango Pudding

Saw this Mango Puddings recipe from m4m website forum and it was strongly recommended by most of the people who had tried it. Since now it is mango season where you can easily get hold of fresh and juicy mango, I decided to give this recipe a try. I followed most of the ingredients given by Hugbear (base on her recipe) except by replacing some of the required ice-cream to mango juice and milk because I don't have enough at home.

Sunday 12 March 2006

Pad Thai Noodles

I always wanted to replicate this noodle dish at home as I miss eating the version I had during our stay in Brisbane. As you know this is one of the well-known dish  in Thailand known as Pad Thai. It has a subtle substance of flavours with pickled turnip, crushed peanuts, fresh chives and a dash of lime. You can hardly find a good one in Singapore because they are not as popular as Thai curry and rice dishes.

Saturday 11 March 2006

Lotus Root, Water Chestnut & Loquat Soup

After a long search, I manage to find Loquat which is also known as “枇杷果“ in Chinese. This fruit is very good as it helps to expel heat from the lungs, eliminate sputum and stop coughing due to Heat. As this is a seasonal fruit it might be slight difficult to get hold so do keep a look out for them in the supermarkets or fruit stalls. 

The taste of the soup is very smoothing and full of fragrant that is hard to describe. With the mixture of lotus roots, pear, water chestnut and loquat you have to try this soup on your end to justify the taste. But no worry it this is not those sweet soup taste. 

Thursday 9 March 2006

Cantonese Style Steam Chicken

Find this Cantonese Style Steam Chicken dish looks delicious from one of the cookbook I loan from the library. I wonder how does it taste with the extra ingredient; Chinese Sausage (腊肠) added into this dish because I normally just steamed chicken with ginger and spring onion.

Wednesday 8 March 2006

Steam Pork Shoulder With Black Bean Sauce

Since I have some Pork Shoulder (妃子骨) in the fridge, I decided to make this Steamed Pork Shoulder with Black Bean Sauce which recommended by one of my blogger friend. According to her, pork shoulder bone has little cartilage and the meat is also of better quality which in a way the result will be smooth and soft. 

Tuesday 7 March 2006

Herbal Watercress Soup

We often cook Watercress Soup at least once every two weeks. Sometime I will boil it with pork ribs and red dates but if the weather is hot and humid then I will add in some extra herbs to cool down the body as well as nourishing the lungs. For us we prefer to cook watercress with chicken instead of pork as we find it taste better in a way.

Monday 6 March 2006

Deep-Fry Salmon With Special Sauce

Replicate this Salmon Dish from Zur's from the M4M forum, where she used vinegar and light soy sauce to make the seasoning sauce for this dish. Before testing out the dish I am still worrying about the taste due to the use of vinegar. But to my surprise, the sweet and sour sauce was great with the combination of mirin and chillies flakes. Overall this is a very appetizing dish which consists sweet, sour and spicy taste in one. But since I don't have sweet sake at home, I replace it with a bit of sugar and also in some some cornstarch solution to thicken the sauce slightly.

Thursday 2 March 2006

Steam Pork Mince With Salted Fish

I am always keen in learning how to make tasty steamed minced meat with salted fish which are similar to those selling in the steamed food stall. So after consulting some experts from cooking forum that makes this dish, I finally managed to prepare something similar to what I expected. Actually this is an easy dish to prepare but you need some skill in making the minced meat seasoning and get food quality of salted fish to enhance the taste.

Wednesday 1 March 2006

Lotus, Huai Shan & Pork Ribs Soup

Recently I have  being cooking this Lotus, Huai Shan & Pork Ribs Soup at least once a week. This soup is recommend by one of the Chinese Physician who I often visit, according to her this soup helps to improve the Qi in our body.

It consists of Fresh Huai Shan which taste sweet and helps to nourish our lungs and kidneys, strengthens the spleen, stops diarrhea, uplifts the spirit and benefits Qi. Besides that this soup can also helps to improve the appetite of young children and adults during hot weather. You can add about 2 slices of Bei Qi which helps to in strengthens the Heart, promotes urination, lowers blood pressure as well as boosts the immune system.

Steam Herbal Chicken

We love to cook this Steamed Herbal Chicken at least once or twice every fortnightly either half portion of chicken, chicken wings or chicken drumsticks depending what we prefer on that week. If you have some ready Chinese Herbs at home, it is actually better to use that rather than getting premixed spices from supermarkets.

There are many different methods in preparing this dish where some might prefer stronger herbal taste or lighter. My method here might be different from your so this is just for reference and sharing you can always add or remove ingredients which is not accessible on your end.