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Cuisine Paradise is a Singapore base website which features food recipes, dining reviews and travelogues. Within the recipes column we have more than 800 tested and tried recipes ranging from Asia (Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai) to Western cuisines as well as self-concocts recipes too. And apart from food recipes we also share some common kitchen tips, gadgets and product reviews too.

As the sole writer of Cuisine Paradise, I am always passionate about food in the way they are prepared and served. So besides concocting my own dishes/bakes, I also enjoy styling and taking photos of my dishes.

Cuisine Paradise receives more than 15 million page views (since June 2011 till January 2019), with monthly readership of about 150K+ (at least 60K unique) together with social media platform such as :

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We have work together with brands like "Bosch", "Kitchen Aid", "Philips", "WMF","Tefal" and etc which you could read more by clicking on the photo links below.

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We have work together with brands like "WMF", "Kitchen Aid", "Philips", "Ayam Brand","Mission Food" and etc which you could read more by clicking on the photo links below.

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We have being engaged to develop recipes for well-known brands like "Bake King", "Swanson", "Prego" and "Yifon" which you could read more by clicking on the photo links below.

Bake King Website Recipes

Prego Pasta Sauce

Swanson Clear Chicken Soup Broth I

Swanson Clear Chicken Soup Broth II

YIFON Bottled Mushroom

Parents World Magazine


i-Love Mama Healthy Meal (i-Weekly - Apr 2013)

Singapore Child Magazine  (Jan 2013)

Japanese Steamed Cake (MyPaper)

Foodies Confidential (Sunday Times)

Kid's Bento (联合早报)

Pizza and Bento workshop


I love to venture on new food as well as test out new kitchen gadgets whenever I spot something interesting during our weekly grocery shopping. And occasionally I also received product samples or restaurant invitations from media to be featured in Cuisine Paradise. Below are some of the review posts which you could check it out or click HERE for more related posts.

Singapore Local Foods

JB (Johor Bahru) Food Trail

Quinoa - Mother of all grains


Ryan's Grocery

CP Food

For general enquiry regarding the recipe(s) that I have shared or if you are an organiser or vendor who wish to work with Cuisine Paradise on brand endorsement, advertising, recipe development, giveaway, food or product reviews and etc. Please send in your email for further information.

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Writer: Ellena Guan
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  1. I have enjoyed poking around your site. I worked on a Scottish food promotion many years ago at The Goodwood Park Hotel on Scotts Road and have long wanted a return to Singapore.

  2. Hey Ellena! Its so nice to see a bento enthusiast from Singapore! and your site is so nice! Nowadays I bento from the Netherlands and its always so heartwarming to see bentos with a nice Singaporean touch :)

  3. Hi Ellena,

    Thank you so much for providing all the recipes and steps on how to prepare food! It has been so helpful for a beginner like me!


  4. Hi Adriana,

    Thanks for your kind words hope you would find the recipes useful :)

  5. Hi Ellena,
    I am so excited to come across your blog .. All the recipies and dishes featured looks so delicious but you made it so easy with simple ingredients and hassle free preparation and cooking methods :) I will definately be BACK for more !! Great stuff dun stop ..

  6. Hello Ellena

    I hope you have settled your happycall photo at insing. That was the last issue i mentioned on your blog. How have you been since?

    At your home page, there is a photo of a bottle of honey and pandan waffles.
    Today i did a search on " waffles" , "waffle" and "pandan waffles", the photo and article seemed to have disappeared!
    The search function now brings me to the top of your Recipes, dated April 2012.


    1. Hi Lily,

      The HCP photos issue is not with inSing but rather deal.com.sg and don't worry everything has been settled.

      Oh that pandan waffle recipe is not out yet, it is still on the queue list, should be available next week or so :)

      Thanks for showing interest on it.

  7. Hi my first time using the happy pan and was very happy that I managed to cook saba fish. Came across yr site and delicious food using hcp . Can u advise how can use it to cook hot dog do I have to put oil in the hcp?
    Thank you



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