Saturday 26 November 2005

Steam Cod Fillet With Mushroom

Yeah finally I succeed in steaming Cod Fish Fillet using a very simple method with delicious outcome. The end result taste quite similar to those Cantonese style steamed fish with ginger and light soy sauce.

Wednesday 23 November 2005

Steam Luo Han Guo Chicken

Saw this recipe from one of the TV show on 纵横中医三. In one part of this program, there is a cooking show teaching how to use Chinese herbs in our daily cooking to prepare nutrition and delicious dish. Below are some benefits of the herbs used:

罗汉果: Tastes sweet and of cool nature, it clears Heat, treats coughing and nourishes the intestine. e 玉竹: Nourishes Ying, moistens internal Dryness, stimulates Silva and quenches thirst. It heals coughing, treats bothersome thirsty, clears the internal Heat that harms Ying as well as Dryness and pain the throat.

Friday 18 November 2005

Egg Wrap Rice

Although I had a lot of variety of cookbooks in my collection but sometime I am really too lazy to follow all the steps to whip up a meal. Just like today I decided to make something simple and delicious which called the "Egg Wrap Rice". You can wrap any kind of rice in it for eg: Curry Rice, Fried Rice or even just Plain Ric.

Here what I did is to wrap some rice and some stir-fry minced pork with onion and mushroom then serve with some tomatoes and cucumber salad. 

Wednesday 16 November 2005

Claypot Chicken & Sausage Rice

Last few days, I just bought a book that consists 38 recipes on making different type of Claypot Rice. Some are really very easy to make and all you need to do is just cooked the rice and arrange the prepared ingredients on top, covered and cooked over low heat for a few minutes. After which leave it on the stove covered for 15 minutes and you can enjoy a pot of yummy homecook claypot rice within 30 minutes

Stew Papaya & Peanuts Soup

Tried this soup twice and find that it is worth sharing because it is very smoothing and nice to drink. According to the recipe this soup contains protein, minerals, vitamin A, B and C. It improves skin texture; heals coughing; expels sputum; improves eyesight; clears Heat inside the body; cleanse the digestive system and soothes constipation. So give this soup a try if have any digestive problems or etc.

Tuesday 15 November 2005

Chocolate Chips Almond Cookies

Very tempting to try out this "so call" Famous Amos Cookies from M4M website. Thanks to one of the members who shared his recipe with clear steps on making this wonder cookies. The ingredients are rather straight forward and you need some grated Gula Melaka which one of the key ingredients. Besides that I replace chocolate chip and nuts with 1 whole block of Cadbury Almond Chocolate as I have run out of chocolate chip and I can't find Macadamia nuts around.

Monday 14 November 2005

Steam Seabream With Mushroom

I had being searching around to see how does a Sea Bream look like because I had never bought a sea bream before. From a book it says that Sea bream contains much protein and it cures asthenia, benefits digestive system and skin. Also by eating this steam sea bream with mushroom regular it helps to make your skin glow with natural sheen. Whether this is true or not, steamed meal is usually better than those fried dish so you might want to give it a try.

Saturday 12 November 2005

Almond, Sea Coconut And Pumpkin Soup

When you first taste this soup, it will taste some how like you are drinking red bean soup. Because they do have the similar taste due to the dried tangerine peel and lily bubs. This soup helps to promote circulation of Qi, expel septum and aids digestion. The sweet and bitter almonds also clears the heat, moistens internal dryness and avoids coughing. It is a very good sweet soup to consume before or after dinner to smooth your throat. Do consider and give it a try.

Wednesday 9 November 2005

Chicken & Sea Coconut Soup

Being wanting to cook this soup for quite sometime but since it was difficult to get hold of the fresh Sea Coconut I postpone it till now. From what I have read from books, Sea Coconut can expels sputum, heals coughing, reduces night-time urination as well as nourishes the lungs and skin. Furthermore it makes a refreshing, fragrant soup together with red dates and chicken.

Tuesday 8 November 2005

Detoxifies Soup

These days the weather is pretty bad with super hot and humid afternoon or rainy gloomy sky. So in order to keep healthy, I come up with a new weekly menu planner that includes at least 3 - 4 of these Detoxifies Soup in our dinner. In short, soup is like the rain after drought to keep your skin moist and radiant. Loofah (丝瓜) is rich in vitamins B and C; besides that it also helps to clear heat, detoxifies, promotes blood circulation and prevents skin aging too. Furthermore this soup also whitens the skin and improves wrinkles and prevents freckles.

Wednesday 2 November 2005

Three Treasure Seafood Pot

Three Treasure Seafood Pot is similar to those 一品锅 that which usually found at the coffee shop 煮抄摊 where they have variety of seafood such as: prawn, squid, mussels, scallop, fish and mix vegetables. This version that I made consists of three seafood which are prawn, squid and fish fillet and the total ingredients including veggie is only about $8.00. Definitely much cheaper when comparing to those sold outside.