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Here showcase the collections of all my tried and tested recipes from cookbooks as well as self concocts ranging from Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Western and etc. I do appreciate if you could credit a link back to my post(s) when sharing my recipe(s) and please do not COPY AND PASTE any of the photos / recipes to your site or use it as a commercial advertisements.

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Lastly hope you enjoy browsing through the recipes. Any feedback or queries regarding the recipes you could Email me at cuisineparadise01[@] gmail [dot] com

Ellena Guan


  1. Hi Ellena! I am just a passer-by of this blog, and frankly speaking, Im totally amazed by your cullinary skills and ur determination. I myself also do try out a few recipes too, but am seriously got somehow impatient when food hasnt "gone right" hahaha. Im looking forward to try out ur jam recipes and macarons recipe! Hope it would be successful and hope the God of Food will be on my side>.<

  2. I really like your blog !!! :) Nice job and now I have lots of recipe to try .

  3. Hi Fliani,

    Thanks for dropping by and hope you find these recipes useful :)

  4. where can i find the avocado parmesan chicken recipe?

  5. I was looking for the avocado parmesan chicken recipe as well. Can you please send. thanks

  6. LOVE your blog ! your wonderful menu really help me a lots ... I am not good in cooking , and really headeche about 2 meals a day =(( but now , I can just copy your recipe to solve my problem =) 10000000X thanks from my heart to you .

    1. Hi Alvina, thanks for your kind words hope these recipes are of good use to you :)

  7. Hi Ellena,

    Just found your blog and found it super duper useful!! Love your recipes using Happy Call too! Good job!!!

    I am so gonna try out some of them this weekend.. Will try this along to France with me when i rellocate there in next quarter..

    Do add on more recipes for Happy Call or if you have, Airfryer also yeah..


    1. Wow Ivy! Cool you are going to France! They have a lot of fresh ingredients for you to whip up yummy dishes :) All the best in your new career there!

  8. Hi Ellena,

    I just bought a HappyCall pan & goggle for happycall recipes. Found your blog. Your blog is totally awesome & I love it alot. Beside Happycall recipes, the other recipes are also useful & interesting.

    Thanks & keep up with the recipes =))


  9. Hi Jenny,

    Thanks for your kind words. Hope you would be able to find some useful recipes here. Do let me know your feedback on those dishes if you try it out. Have a great week ahead. Cheers!

  10. Hi Ellena,

    i like your blog and i do try out your recipe.
    it is easy to follow.

    how to cook vegy with very bright colour and taste good uh?
    this morning i was having a breakfast at one of the vegetarian stall, bee hoon and kailan, the kailan was cook so nice and beautiful.
    can give me some guide? thanks.


    1. Hi Ria,

      Thanks for your kind words and feedback :)

      In order to retain the colour of the vegetable usually they fry on high heat in less than 1 minutes. And often seasoning like cooking wine, chicken/veg stocks, salt are used to season the vegetables. You can also add garlic or ginger to make it more fragrant.

      *tip: you cannot be stingy with the oil or else the veg won't look glossy too :P

  11. Hi Ellena, I like yr blog, especilly HCP recipe. Do u hv Durian Mousse to share. WS

    1. Hi WS! Thanks for your words :) Emm so sorry i don't have any recipe on Durian Mousse.

  12. Hi Ellena,

    Your blog is so comprehensive! I'm drooling just looking at the recipes. I just bought a HappyCall pan and am trying out the various recipes using the pan.

    I tried making the chiffon cake using HappyCall but it was flat as a pancake and the centre was rather dense. Any advice what I could be doing wrong?

    Thanks a lot and keep those recipes coming!

  13. Hi Stacey,

    Thanks for your kind comments. Regarding your chiffon cake, a lot of the readers encounter similar problem likes yours. I guess it is due to the way you whisk the egg whites, combing the batter and etc. Perhaps you can try baking a normal butter cake and see what's the result compared to the chiffon cake :)

  14. i love too much your blog!!!
    Thanks share recipe.

  15. Hi Ellena,, ^^
    I love you blog so much.. ^^ <3<3<3
    I had tried some ricipes already and it's turn good ^_^
    Ellena, it's rainbow cake picture that appeared on top of your home page picture? May I know the ricipes? Thank you so much...

    Yesi Ho

  16. Hi Ellena,

    I remembered that i saw there;s a recipe for Korean hotpot at your website before but cant seem to find it here anymroe. Could you point me to the link please?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Trina, the Korea hotpot recipe is at you can take a look at the list :)

  17. hi can u teach me how to improve mayonnaise taste with sugar, lemon juice and milk? i dunno how much the quantity needed

  18. Ellena, I love your blog!!!
    Regards from Spain!!

  19. Hi Ellena, stumble upon your blog when looking for a recipe. Your blog is lovely! And your recipes are great!!!

  20. Love your blog so much! Thank you!

  21. I enjoyed browsing through your blog. I am definitely going to try some recipes here. Please continue to share your recipes here. Thank you.

    1. Hi Susan, thanks for your kind words hope you will find these recipes useful in a way.

  22. I like your blog very much! Thanks for sharing the recipes. I cook a lot and suddenly I am so loss for ides. Hence, I came across your blog and it was BINGO!! Once again, thanks very much and it's very generous of you! Blessings!



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