Friday 17 December 2021

Modori Goodle Collection Cookware

Modori Goodle Cookware and Ceramic Modular Dish Set
Thinking of what festive gift to get for your loved ones or friends? Perhaps you can consider this new  Modori Goodle Collection that is lightweight and durable. Furthermore its elegant design and contemporary colors also allows you to serve the food straight from stove to your countertop.

Modori Goodle Collection has all the advantages of coated cookware, stainless steel cookware as well as cast iron cookware.

It adopts a special Inoble coating, a patented oil road method, and is made of fine coating particles, which enhances the non-stick effect and makes it easier to clean after use.

Goodle 18cm Saucepan
(pot lid included)

This 18cm deep design Saucepan is great for cooking instant noodles, porridge or fried foods that requires a lot of oil.

Goodle Square Egg Pan

Beside using the Egg Pan for making Korean style omelette (perfected dish for this pan), you can use it to cook side dish that serves 1-2 pax.

Goodle 24cm Frying Pan + Lid
(lid sold separtely)

The 24cm Frying Pan does not come with a lid which has to be purchased separately. I sincerely recommend to get it as a set which will be handy when speeding up cooking process or prevent oil splatter when frying fish.

From the above image you can spot a vent hole on the lid which helps to prevent over boiled.

The special lid designed for both frying pan and saucepan is used to lock in moisture and keep warm for the food.

Goodle 28cm Wok

The size and depth of this 28cm wok is perfect for stir-frying or large servings for up to 5 pax such as cooking stir-fry noodles or rice for your guests. Besides that you can use it to pan-fried a bigger "whole fish" which cannot fix into your 24cm frying pan.

with its non-stick coating, no burnt or food being stuck on the pan

Modori Goodle Cookware is easy to use, has an incredible non-stick coating, is not easy to stick when cooking, and requires minimal cleaning and maintenance.
Passed millions of tests: Long-lasting coating
Patented oil road method: Strengthen the non-stick effect
Great heat retention: Same heat retention effect as cast iron
Ideal for long-term durability and performance

cooking on induction hob

cooking on gas stove
Suitable for cooking with various stoves (Gas Stove/Induction Cooker/Ceramic Cooker/Heating Plate)
*CANNOT be used in the microwave
*Use LOW or MEDIUM heat when cooking

On a side note, Modori handle has no rivets connected on the handles as compared to most of the frying pans on the market. With this bonus point it actually helps to prevent food or sauce being stuck on the rivets during cooking process hence making it difficult to clean.

wooden handles made from the wood of the Korean Somei Yoshino cherry tree
Personally I love the round knob design on the lid which makes it comfortable to hold plus the wooden handle also enable easy lifting of the pot/pan without scalding the hands.

[Cleaning Tips] Avoid using anything metal, including metal steel brushes containing abrasive minerals or brushes made of rough materials such as scouring pads. Use only soft sponge while cleaning the cookware.

- as one of the fans of Modori tableware we hope this post is useful for you and if you need any related recipes on using them do pop over to our Instagram here (our IG handle: cuisineparadiseig)

- ordering details and pricing of the Modori Goodle Cookware can be found at their official website directly via this link here.

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