Wednesday 9 November 2005

Chicken & Sea Coconut Soup

Being wanting to cook this soup for quite sometime but since it was difficult to get hold of the fresh Sea Coconut I postpone it till now. From what I have read from books, Sea Coconut can expels sputum, heals coughing, reduces night-time urination as well as nourishes the lungs and skin. Furthermore it makes a refreshing, fragrant soup together with red dates and chicken.

6 Pieces Sea Coconuts, 200g
1/2 Chicken, skin removed
10 Red Dates, stoned
1 Liter Water

1. Wash chicken and remove the lungs, scald and rinse in cold water.
2. Peel the outer skin of sea coconut. Stone red dates, put both in a pot and add water.
3. Bring water to the boil, put chicken in a pot and wait for the soup to boil again.
4. Once the soup is boils, transfer to a slow cooker and put on auto mode or low heat and simmer for 3 hours.
5. Season with salt to taste if requires. 


  1. Hi, may i ask where u bought your sea coconut? Never seen them in my house market before.

  2. i brought it from the vegetable stall at the wet market. They told me usually they will only sell it on the weekend and you must go early to grab or else it will be sold out very fast. Maybe you can ask those vege stall holder about it.

  3. hi...
    i wanna know which market u go to...
    cos the markets near my place dun carry...
    is there a season for them or sth?

  4. Hi weiwei,

    thanks for dropping by... er.... i always go to Chong Pang Market... something NTUC also have this sea coconut... i guess it's seasonal things.. but recently i did saw some in the wet market two/three weeks back. HTH :)


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