Thursday 23 June 2005

American Chocolate Cake

Yesterday I finally had some spare time to try out  this tempting American Chocolate Cake recipe that I put on list. Perhaps due to the Chocolate Ganache Cream the tase of the cake is quite similar to MUD CAKE with a slight dense texture. But overall it still rated good for us with its chocolatey after taste. Thanks for the recipe from one of the Mummy from Mum's Website.

Ingredients for Cake: 

125g Unsalted Butter
175g Brown Sugar
½ Teaspoon Vanilla essence
2 Eggs
35g Cocoa Powder
130ml Warm Water
140g Self-Raising Flour

Ingredients for Chocolate Ganache:
100ml Dairy Whipping Cream
125g Dark Chocolate

Methods on Cake: 

1. Mix in cocoa powder and water. Beat butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
2. Add in eggs, one at a time. Add in vanilla essence, beating well after each addition until well combine.
3. Then add in a bit of cocoa mixture and flour slowly until finish.
4. Spoon batter into a 10”x14”x1” cake tin. Bake in preheated oven at 180 degree for 15-20 minutes.

Methods for Chocolate Ganache:
1. Heat whipping cream until it comes to just under the boil, remove from heat and add in dark chocolate and mix well.
2. Slice cake into 3 layers. Spread ganache over first layer, cover with another layer. Repeat twice. Cover the top with ganache. Posted by Hello

Saturday 11 June 2005

Steam Egg White Rainbow Cake

Got this recipe from one of the mum's Zur (click on link for her recipe) from the M4M website. It's a very interesting cake with colourful layers that definitely caught everyone's attention. The cake itself is very soft with a fluffy and good texture for steamed cake. Other than the colours this can be consider as s health cake since the main ingredients are Egg Whites instead of whole egg plus only small amount of sugar is used.

Overall it took about 1/2 hrs to prepare the cake and 30 minutes to steam. Posted by Hello

Saturday 4 June 2005

Peach Marshmallow Cake

Made this Peach Marshmallow Cake from a recipe that I saw from Mum's website. The recipe is quite easy to follow and it is a non-baked cake too. All you need to do is boil the Marshmallow and Jelly Layer then chill it in the fridge to let it set.

As you can see my first attempt was not very successful because some of the Jelly Layer had sunk into the Marshmallow Layer. And this might because I did not wait long enough for the Marshmallow Layer to be harden before I pour in the jelly mixture. Besides that the overall taste was good with smooth marshmallow layer plus springy jelly on top.