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Friday 18 December 2020

[3 recipes] Christmas Bakes

Christmas is just a few days away from now, although this year we cannot have large group gatherings due to the current situation but we still can prepared some homebake cakes or cookies to bless our friends and family members. This year we are sharing three different types of our favourite bakes and we hope there is one that suits your liking.

Wednesday 16 July 2014

[4 recipes] Quick Meals Using the New Philips Avance XL Airfryer

Rosemary Chicken with Sweet Potato Fries plus Chocolate Cherry Pound Cake
Whipping up healthier meals by reducing (or omit) the amount of salt, sugar and oil intake makes it a better diet for everyone in the family. And being the main cook for the family I always try my best to prepare their favourite food with a twist to safeguard our body functions. Example, using coconut or olive oil for in our dish or bake; incorporate more fibres, greens, proteins and fresh fruits in our daily diet plus always source for "fresh ingredients" to prepare our meals.

Monday 24 December 2012

Christmas Lunch At Parkroyal Beach Road, Plaza Brasserie

Last week of the year is always full of feasting, gathering and exchanging of gifts due to Christmas and New Year seasons.This year our family Christmas lunch is at Plaza Brasserie which is located at Beach Road near Golden Mile Food Centre and Golden Mile Complex.

We decided to have festive lunch instead of dinner so that we could take the time to enjoy the food and family bonding/chatting plus after which we could still go for last minute Christmas shopping or enjoy the beautiful Christmas lighting.

Friday 2 December 2011

Christmas At IKEA

We are already stepping into December 2011 which bring us less than 23 days to Christmas. So if you are looking for some ideas to decorate your home perhaps you could stop by any of the IKEA outlets(Alexandra or Tampines) just like what we did. I am sure you could definitely grab something which you might need for this coming festive seasons ranging from home furniture, decorations, food and etc.


I saw their Christmas Platter Combo during my last visit to IKEA, Tampines a few week back on their behind-scene tour event. So early this week I bought my boy to IKEA in order to try out their Christmas Platter but sad to say they have run out of the "Pancakes and Swedish sparkling drink". On top of it they replaced the two items with spice muffins and apple juice.

The Christmas Platter consists of Turkey Breast, Turkey Ham and Chicken Cheese Sausage together with some fries and balanced broccoli. Their turkey ham was good and I love the cheese sausage too, but if it comes with some serving sauce the taste will be even better. This whole combo platter set cost S$13.90 or you could just get the Christmas Platter at S$9.00

Although this is my boy 1st time trying IKEA's Kid's Meal, Chicken Nuggets, he actually comments that it taste better than those served in his usual fastfood outlet. And also for the month of November till 24 December 2011, IKEA will also donates €1.00(S$1.75) whenever we purchased any kid's chicken nuggets meal to the UNICEF in order to help more children to have quality education.

To end the meal, we tried their Christmas Log Cake and Almond Cake with chocolate and butterscotch. The Christmas Log Cake comes with either Cappuccino or Latte at S$3.50 per set whereas the Almond Cake is price at S$3.50 per slice. I love the luxury and caramel taste of the almond cake with hint of nuts in it and it goes well with my cup of Cappuccino. 


The Tableware and Cookshop area located at Level 3 of IKEA, Tampine has a wide varieties of Christmas design items ranging from plates to cups and bakewares too.


You could also find some REAL Christmas Tree and plants at the Home Decoration area together with some wall ornaments and etc. I am sure there is something that suits your home for this year Christmas.


Near the check out area, you could see a lot of new designed soft toys that caters for this coming Christmas Season. Perhaps you could grab one or two of these lovely soft toys as Christmas Present for your love ones or kids and at the same time the IKEA foundation will actually donates €1.00(S$1.75) to help educate kids from UNICEF (The United Nations Children's Fund) too.


Before going back, we stop by the Swedish Food Market to exchange our token from the Kid's Meal(all kid's meal comes with a free ice cream cone). To get the ice-cream you have to place the cone on the slot in the ice-cream machine before inserting the token. Next press the start button on the machine and within less than a minute you would get your yummy soft serve ice-cream.

For more photos on this photo, you could click on the album via Cuisine Paradise Facebook HERE.

Thursday 5 August 2010

Let's Sweets Japanese Buffet & Sweets

Dessert lovers, do mark your calender for this coming Friday, 06 August 2010 and head down to Bugis Junction, level 2. You can sink your teeth and fill your tummy with all these yummy desserts and savory food buffet at the newly opened Restaurant known as "Let's Sweets". This is another innovative dining restaurant by Japan Foods Holding Ltd which is best known for its quality and authentic Japanese fare with celebrated brands such as “Ajisen Ramen”, “Manpuku”, “Botejyu”, “Fruit Paradise” and “AOBA”.

Located at Bugis Junction, Let's Sweets is well furnished for its authentic Japanese creation with contemporary French inspired decor. The restaurant is fill with about 100 seats which provides a perfect and cosy tea session with friends in the afternoon or relaxing evening for a satisfying meal and treat.

Yesterday I was invited as one of the guests to witness the Media Launch of this brand new Japanese Dessert Buffet restaurant in Bugis. While waiting for the Opening speech, we were curious with this little “Blue Timer” that is being placed on every table. And after checking with the waitress; this is actually used to time the buffet eg:- For a 60 minute spread, the timer will be set till 50 minutes for diner to take and enjoy the food from the buffet area and another last 10 minutes is for finishing up all the food on the tables and proceed to the billing.

Head Pastry Chef, Miss Chika Hatekeyama (center of the 3 beautiful ladies), together with her dedicated team of four experienced and skillful chefs from Japan will feature an extensive selection of more 40 delicate and delightful dessert spreads in Singapore.

The buffet spread consist of 4 counters whereby you can fill up your tummy, enlighten your sight and pamper your taste buds with all kinds of Desserts (cream puff, jelly, mousse cake, cheesecake, crepe and etc), Savory Dishes (pasta, pizza, soup, finger food and etc) and Beverage counter with Chocolate Fondant.

I love the set up of their Homemade Bread counter located at the end of the buffet spread. All the freshly bake and hearty loaves of bread are display on the shelf and you can even turn some of the mini bun into burger or pick a slice or two of the bread and toast it for soup.

Some of the savory items at the buffet spread such as Omurice, Eggplant Gratin, Fried Chicken, Potato Wedges, Fried Prawn, Salad Green and etc.

Their pizza is freshly made by the chef and served on the buffet spread and it comes with both sweet and savory type. And you can see on the photo, the "red pillar" is the pizza oven which is similar to what they used in some Italian pizza restaurant.

The base of their pizza is thin and crispy type where you don't get to stuff yourself with all the flour base. Too bad, I did not get a chance to try out their Chocolate Almond Pizza that I think I will leave it till my next visit.

Some of the savory food that I have take a Shot from another food blogger - The Hungry Cow plate as I was busying tasting all my favour desserts shown below.

Array of mini Mousse Cakes at Let's Sweets such as White Chocolate Mousse, Coffee Zenzai, Green Tea Mousse, Chocolate Mousse, Cassi Mousse and etc. Each of it taste so yummy that you will sure go for more.

Another interesting item to look forward when dining at Let's Sweets is their famous Japanese street snack, " Dancing Yaki Mochi". The rice balls are slowly and evenly toasted to give a crunchy feel on the outside with a warm and flavourful feel on the inside.

These handmade Japanese Mochi are filled with five different flavours comprising of Sakura Cherry Blossoms, Red Bean, Miso, Black Sesame, Sweet Potatoes that rolled into perfect little balls. Out of the 5 different flavours, I love the Red Bean and Sweet Potato. The texture of the outer skin is so crispy and yet when you starts to eat, it is so chewy and bursting with sweet flavour.

Although I am not a fan when comes to Crepe but this on-the-spot handmade dessert has actually caught my attention with it's beautiful display. Let’s Sweets features about 3 different flavour of Crepes such as Mix Berries, Chocolate Banana and Caramel Apple.

This Mix Berries Crepe is freshly made upon order and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and mix berries sauce which definitely able to melt your heart with this on hot summer afternoon.

This is a cold version of Crème brûlée known as "Custard Pudding" for their menu. If you are a fan of this dessert, do pick up a cup or two satisfy your crave.

Tart Aux Poire is actually "Baked Pear Tart With Almond Cream Base", but for those who don't fancy the taste of almond, don't worry this tart taste great with grind almond as one of the ingredients rather perfuming the tarts with almond essence taste. This is a great choice to go with a cup of tea for afternoon break and relax with a couple of pages of your favourite book.

One can definitely enjoy a robust sugar journey at Let's Sweets without a hefty price tag. Beside, extending 60 minutes for lunch and 80 minutes for dinner for each diner will ensure that each patron has his pleasurable moment at the divine spread. So if you are wondering where to go for Buffet this coming National Day Long Weekend, perhaps you can consider your choice at this newly open Japanese Style Dessert Buffet restaurant at Bugis Junction. Posted by Picasa

Many thanks to Eugene Z. of Olive Consulting Group and Let's Sweets Japanese Buffet & Sweets for hosting this media tasting.

Let's Sweets
200 Victoria Street
#02-49 Bugis Junction
Telephone: 6338 0187

Opening Hours:-
11.30am - 10.00pm Daily

New Updates!!! (as on 23 August 2010)

Lunch Buffet (60 minutes) : 11:30am - 4.30pm
Weekdays: S$15.80++ (Adult), S$11.80++ (Child);
Weekends/Public Holidays: S$18.80++, S$12.80++ (Child)

Dinner Buffet (80 minutes) : 5.30pm - 10.00pm

Weekdays: S$17.80++ (Adult), S$11.80++ (Child);
Weekends/Public Holidays : S$21.80++ (Adult), S$12.80++ (Child)

Charges For Food Wastage: S$5.00 for every 200grams of food wasted

~ A main course is provided only during Dinner Buffet.
~ Child price is only available for child below 130cm and it does not include a main course in the dinner buffet.
~ This restaurant does not served any Halal Food.

Main course varies from day to day where:-
Dinners can look forward to dishes such as Chicken Cutlet with Demiglace Sauce or Chicken Steak with Mustard Cream Sauce, or Pork Fillet Streak with Cream Cheese Sauce, Pork Steak with Mustard Sauce, Salmon Steak with Cream Sauce, Salmon Cutlet with Tartar Sauce etc.

NEWS!!! Let's Sweet has another two new outlets at:-

1. Plaza Singapura, #04-01 (inside Tokyo Walker), and
2. Junction 8, #02-34/35/36; respectively

p/s: More photos of the above event are available at Cuisine Paradise Fan Page Album, HERE.

Monday 28 June 2010

Tea Time Bites @ Fish & Co

Em... talk about Fish & Co, most of us will relate it with their signature Fish & Chip or Seafood Platter that comes with seasonal fish, calamari, prawn and mussels in creamy garlic and butter sauce that served together with rice & chips.

Other than the wide varieties of items in their menu, have you ever thought of having some light savory/sweet tea-time treat at Fish & Co during afternoon shopping/leisure break? If having something light with a cup of coffee/tea together with friends while catching up some latest update with each other, then this Tea-Time Set at Fish & Co might be something that interests you.

Remember my food tasting post at “Sweet Spring - 糖水春” recently, I was also invited for one of their “Sweet & Savory Tea Time Sets” tasting as well. In their savory menu, you can choose any set out of the 4 sets together with a beverage of your of your choice for just S$7.90++.

For today’s food tasting, we will be having “Fried Calamari, Prawn Trellis, Mesclun & Chips” and “Mini Pizza & Mesclun”. For their Pizza base, it is not those usual pizza dough base but instead they used something flaky like puff pastry dough. This gives it a special texture to go with the tomato sauce and calamari topping. Great to be served as finger food during chatting session.

From the Beverage menu, you can choose either:- Coke, Sprite, Ice Tea, Coffee, Kola Tonic and Passion Fruit. For me I always like to have a cup of Ice Tea or Coffee for my afternoon Tea-Break whereby the Ice Tea will give me a refreshing taste whereas coffee will keep me awake for the rest of the day.

Fried Calamari, Prawn Trellis, Mesclun & Chips” is another set of finger food where you to enjoy your some deep-fried snacks with chips and green salad. The calamari is nicely fried till crispy and tender which is neither chewy or tough. I love the Prawn Trellis that is quite similar to deep-fried Vietnamese nested spring roll. This set will be great for those who love Prawn & Calamari.

After the “Savory Treat”, here comes our “Sweet Treat”. Fish & Co “Sweet Tea-time Set” comes with a choice of your beverage and you can choose either “Hot Fudge Chocolate Cake” or any flavour of your choice of cake from their “US Cakes” menu for S$6.99++.

I love their “Hot Fudge Chocolate Cake” which is very soft and moist inside and it goes pretty well with the ice-cream. And when u cut open the chocolate cake, you will still see some “chocolate lava” oozing out.

But if you don’t fancy chocolate cake, you can always make your choice from their “US Cakes” menu where you can find a range of imported cakes such as Key Lime, Caramel Fudge Colossal, Banana Foster Cake, Carrot Cake Colossal, Strawberry Daiquiri and etc .......

The photo shown above is the "Caramel Fudge Colossal" where they used graham crackers as the based of the cake. It is then topped with a thick layer of rich chocolate fudge filling followed by creamy new york cheesecake and finished with golden caramel and loaded with pecan pieces. Although most of the ladies or non-cheesecake lover will avoid this choice but I can assure you that, this is indeed a very rich and delicious cheesecake to go with a cup of black coffee or tea to pamper yourself for an good afternoon tea-break.

Key Lime Cake is very refreshing tart custard resting on graham crust and topped with lime juice-laced whipped cream. Each bite will be leaving you with some citric taste that is suitable for those who prefer slightly sour dessert instead of sweet treat. For me, this might not be towards my liking because I am a sweet tooth person and sour food/drink/snacks are always a “NO” on my list. But for those who loves lemon, orange or lime this must be your choice of cake to order. Posted by Picasa

This Savory & Sweet Tea Time Sets are availabe from 3:00pm - 6:00pm at all the 16 Fish & Co Outlets in Singapore. Lastly thanks Sharon & Julynn from Fish & Co for inviting me on this food tasting session.

53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3
AMK Hub, #02-03
Singapore 569933
Telephone: 6555 6298 Fax: 6555 6098

Operating Hours:
11.30am - 10:00pm Daily

Sunday 9 May 2010

Fruit Paradise's Fruit Tart

I am sure some of you have heard about this "Fruit Paradise" tart shop which has a few branches in Singapore with it's very first at Manpuku located at Tampines 1. They also have other branches at Orchard Central and Raffles Place MRT.

Their tarts are decorated with fresh fruit that are selected and handpicked carefully by experienced Japanese Pastry chefs. And the tarts come with 3 kinds of base – custard cream, cheese cream and fresh cream. The tarts range from Chocolate Banana, Mango Fruit Tart, Blueberry Fruit Tart, Orange and Grapefruit Tart and etc. So this is our this year Mother's Day special dessert "Assorted Fruit Tart" is bought by my brother's friend. The fruits are so fresh and appetising to look and taste together with it's colourful combination. According to my brother if you will to buy a slice of each flavour it cost around S$8.00 per slice..... Em... are you willing to spend that amount for a slice of fruit tart?

Here I wish all mummies and mum to be a Happy Mother's Day!!!!!! 3 Cheers!!! for all mummies in the world..... :)

Wednesday 19 August 2009

BAKERZIN - August Promotion

Look at this, isn't it look Luscious............ Saw this Bakerzin Tiramisu advertisement at TODAY newspaper on the way to work. On the first glance, my thought was "WOW~~~~, my favourite Tiramisu. Must go grab it after work today". So I am sure this is also a great news for Tiramisu lover or if you are a fan of Bakerzin products.

Other than the above Promotion on Tiramisu, they are also having a Mooncake sale which valid till this 31st August 2009. Maybe I would like to try their Sesame Truffle Selection which looks interesting to me compare to those traditional flavours. You can check up more details on their official website(here) or run down to any of their outlets(here) near your area.