Sunday 3 January 2010

Toast Box - Afternoon Tea

Toast Box is one of the owns a chain out outlets under the Breadtalk group. It is established in December 2005 as a food stall unit in Food Republic, at Wisma Atria in Orchard area. Within a few years, Toast Box has expanded with more than 20 outlets in Singapore and expanded overseas outlets in Malaysia, Philippines, China, Thailand and Hong Kong.

No matter at what time of the day, you can start of with a fragrant cup of Nanyang Kopi, crispy-grilled thick toast and soft-boiled eggs. Or you can have your choice for Nasi Lemak, Mee Siam or Laksa. If you feel like having a relax tea-time on some light refreshment in the afternoon, you can choose from Traditional Kaya Toast, Banana Cake or some Colonial Tea Cakes that made from fresh buttercream, and topped with succulent fruits which will satisfy your taste buds.

Since we just wanted to have something light for Tea-Snack, we decided to get one of the Peanut Toast Set which serves together with a cup of freshly brew coffee, 2 large soft-boiled egg and a slice of 2.5cm thick toast which is crusty on the outside and heavenly soft inside. The toast is spread with a generous amount of peanut butter coating which goes well with the thick toast. This is really a good energy revival snack for a tiring afternoon of shopping day........

We also get a slice of this homemade Banana Cake because I am attracted by it soft and moist outlook. Banana Cake use to be one of my favourite tea-snack during my secondary days so having a slice of this with coffee really brings back a lot of my school days memories. But if you are looking for those moist or full of banana fragrance texture outcome then this cake might not suits your taste but it is more towards the light version.

Saturday 2 January 2010

Pinnacle @ Duxton

Finally the long waiting months are over, the Pinnacle @ Duxton along Cantonment Road is now ready for keys collection for majority of the residents. The Pinnacle, consists of seven connected towers labelled 1A to 1G and each tower is 50 storeys in height. And guess what, the unit that we are going to view today is located at level 45.............

Here are some views which we can see from the inside of the apartment. Staying in the city area, especially near the CBD area is totally different from what we used to have. I guess the most happiest of all is my brother who has waited for the completion of this flat for more than 5 years...... :)

All seven buildings are linked at the 26th and 50th floors by Sky Bridges forming a jogging track and sky garden which is a feature that is unique for public housing in Singapore. These are some of the views at level 50 of the sky bridge. Residents will have the access card to the sky bridges area while public need to pay an admission fees in order to access these viewing area.

Other facilities include a food centre, daycare centre, underground carpark and other sports and recreational facilities in the upcoming months. These are some photo(s) of the underground carpark which is still under some mini construction.

Friday 1 January 2010

Happy New Year - 2010

Time always went past so fast without us realising that it is time for another brand new year again. Today is the 1st day of 2010, a lot of thoughts in my mind and I am really thankful that God has preserves me and my family through out a wonderful and blessed year. While scrolling through my blog posts, I feel so satisfied that even being a full-time working mum, I am still able to catch up with my hobby in blogging and at the same time, prepared all these dishes and bakes for my love ones.

I am also thankful to all my blog readers and sincerely appreciate for your dropping by, comments and supports in my blogs. Without all your supports, Cuisine Paradise will not be able to accomplish such a great achievement in year 2009 to win the BEST FOOD BLOG award which is organised by OMY( And with the winning of this award, I am also given a chance to have my very first interview being broadcast on Air with Daniel Ang from FM100.3.

Another Major accomplishment for Cuisine Paradise in 2009 is to be able to have my very own recipes being published bi-monthly in a local parenting magazine called "Parents World". So far, my recipes had being published in 5 issues....... Thanks to Daniel, the editor who gave me such a opportunity to fulfil my dream.... I hope that I might be able to do better in contributing some interesting recipes for the readers......

Finally, before sharing with you some of my personal picks on what I have done in 2009....... Let me send my best and sincerely wishes to each and everyone of you out there that reads and supports Cuisine Paradise a HAPPY & WONDERFUL NEW YEAR ahead and may this 2010 be a great and prosper year for all of you.........

Soup!!! These are the main things that I will cook no matter how busy I am. Even without any proper dishes, we can just have a bowl of homecook soup together with steam rice. I personally believed nothing can compare to a bowl of homecook soup that is full of love and nutrition in it. So if you are interested to know more about the soup that I cook for my family, click HERE for more ideas.....

If I have the time, I love to try out different type of cuisine with different interesting ingredients. And most of all, I love to garnish my dishes with "COLOUR". As frequent readers of my blogs, you will notice that, I love to present my dish in a colourful layout. The reason for this might be partly because of the photo taking but most important factor is, I feel that proper presentation is very important. When you look at the food menu, you will definitely order something that looks good rather than something that looks simple. And with a kid at home, I find that by in-cooperating different colours in the dish, it actually catches their attention and this make it easier for the kid to eat all kind of food by their attractive colours. Interested in any dish? Click HERE for the recipe index :)

2009 is not a baking year for me, as I am working full time, I don't really have much spare time to do baking with my boy like what we used to have when he was a toddler. But on a off, during special occasion or when my boy is craving for his favourite Chocolate cake, muffins or cookies, I will still find time to bake something with him. Baking is always a great bonding time for both of us, as he will help me with the ingredients and preparation then finally he will wait by the oven side for the goodies to be bake while I do the washing up.

In 2009, I am also in the trend of making Kid's Bento. With some great inspiration from my bento pals like Amy(motheringcorner), Susan(Hawaii Bento), I started to collect all kinds of BENTO TOOLS and come up with some of my very own Bento for my kid. Above are some of my favourite Bento that I have made so far...... You can take a look HERE for more ideas too....... Some of my bento were also feature in the magazine together with Rey in May/June Issue.

In 2009, I also add in another new blog-site to Cuisine Paradise known as "Shop, Eat & Travel", where I post some of the food reviews on the stalls/places that we patronise and as well as some places of interest in Singapore such as Dairy Farm Park, Marina Barrage, Bottle Tree Park and etc where you can bring your kids along and have a great family outing. With so many different content of sub-blogs in Cuisine Paradise, I hope that I can have more time to update every blog-site regularly and share more interesting recipes/information with all the readers here.

Lastly, this is my favourite dish that I have done in 2009. Durian Fried Rice is always one of the dish that I wanted to try it out at home. I have heard about this dish serving in one of the Hong Kong Style Cafe in Singapore. From the food review that I have read from google search, this is actually a fried rice dish that consists of some prawns, egg and durian flesh. So I guess you can imagine the taste of a mixture of savoury and sweet combination. For me, since as a little kid, I love to eat durian with steam rice from the influence of my late father, so this an interesting venture for me to try out this dish during the durian season. So if you have tried this dish before and you are interesting to give it a try a home, or maybe you would like to take a look at some of the Durian recipes that I have post. Posted by Picasa

B.B.Q Chicken Wing @ Sembawang

Along Sembawang Road after the Chong Pang Camp, you will find an range of eateries opposite the newly renovated Sembawang Shopping Center. The formerly Yishun Seafood Village has now being take over by S11 Coffee Shop and within the coffee shop itself, you can find a lot of yummy local Singapore food like Satay, Fried Hokkian Mee, BBQ Stingray and etc.

In the S11 coffee shop, it will not be hard for you to notice the stall that is selling BBQ Chicken Wing and Spring Chicken. The stall is always crowded with people queuing up with orders and they also accept bulk orders for gathering or BBQ function.

Look at the colour of their BBQ Chicken Wings, isn't it look great. The wings are evenly cooked through and it taste great and fragrance with the seasoning. These wings are also serve with their special made chilli sauce which add extra flavour to the taste. Each wing is sold at S$1.30 each and the stall opens till 1am might night or while the food last. Posted by Picasa