Friday 6 August 2010

Teochew Steamed Yam & Sweet Potato With Coconut

As a kid, I grew up with most of my favourite Teochew Dialect cuisines and desserts as such Ngoh Hiang, Braised Soya Duck Yam Cake and Yam Paste (or nee) that my dad used to prepare during festive seasons like Chinese New Year. Today mum and I decided to replicate one of my dad’s signature Teochew dessert which is something cross between “Yam Paste” and “Bo Bo Char Char”.

This is a pretty easy to prepare dessert where you just need to get some good quality of Yam - 芋头 (taro) and Orange Sweet Potato - 番薯. When choosing yam try to get those that look moist and heavy when lifted so that the high water content in it will make the yam taste soft.

Ingredients: (serves 4)
200g Yam
200g Orange Sweet Potato
6 Tablespoons Castor Sugar
100ml Coconut Milk
50ml Water
5 -8 Pandan Leaves
Shallot Flakes Oil

Shallot Flakes & Oil is a must for this dessert, as it will give a special touch of aroma to perfect the taste. To prepare you will need the following:-

5-8 shallots (小葱头)
100ml of cooking oil
Pinch of Salt

1. Removed the outer skin of the shallots then thinly sliced.
2. Preheat a small pan or pot with cooking oil, add in the sliced shallot and saute them on medium low heat (stirring on and off to prevent burning) till slightly golden in colour.
3. Remove the pan from heat, add in pinch of salt(this will make the flakes more crispy) and give it a quick stir.
4. Set aside to cool and later use.

The preparation methods might be a bit tedious if you do not have a big steamer or wok that allows you to steam all the items at one go. So for our case, we choose to steam the yam and sweet potato separately so that either one of them will not be over cooked.

1. Rinse both yam and sweet potato, removed the outer skin, cut into cubes/chunks depending on your preference.
2. Wash the Pandan leaves, divide into two bunches and tie a knot on each bunch.
3. Place the yam cubes on a plate and top with 1 bunch of pandan leave, steam it over medium heat for about 10 minutes or till the yam is slightly soften. (the timing will varies on the size of the yam cubes/chunks)
4. Repeat the same procedure for sweet potato.
5. While waiting for the sweet potato to be cooked, stir in 3 tablespoons of sugar to the hot yam cubes and give it a good stir then set aside.
6. When the sweet potato is done, add it into the yam cubes with the remaining sugar stir well and set aside.
7. Preheat the frying pan with about 1 tablespoon of shallot oil, add in the yam and sweet potato mixture, give it a quick stir, then slowly stir in the coconut milk and water.
8. Simmer the mixture under low heat for about 5 minutes. Dish up top with extra shallot flakes and served either warm or cold.

Finally after all the cut, steam and simmer process here we present you with our all time Teochew favourite dessert which you get to have the mixture of yam and sweet potato drown in mild coconut gravy and top with a small exotic bit of shallot oil and flakes. Hope you will like this Teochew style homemade dessert, "Steamed Yam & Sweet Potato with Coconut Milk - 芋薯甜心块".

If you are interested in other recipe that used Yam as one of the ingredient, do hop over to my new Omy blog to view on how to make some yummy Steamed Yam Cake - 芋头糕. (click HERE) Posted by Picasa

Thursday 5 August 2010

Let's Sweets Japanese Buffet & Sweets

Dessert lovers, do mark your calender for this coming Friday, 06 August 2010 and head down to Bugis Junction, level 2. You can sink your teeth and fill your tummy with all these yummy desserts and savory food buffet at the newly opened Restaurant known as "Let's Sweets". This is another innovative dining restaurant by Japan Foods Holding Ltd which is best known for its quality and authentic Japanese fare with celebrated brands such as “Ajisen Ramen”, “Manpuku”, “Botejyu”, “Fruit Paradise” and “AOBA”.

Located at Bugis Junction, Let's Sweets is well furnished for its authentic Japanese creation with contemporary French inspired decor. The restaurant is fill with about 100 seats which provides a perfect and cosy tea session with friends in the afternoon or relaxing evening for a satisfying meal and treat.

Yesterday I was invited as one of the guests to witness the Media Launch of this brand new Japanese Dessert Buffet restaurant in Bugis. While waiting for the Opening speech, we were curious with this little “Blue Timer” that is being placed on every table. And after checking with the waitress; this is actually used to time the buffet eg:- For a 60 minute spread, the timer will be set till 50 minutes for diner to take and enjoy the food from the buffet area and another last 10 minutes is for finishing up all the food on the tables and proceed to the billing.

Head Pastry Chef, Miss Chika Hatekeyama (center of the 3 beautiful ladies), together with her dedicated team of four experienced and skillful chefs from Japan will feature an extensive selection of more 40 delicate and delightful dessert spreads in Singapore.

The buffet spread consist of 4 counters whereby you can fill up your tummy, enlighten your sight and pamper your taste buds with all kinds of Desserts (cream puff, jelly, mousse cake, cheesecake, crepe and etc), Savory Dishes (pasta, pizza, soup, finger food and etc) and Beverage counter with Chocolate Fondant.

I love the set up of their Homemade Bread counter located at the end of the buffet spread. All the freshly bake and hearty loaves of bread are display on the shelf and you can even turn some of the mini bun into burger or pick a slice or two of the bread and toast it for soup.

Some of the savory items at the buffet spread such as Omurice, Eggplant Gratin, Fried Chicken, Potato Wedges, Fried Prawn, Salad Green and etc.

Their pizza is freshly made by the chef and served on the buffet spread and it comes with both sweet and savory type. And you can see on the photo, the "red pillar" is the pizza oven which is similar to what they used in some Italian pizza restaurant.

The base of their pizza is thin and crispy type where you don't get to stuff yourself with all the flour base. Too bad, I did not get a chance to try out their Chocolate Almond Pizza that I think I will leave it till my next visit.

Some of the savory food that I have take a Shot from another food blogger - The Hungry Cow plate as I was busying tasting all my favour desserts shown below.

Array of mini Mousse Cakes at Let's Sweets such as White Chocolate Mousse, Coffee Zenzai, Green Tea Mousse, Chocolate Mousse, Cassi Mousse and etc. Each of it taste so yummy that you will sure go for more.

Another interesting item to look forward when dining at Let's Sweets is their famous Japanese street snack, " Dancing Yaki Mochi". The rice balls are slowly and evenly toasted to give a crunchy feel on the outside with a warm and flavourful feel on the inside.

These handmade Japanese Mochi are filled with five different flavours comprising of Sakura Cherry Blossoms, Red Bean, Miso, Black Sesame, Sweet Potatoes that rolled into perfect little balls. Out of the 5 different flavours, I love the Red Bean and Sweet Potato. The texture of the outer skin is so crispy and yet when you starts to eat, it is so chewy and bursting with sweet flavour.

Although I am not a fan when comes to Crepe but this on-the-spot handmade dessert has actually caught my attention with it's beautiful display. Let’s Sweets features about 3 different flavour of Crepes such as Mix Berries, Chocolate Banana and Caramel Apple.

This Mix Berries Crepe is freshly made upon order and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and mix berries sauce which definitely able to melt your heart with this on hot summer afternoon.

This is a cold version of Crème brûlée known as "Custard Pudding" for their menu. If you are a fan of this dessert, do pick up a cup or two satisfy your crave.

Tart Aux Poire is actually "Baked Pear Tart With Almond Cream Base", but for those who don't fancy the taste of almond, don't worry this tart taste great with grind almond as one of the ingredients rather perfuming the tarts with almond essence taste. This is a great choice to go with a cup of tea for afternoon break and relax with a couple of pages of your favourite book.

One can definitely enjoy a robust sugar journey at Let's Sweets without a hefty price tag. Beside, extending 60 minutes for lunch and 80 minutes for dinner for each diner will ensure that each patron has his pleasurable moment at the divine spread. So if you are wondering where to go for Buffet this coming National Day Long Weekend, perhaps you can consider your choice at this newly open Japanese Style Dessert Buffet restaurant at Bugis Junction. Posted by Picasa

Many thanks to Eugene Z. of Olive Consulting Group and Let's Sweets Japanese Buffet & Sweets for hosting this media tasting.

Let's Sweets
200 Victoria Street
#02-49 Bugis Junction
Telephone: 6338 0187

Opening Hours:-
11.30am - 10.00pm Daily

New Updates!!! (as on 23 August 2010)

Lunch Buffet (60 minutes) : 11:30am - 4.30pm
Weekdays: S$15.80++ (Adult), S$11.80++ (Child);
Weekends/Public Holidays: S$18.80++, S$12.80++ (Child)

Dinner Buffet (80 minutes) : 5.30pm - 10.00pm

Weekdays: S$17.80++ (Adult), S$11.80++ (Child);
Weekends/Public Holidays : S$21.80++ (Adult), S$12.80++ (Child)

Charges For Food Wastage: S$5.00 for every 200grams of food wasted

~ A main course is provided only during Dinner Buffet.
~ Child price is only available for child below 130cm and it does not include a main course in the dinner buffet.
~ This restaurant does not served any Halal Food.

Main course varies from day to day where:-
Dinners can look forward to dishes such as Chicken Cutlet with Demiglace Sauce or Chicken Steak with Mustard Cream Sauce, or Pork Fillet Streak with Cream Cheese Sauce, Pork Steak with Mustard Sauce, Salmon Steak with Cream Sauce, Salmon Cutlet with Tartar Sauce etc.

NEWS!!! Let's Sweet has another two new outlets at:-

1. Plaza Singapura, #04-01 (inside Tokyo Walker), and
2. Junction 8, #02-34/35/36; respectively

p/s: More photos of the above event are available at Cuisine Paradise Fan Page Album, HERE.

Tuesday 3 August 2010

Chef Daniel's Kitchen @ Iluma

Chef Daniel's Kitchen, a newly setup rooftop restaurant located at the Sky Garden (level 7) of lluma at Bugis offers a very valuable Set Lunch @ S$10.50 Nett which includes soup of the day, main course, dessert of the day and a drink.

Recently we just had a small foodie gathering at this restaurant and these are some of the Set Lunch that we have tried. We decided to order different varities so that we each can get a chance to try out more of their dishes.

With Rey around, I decided to pick this "Prawn And Crab Meat Burger" as my main course because usually most of the kids love fast food such as burger and fries. We are glad that this seafood burger taste great with its yummy seafood patty that is moist and juicy. One add-on point is the fries that comes along with the burger is still hot and crispy while served.

The Soup of the Day was "Cream of Corn Soup", which was decent enough to go with the warm freshly baked herbal bread that was served together with the soup. But flavour of the corn soup was pretty mild so don’t expect those kind of really thick and creamy soup that is full of corn kernels in it.

Kai's choice was this "Unagi Cooked in Katsu Sauce". For me I guess I won't try a Japanese dish in a fusion restaurant unless it is highly recommended. But this bowl of unagi don should be able to fill up your tummy without much complains.

Lobsterpaints like to give their "Tonkatsu Don" a try which she finds that perhaps the authentic Japanese restaurant might served a better taste of this as the pork cutlet was rather tough and dry.

Alvin choice's was this "Grilled Chicken" which we think the portion was rather small for those with huge appetites.

Misstamchiak left with a choice of Spaghetti that served with Pan-fried Dory fillet. This might be a great choice for those who love tomato sauce base spaghetti. The pan-fried dory fillet taste great and is suitable for those who wants a combination of fish and pasta together.

The Dessert of the Day was a joke that made us all have a good laugh. Before serving, I check with the waitress on the dessert and was told that it would be mango cake. But later when the dessert came, it is a two-layer cake with "pink & light yellow" colour so we are wondering where is the "Mango cake". The more we taste the dessert the more it taste and look like raspberry. So Lobsterpaints, Alvin and I decided to verify with another waitress again and finally we got the correct name:- "Raspberry Mousse Cake". This raspberry mousse cake is served with some tangerine sauce and the texture is kind of soft and moist with slight sour taste due to the berries. But overall it might be considered as a light and refreshing dessert that is not too heavily infused with cheese or cream.

Overall Chef Daniel's kitchen presents contemporary east-meets-west blend of cuisines that satisfy your taste buds as well as sight. And another good point is, this restaurant is located away from the crowds that make it a quite and peaceful place for meal with contrast between serenity of the nature and busy city area. Posted by Picasa

In the month of August, in order to celebrate the Singapore's 45th Birthday, Chef Daniel's Kitchen is also having a 15% for their National Day Special Menu.

Chef Daniel's Kitchen
201 Victoria Street
Iluma @ Bugis
Singapore 188067
Telephone: 6509 9888

Operating Hours:
Mondays to Sundays
11.30am to 10.30pm

Sunday 1 August 2010

Are you the LUCKY one!!!

A week has past and today we are going to reveal the winner(s) of the Giveaway event. The purpose of this event is to share my joy as well as some Seah's spices premix that I have received from Seah's Spices Food Industries Pte Ltd as a token of appreciation to reward me on using and sharing their products in my posts.

At the Giveaway post (HERE) I have promised to give away 5 packets of the premix spices to a lucky reader who wishes to try out the Seah's Spices. So here we go.........The Lucky reader who can have a chance to pick her choice of 5 packets of Seah's premix spices is:-

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Dear Readers,

Thanks everyone for taking time to participate in this event. Even though some of you might not get away with your desire items this round but I do hope you have fun in this little event with us. And do stay around for more upcoming giveaway event soon.

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