Thursday 7 September 2006

Okonomiyaki or Ajeon(Korean Pancake)

Okonomiyaki is a type of Japanese pan-fried batter cake with various ingredients. Okonomi means "what you like" or "what you want," and yaki means "grilled" or "cooked" thus, the name of this dish means "cook what you like, the way you like." The batter is made up of flour, grated yam, water or dashi, eggs and shredded cabbage, and usually contains other ingredients such as onion, meat (generally pork or bacon), octopus, squid, shrimp, vegetables, kimchi, mochi or cheese. Okonomiyaki is often compared to an omelette or japanese pizza.

Ajeon is a traditional Korean-style pancake which is a very popular appetizer or snack. It is made with flour batter, eggs, and green onions/scallions, served with a mixture of soy sauce & vinegar for dipping. In translation, “jeon” (pronounced “jun”) is the actual battered ingredients and “pa” means scallions in Korean. The basic type of this dish consists of just scallions along with flour and eggs but endless variation of this dish can exists by simply adding other ingredients such as seafood, kimchi, or vegetables.

Since I had already bought this Ottogi Flour Mixture for sometime, I decide to give it a try. It's pretty easy, just add in whatever vegetables, meat or seafood that you prefer and follow the instructions on the packet and pan-fry it till golden brown, drizzle it with some BBQ and Japanese Mayonnaise sauce and served.

Notes: You can get this Ottogi Pre-mix from most of the supermarket in Orchard Area or sometime in NTUC. Posted by Picasa


  1. hmm...looks like japan Okonomiyaki. I wonder is the taste the same? :)

  2. wow, another korean classic of yours lena :) looks just like what they're selling outside *claps*

    oh did u say orchard supermarket? but i tot i saw in NTUC leh. juz saw it few days ago. coz i can read korean (hangul) characters so i remember seeing the word 'buchim karu' on the packet and was reading to myself. sort of like practising my korean oso :p think i must reconfirm again when i go there nx time! but ottogi is a jap word rite? i guess if i make this i'll definitely put seafood inside to make their famous korean seafood pancake!

  3. Hi Pamy, I guess they are rather the same only depends on what kind of ingredients u added in.... :)

    Em... Evan, thanks for your comments.. Err... i think some NTUC do have it.. but i am not sure is it all.. cos sometime i see sometime i don't.. lolz.... yup.. seafood do taste better than chicken.. esp prawns and octopus... yummy...

  4. oh u changed the title huh? yesterday one was wrong meh? =) so whats the diff between ajeon & buchim?

    anyway, i tried okonomiyaki from those pasar malam stall but quite yucky. full of flour n the ingredients are almost non-existent. somemore still dare to sell $2 each. yours look so much better!

  5. Hahaha... Evan u notice huh... lolz... actually ppl said Ottogi is the brand but is stated on the packing as Ottogi Korean Pancake ma.. so i tot it was loh..but nv i change to a more suitable title... :)

    Actually Ajeon and buchim is sort of similiar thing..but in different name loh....

  6. ooh! I love korean pancakes! I've only had them with seafood but I bet it'll taste good with anything on it! Great job!


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