Friday 1 February 2008

Kitty Breakfast

Found this interesting Kitty mould which I bought I without thinking twice. Because I knew I can used it for many different purpose like making cookies, bread or pancake that shapes and look like kitty which Reyon will loves it.

So after gather all the necessary ingredients for the Breakfast Sandwich, I decided to make these cute little kitty sandwiches for Breakfast. I guess no one will resists such a cute piece of bread as breakfast.

I used the cutter to cut out the bread, ham and cheese into the same shapes then assemble them together and used meat floss and nori sheet to make the details of the sandwich. When Reyon saw these for his breakfast he was really overwhelming and he even ask me to make more. I also brought some to my office for my colleagues to try and they were as delighted as Reyon. Rebecca even insists that she wanted to bring it home to show her daughters as she find it too cute to be eaten.......Posted by Picasa

To see another version of the kitty sandwich, click on "Reyon's Kitty Breakfast"....... and if you are interested to view my collection of Kitty Utensils, click on "Hello Kitty Baking/Cooking Utensils".

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