Sunday 2 March 2008

Winnie The Pooh Breakfast Set

In order for me to make these cute little Pooh Breakfast for Reyon. I must sincerely give my Thanks for one of my dear friend Julia. I must thanks her and her husband for taking the effort to help us source for the Pooh Series Bakeware and sent them to us all the way from Japan. Reyon and I really appreciate it and your effort really bring Big and Warm smiles to this little fan of Pooh. Thank you so much, my dear friend.

If you still remember, I had a similar cutter for Hello Kitty which I used to make Kitty Breakfast as well. So this round, when I got hold of the Pooh Cutter, I also try to make something similar and it's really cute. I made both the Big Pooh Bread as well as the mini one. And Reyon love them so much, he can finished all the 4 mini pooh bread just in a few minutes...... :) Guess kids are always attracted those those cute and interesting food. Posted by Picasa

To read more on Reyon and his Pooh Breakfast, click on "Winnie The Pooh Breakfast"....... and if you are interested to view my collection of Pooh Bakeware, click on "Winnie The Pooh Bakeware".


  1. I really love the Pooh bear mould..i am a fan of Pooh bear and i am sure my 17 months old girl will love this.....think i have to look hard to see who can help me get the mould.

  2. Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and if you staying in singapre u might want to go/call up:
    Kitty Place
    238 Thomson Road
    Novena Square
    Tel: 6733 8757

    Accordingly to a forum they said, this shop had just imported a lot of disney items including POOH products :) HTH


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