Sunday 13 April 2008

Winnie The Pooh English Breakfast

How will you react if you are serve with this Set of Assorted Pooh Design Breakfast during Sunday Morning. I am sure no matter if you are an adult or kid, you will definitely be delighted to see this and it will bring smile on your face for the rest of the day. But out of this set, I am still not perfect in the Pooh Sunny Egg because I don't really know how to handle the mould well to make the egg in good shape....... :(

I made these for Reyon this morning and the 1st reaction he had when he sees this is "Wow!!!! So many Bear Bear!!!!" I used the Pooh Bread Cutter for the Toast, the Pooh Egg Ring Mould for the Sunny Egg, Pooh Cookie Cutter for the Ham and Pooh Vegetable Cutter for the Apple Slices...... too bad i can't mould the Tomato in either Pooh Slices or Shape... :)Posted by Picasa

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  1. Aiyeo!!! This is so so cute!!! I love the pooh egg!

  2. Haha.. i still got a long way to learn making kids meals from you... Thanks for always sharing those great ideas of yours.... Em.. the Pooh egg is not really prefect cos it meant to be a sunny eggs.. but end up being disfigure hahaha .... :)

  3. Hi Ellena, the pooh bear cutter is so nice.. where did u bought them from?

    I have found your blog when I was looking for Pak tong koh recipe. Your blog is very nice.. keep it up :)

  4. Can I be your daughter? Cuz I think Reyon very lucky. I also want Bear Bear Breakfast every morning pls Ellena Mummy!

  5. Not only kids, all these cute and interesting food from you really caught my eyes as well as my mom's(60+) too. I can't wait to look for lovely moulds and make mine, hehe.

  6. Hi Chumpman,

    Yup... like you said not only kids... actually sometime if we prepare something like this for Adult breakfast... it will make great different and mark the start of the day too... :)


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