Wednesday 20 August 2014

National Day Limited Edition Tiger Beer Giveaway

[Photo Credit] Tiger Beer Singapore Facebook
Yeah finally it's mid-week meaning weekend is approaching in another two more days. Here we have a giveaway to perk up your week with some limited edition items. This year to celebrate Singapore 49th National Birthday, Tiger Beer has unveiled this limited edition Tiger Beer can with red and white outfit instead of its usual blue.

The pack comes with 10 330ml red and white colour Tiger Beer cans which will available only for limited period in major supermarket retailing at SG$25.60.

Furthermore in conjunction to the National Day celebration, Tiger Beer also brings up this "Unleash Your Pride" campaign asking Singaporean what they would do to show their love for Singapore. From the video above, Singaporean was asked whether they would give up their vacation to stay back in Singapore for National Day.

And guess what! Although many might said NO, but there is one Singaporean who unleashed his pride and actually...... Do watch the clip and you would be surprise on what he did! (Video credit: Tiger Beer Singapore Facebook)

Lastly we would like to thank Tiger Beer Singapore for sponsoring this giveaway to 5 of our lucky readers. Each winner will be getting a pack of the National Day Limited Edition Tiger Beer (10 cans of 330ml each) delivery to your doorsteps. To participate:

1. Upload a photo of your most creative red-and-white outfit/manicures/accelerators or etc; OR

2. Share your thoughts on: "What am I willing to give up or take on in the pursuit of my passion?". (example: are you willing to give out your dream and stay put to build a better Singapore).

* Please comment your answer over at our Facebook Page Here (click link for participating details)

* Disclosure: All opinions expressed in this post are my own and there is no monetary compensation received. Tiger Beer Singapore only sponsored the giveaway items mentioned on this article.

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