Monday 20 July 2015

[Resort World Sentosa] S.E.A Aquarium, Skyride & Food

On the 3rd week of June School Holidays the boy suggests to re-visit S.E.A Aquarium which is located in Resort World Sentosa (RWS). And while browsing through their website for on-line tickets, I managed to spot a good deal that helps to save some dollars too. Besides seeing the marine creatures, we also explore the coastal parts of the island by hopping onto the beach tram which ferry us from Siloso to Palawan Beach. Oh ya not to forget we also took the courage to ride on the Skyride chairlift too.

Train ride to Harbour Front Station
This is my boy's favourite "pet shark" which he brings along to almost everywhere he goes and this shot is taken during the train ride to Harbour Front Station.

Sentosa Express @ Sentosa Station at Vivo City
Sentosa is accessible through the Sentosa Express that is located at VivoCity Shopping Mall (at level 3, beside the Food Republic Foodcourt), Cable Car (from mount faber), taxis, cars or you can even take a leisurely stroll from the Boardwalk at VivoCity with minimum entrance fees.

On the Sentosa Express heading over to Sentosa!
Scenic view with Resort World Sentosa and Cable Cars at the backdrop.

(Resort World Sentosa)

[Resort World Sentosa] S.E.A Aquarium
We reached the destination at about 10.15am so I thought we could grabbed a quick pancake breakfast at Slappy Cakes (near Malaysian Food Street entrance) before heading to the aquarium. But to bad, the place was packed and we could hardly find a seat.

Pricing For S.E.A Aquarium Admission.

General Admission Fee:
- Adult (ages 13 - 59); SG$32.00
- Child (ages 4 - 12); SG$22.00
- Senior (ages 60 and above); SG$32.00

Singapore Residents:
- Adult (ages 13 - 59); SG$28.00
- Child (ages 4 - 12); SG$15.00
- Senior (ages 60 and above); SG$15.00

Operating Hours:
Monday - Sunday; 10.00am - 7.00pm

- For promotional price or bundle package, please refer to their official website here.

[S.E.A Aquarium] Maritime Experiential Museum
For your information S.E.A Aquarium ticket includes the Maritime Experiential Museum where one can learn the history of sea exploration and trade in Asia with life-sized replica of Admiral Zheng He's Treasure Ship and etc. Upon entering you will be surrounded with rows of exhibits on your sides which mainly describe about the life and trade on the maritime silk route between East and the West from the 9th - 19th century.

[S.E.A Aquarium] Jewel of Muscat
The Jewel of Muscat is huge ship that is on displayed but visitors can only admire it from far and cannot enter or explore it up close.

[S.E.A Aquarium] Outside the entrance to the shark seas
Guess who we spotted near the entrance! Yes, it was the cute Stingray Mascot whom everyone love and excited to snap a photo with it before it went off.

[S.E.A Aquarium] Shipwreck Habitat

[S.E.A Aquarium] Shipwreck Habitat
Near the entrance is the Shipwreck Habitat which features the last encountered at Typhoon Theatre as it sunk into a watery grave and transformed into a thriving marine sanctuary. This area used to be the main entrance to the S.E.A Aquarium instead of the current one from Shark Seas.

[S.E.A Aquarium] Shark Seas
S.E.A Aquarium at RWS is the world largest aquarium that houses more than 800 species of marine animals such as various species of sharks, majestic manta rays, bottlenose dolphins, beautiful coral reefs and other exhibited creatures of the sea.

[S.E.A Aquarium] Life-Cycle of Shark

A short video clip of the sharks from S.E.A Aquarium Shark Seas Habitat.

[S.E.A Aquarium] Shark Seas
My boy is a huge fans of sharks and he is familiar with some names of the common species like scalloped hammerhead shark, blue shark, sandbar shark bluegray carpetshark, bull shark, nurse shark and etc. If I am not wrong this is our 4th visit to the S.E.A Aquarium since it opened to public in late 2012. And whenever we were there he can spent an hour just in Shark Seas taking photos, videos and admiring the sharks swimming in different directions.

[S.E.A Aquarium] Cute Fish

[S.E.A Aquarium] Marine Life

S.E.A Aquarium] Clown Fish
Coral reefs are incredibly beautiful and often you can find many colourful reef dwellers like the common clowfish and dory shown above. No wonder the boy was glued to the spot taking videos of those fishes swimming around the tank.

[S.E.A Aquarium] Reef Lobster

[S.E.A Aquarium] Sea Urchin

[S.E.A Aquarium] Open Sea Habitat offers full length glass tank viewing
Many of visitors love to sit or crowd in front of the full length glass tank at Open Sea Habitat admiring the beautiful marine creatures. Besides that on the other side of the viewing deck there are eleven Marine Life Park Ocean Suites which offers private viewing into the Open Ocean. More detail of the Ocean Suites can be found at their official site here.

[S.E.A Aquarium] Ocean Dome
Oh not to forget the secret place at  Ocean Dome which is on the right end of the Open Ocean habitat. The place offers 180 degree panoramic view of the ocean habitat as well as the world's largest underwater acrylic dome at 9m in diameter.

[S.E.A Aquarium] Press A Penny Machine

[S.E.A Aquarium] Press A Penny Machine
Are you into collection of pennies like what we do when you visit any attractions overseas? There are a few "Press A Penny Machine" available in S.E.A Aquarium located in Open Ocean Habitat (right at the entrance from the ocean journey), outside S.E.A Side Snacks Bar and beside the Entrance to Sea Sharks Habitat. For your information it costs SG$2.00 to create a copper penny which comes in 4 different designs from each of the machines.

[S.E.A Aquarium] White Spotted Jellyfish

[S.E.A Aquarium] Jellyfish
Jellyfish is my favourite sea creature compared to rest and there are a few variety of sea jellies on display in S.E.A Aquarium. I love to see their translucent body dancing gracefully with the help of those colourful lights in the tank which makes them look so gorgeous.

[S.E.A Aquarium] Giant Octopus
Although this is a "huge" octopus but you might hardly spot it because it usually like to squashed itself at one corner of the tank. And we almost overlooked it during our first visit where we just walked past without realizing there was something in it until few of kids were giggling at it.

[S.E.A Aquarium] S.E.A Side Snacks Bar
Don't worry if you get hungry in the mid-way while watching those fishes because there are two food kiosks located within the aquarium with one at the Open Ocean Habitat and the other just facing the Dolphins viewing area. You can get quick snacks such as sandwiches, muffin, steamed bun, candy floss and etc together with cold/hot beverages.

[S.E.A Aquarium] Dolphin Viewing Zone
Didn't managed to an up-closed view of the Dolphin because they were having other activities during the time when we were there. But we were still able to take a glimpse of them from far and they seems to be having fun with their activities.

[S.E.A Aquarium] Coral Garden Tank
This is a good spot for photos taking as well as viewing different species of coral reef and fishes. The huge glass tank is about two storey tall and you can see many visitors especially young kids circling  around it during peak visiting hours.

[S.E.A Aquarium] Discovery Zone
This little corner at Discovery Zone is one of the exciting area for both adults and kids where everyone get a chance to lay their hands on the sea stars, sea cucumber, fish and etc. But before getting into the pool, remember to wash your hands at the nearby sink for hygiene purpose.

[S.E.A Aquarium] Sharpnose Guitarfish
Sharpnose Guiterfish was once moderately abundant and they are carnivorous fish that feeds on large shellfishes. It ranges from intertidal to offshore continental shelves down to 119 m.

[S.E.A Aquarium] Bluespotted Stingray
These cute Bluespotted Stingray usually found on sandy bottoms near rocky or coral reefs. Occasionally they also cover themselves with sand leaving just the eyes and tail visible.

A short instagram clip on the bluespotted stingray.

[S.E.A Aquarium] Souvenir shop outside S.E.A Aquarium Entrance (basement)

[S.E.A Aquarium] Shark Shaped House Slipper

[S.E.A Aquarium] Souvenir shop at level 1
Before ending the trip, we always love to visit their souvenir shop which is next to the entrance of the aquarium to check out their latest animal Plush Toys. What caught our eyes this round were the "Shark House Slipper" and the "Black Shark Plush" (SG$18.90) which my boy toss quite sometime between which to get home.

(Resort World Sentosa)

[Nam Nam @ RWS] View of the ordering counter
After the boy done with his fast food lunch, it's my turn to look for some quick bite. And while going back to level 1 (actually wanted to get some sandwich or pasta from Cedele) I saw Nam Nam Noodles Bar near the entrance of the Casino so without hesitate I decided to get their lunch set since it comes with with a bowl of beef/chicken pho, a side dish plus beverage for only SG$9.90.

[Nam Nam @ RWS] Set Lunch Menu

[Nam Nam @ RWS] Vietnamese Iced Coffee with Condensed Milk
Vietnamese Iced Coffee served in vintage metal cup was the first to arrive while waiting for the beef pho and side. Love the aroma of the coffee which is not too overpowered by the taste of the condensed milk.

[Nam Nam @ RWS] Beef Pho Set Lunch
Their soup broth is good enough on its own so I usually don't add in any extra condiments as I prefer its original taste. As there wasn't many customers during the time  (almost 2pm) when we arrived, my bowl of beef pho came in really fast in just 5 minutes after ordering. I started with the noodles which were soft and silky but when I had a bite on the beef it was rather tough and chewy. So in the end I just finished half of the noodles leaving all the beef slices behind. Didn't touch the side too (steamed tapioca cake) as the tapioca roll was kind of dry and chewable.

Nam Nam @ Resort World Sentosa
On the way out of the restaurant we saw some familiar condiments, new bowls and cups used in the restaurant, instant beef pho and etc on sale near the entrance. Although the prices of the items might be a bit steep but I am sure tourists whom are interest in them won't mind to pay slight more to bring them home as souvenirs.

Nam Nam @ Resort World Sentosa

26 Sentosa Gateway
The Forum @ Basement 1
Singapore 098138
Telephone: (65)6686 2881

Opening Hours:
8:00am - 10:00pm; (Sun - Thurs)
8:00am - 01:00am; (Fri - Sat)



[Resort World Sentosa] Casino Entrance at basement 1

[Resort World Sentosa] Candylicious
Indeed just like its name Candylicious this place is a candy store which filled with more than 5000 types of colourful candy, chocolate, spread and etc imported from different countries. And I am sure you can find something that you want inside the store for either self consume or as gift to your loved ones or friends.

[Resort World Sentosa] Reeses Chocolate from Candylicious
We saw our favourite Reese's Peanut Butter Cups plus some other varieties which we can now purchased from Candylicious without the craving for them or the need to fly over to USA to loot them back.

26 Sentosa Gateway
Singapore 098138
Telephone: (65) 6686 2100

Opening Hours:
10:00am to 9:00pm (daily)

[Resort World Sentosa] Colourful Popsicles from iL Gelato di Bruno
Located within the same compound at a corner of Candylicious you  can find iL Gelato di Bruno takeaway kiosk which offers a colourful range of gelato flavours and Popsicles to satisfy your craving on sweet treat.

Il Gelato Di Bruno (Candylicious)
26 Sentosa Gateway
Resorts World Sentosa
Singapore 098138
Telephone: (65) 6686 2155

[Resort World Sentosa] Malaysian Food Street

[Resort World Sentosa] Malaysian Food Street Menu
Malaysian Food Street is along the same stretch as Universal Studios Singapore. The place has about 17 food stalls offering different authentic Malaysian street food from Fung Wong Confectionery, Heun Kee Claypot Chicken Rice, KL Jalan Alor Hokkien Mee, Penang Ah Long Lor Bak and etc.

[Resort World Sentosa] Dim Sum from
Despite we just had our lunch but we still cannot resists to get some pastries from Fung Wong Confectionery (Kuala Lumpur). You can read more about our dining experience at Malaysian Food Street from our previous visit here.

[Resort World Sentosa] Insadong Korea Town

[Resort World Sentosa] Insadong Korea Town
Besides Asian and Western food, cafes, fast food and etc. There is also a Korean Food outlet selling familiar items like Korean BBQ, Bingsu, Set Dishes and etc at Insadong Korean Town. Base on what I notice patrons are mostly youngsters who enjoy their BBQ items. Likewise they are also using the above cashless ordering machine where patrons can placed orders as well as making payment through the automated machines before collecting food at the designated counters.

[Resort World Sentosa] Slappy Cakes  
Slappy Cakes which is origin from Portland has opened two outlets in Singapore which are located at The Grandstand (old Turf City) and Resort World Sentosa. It is a family friendly restaurant whereby everyone can get together to create and design their very own pancake. Actually we wanted to have breakfast here in the morning before visiting S.E.A Aquarium but gave up half way in the queue as it was fully packed.

If you don't like pancake they consider their "all day breakfast" items that comes with veggie / mushroom scrambled egg, egg benedict, classic breakfast (bacon, egg and bread) and etc.

26 Sentosa Gateway (next to Universal Studios)
Resorts World Sentosa
Singapore 098269
Telephone: (65)6795 0779

Opening Hours:
8:00am - 9:30pm (daily)

[Resort World Sentosa] Outside Universal Studios Singapore
Miss the rides from Universal Studios and we shall be back soon during the next school holidays to test out their new ride(s).


[Sentosa Monorail Station] Station Map
The Sentosa Express consists of 4 main stations starting from the first station at Vivo City followed by the next three stations located within the island. After lunch we took the monorail from Waterfront Station to Beach Station to explore the coastal area.

[Beach Station] Island Map

[Beach Station] Food Kiosks at the Beach Station
There are many food kiosks, restaurants and even food centre around Beach Station so you don't have to worry about food if you ever gets hungry because you can easily grab anything from finger food, main to dessert from along the stretch.

[Beach Station] Beach Tram Station
There are two beach tram pick-up points at the enclosed carpark area with one heading towards Siloso Beach and the other to Palawan Beach where most of the hotels and resorts located. So do keep a look out on the direction that you are heading too even though the tram operates from one end to the other.

[Beach Station] Co Nut ink Menu
During our tram ride, I spotted the famous Chatuchak’s Coconut Ice Cream along Siloso Beach which is behind Mambo Beach Club and opposite Siloso Beach Resort. As you can see currently Co Nut ink only offers 4 different options to select from either classic, dried fruits and nuts or red ruby topping to pair with their coconut ice-cream.

[Beach Station] Thai-style Coconut Ice cream from Co Nut ink
I ordered their coconut ice-cream with premium nuts and fruits toppings (pistachio nuts + cranberries) which cost SG$6.50 including a cup of fresh coconut water. Overall besides the relatively high pricing we also felt the ice cream was rather light and lacked of strong coconut flavour which they could fine tune on it. As for the toppings it will be good if they offers something closer to what they have in Bangkok with similar items like fresh cut mango, sticky rice, peanut, mung beans, gula melaka syrup and etc.

[Beach Station] Co+Nut+ink

40 Siloso Beach Walk
Mambo Beach Club
Singapore 098996

Note: 2nd outlet @ Esplanade (along waterfront area)

[Beach Station] Tram Ride along the beach areas

[Beach Station] Palawan Beach
After getting the ice cream, we hop back onto the beach tram and continue our ride to explore Palawan Beach which was on the other end. The ride was fun and we can always get off the tram anytime we want to explore around the area before hopping back for the next destination.

(Near Beach Station, Sentosa Singapore)

[Beach Station] Luge and Skyride
Saw this "fun & scary" attraction during our tram ride towards Siloso Beach and the boy was so excited about it that he insists we have to try it before going back.

[Beach Station] Luge and Skyride
So after completed our tram rides to and from both side of the beaches (Siloso and Palawan), we head back to the ticketing counter at Luge & Skyride. Since this was our first time on skyride we decided to get the single trip ticket to test out our adaptation to the height before we decide more on next visit.

[Beach Station] Luge and Skyride
Bet I am be crazy at that point of time to agree with the boy to go for this ride which is at least 3 storey or more in height and furthermore there was barely any protection around the chair except the safety bar.

[Beach Station] Luge and Skyride

[Beach Station] Luge and Skyride
Indeed the ride was thrilled with breathtaking bird eyes view of Singapore city skyline as well as beautiful coastline of Sentosa Island. Will definitely be back for second ride as well as try out the Luge which most of my friends recommend it as "must try".

[Imbiah Station] Merlion Plaza
Last shot with the Merlion before heading home! Despite of the hot weather we have a fun-filled day with the sea creatures, rides, beaches and etc. Hope to be back soon with more attractions and hopeful a staycation at one of the hotel/resort so that we can have more time to explore the island with a well rest body.

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