Tuesday 4 July 2006

Steam Cod Fish With Crispy Bean

The very first time I had this similar dish is from Crystal Jade restaurant which is their famous "Steam Fish With Crispy Bean". It was very delicious to go with plain rice. But after searching almost all places for that "crispy bean,豆酥 " sauce, I finally gave up. Because I asked alot of places and they don't seems to know what is this crispy bean. Until recently, I saw one of my friend pamy's blog, she managed to find this bottle crispy bean paste in Cold Storage at Takashimaya. So without any delay, I quickly go and grab a bottle to try out this "Steam Cod Fish With Crispy Bean". Like what pamy mention, this small bottle can only used around 2 to 3 times and it's rather costly.

1 Piece Of Cod Fillet, about 500g
50g Crispy Minced Bean
1/4 Teaspoon Salt
Some Spring Onion and Chilli, finely chopped

1. Rinse cod fish, pat dry and place on a plate.
2. Marinate it with salt for about 10 minutes.
3. Place cod into steamer, steam over high heat for about 10 minutes, remove.
4. Saute the crispy bean in a non-stick pan over low heat until golden and fragrant.
5. Remove and pour over onto the cod, sprinkle with some spring onion and chilli, serve hot.

Notes: Actually there is another type of crispy minced bean(豆酥) which is sold in a ball shape and needs to be ground before use. The finer it is ground the more flavourful the taste it. But too bad, we can't really find it in Singapore. For those who know where to get it, please kindly leave me a message. Thanks.Posted by Picasa


  1. Hi,
    I used to buy the "raw" crispy bean from the market and fried it to crispy. It sells abt $1 per packet. But yours is more convenient because it comes with source...

    Btw, thanks for sharing your receipes. I learnt alot from your receipes...

  2. Hi,
    I used to buy the "raw" crispy bean from the market and fried it to crispy. It sells abt $1 per packet. But yours is more convenient because it comes with source...

    Btw, thanks for sharing your recipes. I learnt alot from your recipes...

  3. Hi, may i know where we can buy this crispy soy bean in bottle? I went to cold storage Taka but cant find it?


  4. Hi Susana,

    I got mine crispy bean from Cold Storage under then bottle sauce dept. Em.. i saw it from a few cold storage b4. Maybe u can check around with the staffs :) HTH

  5. Hi,
    Besides Cold Storage, do you know of any places which sell the crispy bean ??


  6. There is a shop near Aljunied Mrt selling Crispy Bean. I believe the shop name is Kwong Cheong Thye.

  7. Hi Jo Liaw, thanks for your information :)

  8. Hi Ellena,

    Taka Cold Storage no longer sells the crispy soy beans. But I found another place that sells it. Its at Yue Hwa Chinatown. Prime Supermarket and Sheng Siong sell it as well but are usually out of stock. Hope this is useful to you and those reading your blog.

    Hazel =)

  9. i hv experimented n finally decoded the recipes. here is how i do it. Get a packet of dried soya bean. the one which make soya bean milk. boil in hot water till soft. drain & cool. Pour into blender and roughly dice. mixed in some minced garlic and a little salted soya bean paste for saltiness. Heat a cup of hot oil and friend the minced soya bean til crispy. it wont look dark or crispy at first. but during the last few second, throw in a tbls of sugar, off the heat and quickly stir to caramelise. quickly spoon over any steam fish. :)

  10. Hi Anonymous! Thanks for sharing with us your experiment on making the crispy bean :)

  11. Silly Mummy5/8/11 2:28 pm

    dear all, u can find the "raw" crispy bean crumbs at the Chinatown market.

  12. NTUC xtra at AMK has. Just bought 2 bottles a few days ago.


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