Sunday 9 September 2007

Gifts From My Dear Friends....

Isn't these lovely? I am sure these will be the hot snatching stuffs for every kids who love these cartoon characters. These are made by one of my best blog pal, Susan. She knew that my son love all these characters so she actually spent her Saturday making these for us. I really appreciate it so much, thanks pal. Reyon really loves it and he kept telling me I cannot eat them because it belongs to him.... haha.....

Look at these gorgeous mooncake that is done by Evan from "Bossacafez", it's really nice of her to share with me her new creation of mooncake and you can take a look at those beautiful pictures from her Flickr. Thanks pal for bring it all the way to me and it really taste great.... I love the lovely fragrance of your Rainbow Soda Snowskin Mooncake.....


  1. My family doesn't eat anything that has durian, but those mooncakes are sooo cute! I must get back to Singapore to get those cute molds. Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  2. Hi there.. thanks for dropping by too... :) Em.. from what i know we can't find really find these cute mould in singapore. Most of them bought it from Hong Kong or Japan or some online forum spree :)

  3. OK! Thanks for the info. I was emailing my cousin to get some for me. hehe! Will get my hongkong girlfriend to help find these. Thanks again! :)


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