Friday 7 September 2007

My Orders On Assort Mini Baked Donuts

These are some of the Assorted Mini Baked Donuts for my recent orders. I am sure you also can't resists the temptation of donuts when you receive such a tray of Assorted Donuts.......

This tray consists the basic donuts which is the Cinnamon, blueberry, apricot and caramel...... Personally I like the Apricot and Caramel Flavour. What about you :)

These Light and fragrance donuts which glaze with Caramel Sauce and top with bits of crushed Pistachio Nuts. The nutty and salty taste of the pistachio nuts really brings out the flavour of this donuts.

Simple and easy to capture the heart of little kids as well as adults is to have some Blueberry Jam over the freshly baked donuts and serve with freshly brewed coffee or tea for breakfast or serve as snack for tea-break.

This is one of the favourite item on the ordering list, which is donuts coated with white chocolate glaze and top with Apricot Conserve.

This is the most hottest order from the list which is the Bacon and Cheesy Donuts. I used mixture of shredded cheese to make the cheesy effect and top the baked donuts with extra cheese......

Using crush oreo pieces in the donuts and make the Oreo Donuts which glaze in chocolate and top with extra crush oreo.....

This Rose Scented Donuts ideas came from my Rose Scented Macarons. The grind rose really gives these donuts a light and fragrance scent and taste.

Donut coated with Dark Chocolate then top with yummy Peanut Butter... Is this your choice of donuts for your snack?

Rose Scented Donuts which taste of and smell of a light rose fragrance with coated with a mixture of grind rose and caster sugar.....

Isn't this Lavender Donut look Romantic & Elegant with the White Chocolate Glaze and some doze of lavender on it.... Even before you put into your mouth you can already smell the lovely lavender scent....


  1. hey ellena, these are really good!!! i personally love the rose, chocolate and green tea. the best of the best was the bacon & cheese donut!! maybe becoz i love bacon, ham, sausages etc, so i find that this appeals to my tastebuds the most :p but overall, all are good. thx for sharing them with me pal =)

  2. Halo..Evan,
    Glad that you like those mini donuts that I share with you. Em.. I also love the rose and chocolate 1. I find the rose 1 very fragrance and now i starts to lov the cheesy bacon too... cos when u eat it hot it's so chewy and yummy!!! :)

  3. hi ellena

    i am a frequenter on your blog and wanted to purchase your donuts till i saw something disturbing on your tag board. Don't you think is is xtremely rude that you and the other taggers whom you know personlly refer to other people as "weird people"?

    Do you view visitors to your blog as "weird"? Such an insensetive thing to say, in my opinion. If thats the case, perhaps you should make this a private blog

  4. Spelling Bee8/9/07 8:12 pm

    Hi Trisha,I personally don't think that Ellena really thinks of these people as weird,seeing what a nice polite person she is. Unlike some others.... =)

    Even though I may have unintentionally embarrassed her,she still accepted my critisicm with a smile and acknowledgement. Please do not hesitate to purchase her wares,I am sure they are delicious as she is as nice a person. =)

  5. hey there.

    can i just ask u . . . . for caramel sauce, do u use smuckers? or make your own? can u share the recipe pleasssssse?

  6. Hi Trisha,
    1st thanks for showing interests in my baked. Secondly, before you judge what you see, did you ever understand what we are talking about? I am not sure how you look at the meaning of "Weird" but then at least you should understand what are we trying to say before you comments.

    I appricate all those readers that constantly support my blogs but then if they aim is to create trouble here do you think i should keep my mouth shut and let them do what they want. This is my blog, my own space, i can write what i want or post whatever recipe that i do. But if someone is here to just make a fuss and create big issue then i don't think they are welcome by other readers too... If what we said really offence you. Please take my apology :) No hash issue as I don't wish to create any uncessary agurement too... :)

  7. Thanks Spelling Bee for your compliments :) As for what you mention, I personally do not feel embarrass of what you had comments. In the other side, i still felt flatter that you actually do take the time to read the details of what i wrote and correct on those errors. :)

    So do you usually goes around other people blog and tell them the same things if you do spot any mistake? Sorri i am just curious cos I had never came across someone that is so straight forwards in making comments like you that's why maybe my friend will think that you are the "odd" one :) No offence, hope u still enjoy reading the blog suggestive comments :p


  8. Hi Linda,

    I am sorry for the recipe, since i am selling these donuts i won't be able to further sharing any details recipes but then i am sure you can get some of those nice caramel recipes on the web itself... :) HTH

  9. No probz, ellena.

    Just wanted to know if its the kind using butter and cream...a bit rich..haha...I tried using smuckers, silly old me, and its so runny :/

  10. Hi Linda,
    Em... some of the recipe do used butter and cream, but some they will omit the butter just using sugar and cream as:
    Caramel sauce
    1 cup (220g) caster sugar
    1/2 cup (125ml) water
    2/3 cup (160ml) cream

    1. Stir sugar and the water in medium heavy-based saucepan over heat, without boiling, until sugar dissolves; bring to a boil.
    2. Reduce heat, simmer, without stirring, until mixture is golden brown.
    3. Remove from heat, whisk in cream; return to heat, simmer 1 minute.

    Above is one of the caramel recipe that i have... mb u can take a look :) HTH


  11. Thanks ellena. You're really such a kind lady. GBU

  12. Oh Linda,
    Thanks for your kind comments, no problem on that, like you said some caramel recipes realli too fattening as in the butter, cream and sugar used. And that ready bottle sauce is too runny .....I guess you must be a caramel lover :)

  13. Spelling Bee9/9/07 8:24 pm

    Hi Ellena...thank you for your I do not usually go around correcting errors but I felt that I had to because there were...well...more mistakes than a usual blog. But no worries!!
    I don't mean to be rude,like I said,my ultimate goal is to just let you know of the language error. =)
    I have always been straight forward,maybe too much so it is to my disadvantage...hope you don't take it too personally.

    As for caramel sauce,I always do mine with a table spoon of butter, a tablespoon of condensed milk,4 tablespoons each of light brown sugar and dark brown sugar. Then boil till dissolved and pour in 1/4 cup milk and 1 tsp vanilla. It will bubble...simmer a bit more and add 1 tsp of brandy and a pinch of cinnamon,do try that....the fragrance is awesome!!

  14. Haha... Spelling Bee... It's ok.. it doesn't matter to be either rude or not... it's already over and what done cannot be undo rite.. :)

    Appricate your kindness... and thanks for the tips and sharing of your Caramel recipe... Maybe other bloggers will also hope to see u buzz around their blog for some Language Editing too... :) Thanks anyway....

  15. wow, these look superbly good. Wished I could order from you...

  16. THanks mycoffee,

    I am sure you can also whip up something more interesting than me :)

  17. hi ellena. made this again ...better this time. only thing is when i roll it in the sugar ..all the sugar drops off my donuts.hhahah!! do u spread some melted butter to make it stick?

  18. ellena, can please help me????????

    I tried to make cheesy baked donuts, but the cheeze doesnt brown or melt wen i sprinkle on top of the batter in the pan...AIIIz.........and how do u get the cheeze on the brownish part of the donut..cos dat is bottom of donut yea?????? I am so upset with myself. and my ugly donuts!!!

    - Chia Ling


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