Saturday 10 November 2007


I had being tagged with - Rockin' Girl Blogger award from Evan @ bosscacafez. Thank for tagging me and sorry for taking such a long time to do this write up :)

I am just going to pass this award Susan and Tona who is a blogger friend as well as friend whom we share our thoughts on family and kid issue.

1. Susan- my daily MSN friend, we can click very well, and we also chat via MSN on and off during our free time or break. She is a very kind hearted and strong lady that I can learn some tips on handling children from her. And she also lends a listen ear to me when I am trouble. Thanks pal!

2. Tona- i came to know her from a blog enquire via emails. And she had being there when I am having some bad times and she also helps to cheer me up and advise on me. She is now a mum to a very handsome and cute little baby which you can see more on her blog. She had spent more of her time taking great care of her baby and she also whipped up a lot of delicious and fabulous food for her little darling which i think it's good to share with those mum who runs out of ideas to cook for kids. Great work Tona... :)

Ok Evan, i had finished the 1st tag. Opps... still got a second one......... :p

Found in my room:
1. bed
2. a lot of children story books1
3. air-cond
4. water bottle
5. medical oil & moisturiser cream

I have always wanted to:
1. I always wanted to go Japan and Hongkong
2. Share my bakes and dishes with those who appreciate it :)
3. Have my dream house with my dream kitchen
4. Take care of my little darling and spent my time teaching him and taking care of his daily needs.
5. If possible I will like to have my own cafe that I can sell what I bake for the day and managed it on my own way of liking.... The best is open it somewhere at the country side.......

Found in my bag:
1. wallet
2. mobile phone, cannot do without it as my darling will call me on and off... :)
3. keys
4. tissues
5. candy or chocolate

Found in my wallet:
1. credit cards, atm cards, ezlink card
2. IC
3. discount/privilege cards
4. Cash
5. My darling photographs

I'm currently into:
1. Baking - I love to bake especially on those mini items. So now i am doing mini baked donuts, mini cupcakes and maybe mini macarons coming up soon.....
2. Reading - I love to read those christian books which i think every time when i read something new, i can always feel that God is speaking to me.
3. Blogging- I got so many blogs to update each time until i am so blur which is which haha

Now I'm going to pass it on to Susan and Tona. Take your time to complete these two tags..... :)

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