Tuesday 12 May 2009

Avocado ~ Egg ~ Tomato

This is my combination of appetiser meal, Avocado Vs Egg Vs Tomato. I simply just love the taste of Avocado, when this is in season I'll always have it in my fruit basket. I love to eat it with plain yogurt, or blend it with some fresh milk and honey and serve it as a health afternoon snack or after meal refreshment with a few ice cubes.

There are so many ways and ideas that you can eat your avocado with. And also high avocado intake has been shown to have an effect on blood serum cholesterol levels and it is also rich in B vitamins, as well as vitamin E.

In this appetiser, I used 1 avocado, 1 hard boiled egg and 2 ripe medium size tomato to come out with 3 different taste and texture of the combination.

Mashed Avocado & Egg Salad
~ Mashed half of the hard-boiled egg with about 2 to 3 slices of avocado and serve it in a tomato cup.

Avocado Slices With Plain Yogurt
~ Arrange some avocado slices on plate and top with a dollar of plain Greek yogurt(or you can choose yogurt of your favour).

This is great to serve as a an presentable appetiser when you have guest around the house. You can top with with other fresh fruits of your choice or you can use tomato or cucumber or any combination that you prefer.Posted by Picasa

~ Cut the avocado into half, carefully scoop out the fruit and leave the shell in shape.
~ Place half of the hard-boiled egg in the middle and filled the space of the shelf with avocado & tomato cubes.
~ Drizzle with some BBQ or Thai Chilli sauce before serving.


  1. I love an avocado in with any combination of gala apples, red seedless grapes, raisins, red bell peppers, strawberries, or roma tomatoes -- or all together.

  2. Great combination and you make the food look fantastic! Thank you for sharing your ideas.

  3. Hi.. Jim, thanks for your tips and suggestions :)

    And Susan, thanks for your compliments too :)

  4. What a refreshing combination salad. Love avocados with egg.

  5. That's sounded really tasteful ellena. Only if I can find avocado easily here :P

  6. Hey, I like the way the egg nestles within the avocado shell. So cute! You always make food such a delight to look at!

    Thanks for your concern honey. I'm well, and hoping that all's fine for you. =)

  7. Lovely creations! Avocado is so versatile.

  8. Hi Jessica, Stardust and pigpigscorner,

    Thanks for your drop-by and compliments... :) indeed avocado is a very versatile fruit to create different kinds of dish.... :p


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