Friday 21 August 2009

Double-boiled Pork Essence

Most of us are more familiar with Essence of Chicken, which we get to drink a very small bowl of Essence extracted from the Double-boiled Chicken. Despite of either using the normal Kampung Chicken or the nutrition Black Chicken that is normally used in Confinement, you can also replace it with Lean Pork or Minced Beef.

But today we are going to try out Pork Fillet Essence. To make your Essence more herbal taste, you can add in a small amount of these herbs to have a light double-boiled Essence. But remember, don't add in too much because it will eventually absorb the liquid during the double-boiled process and you will end up with less essence. Previous post, we make use of American Ginseng Root to double-boiled chicken soup so this round, we shall try on the Stem itself which yield the Ginseng Slices.

Ingredients: (serve 1)
500g Pork Fillet, cut into thin slices or minced
1 - 2 Red Dates(红枣), cut into halves
1 Teaspoon Wolfberries(枸杞子)
4 Slices of American Ginseng Slices
150ml of DOM(法国廊酒), optional
4cm Wide of Dried Hui Shan(淮山), optional
1 Slice of Yu Zhu(玉竹), break into small pieces, optional

1. Wash and trim all the fat from the pork fillet, use the back of the knife to roughly pound the pork slices.
2. Rinse and drain all the herbs then place some of it in the middle of the double-boil pot. (refer to the photo below)
3. Use small saucer or rice bowl to cover the herbs.
4. Place the pounded pork slices over the top of the sauce(refer to the photo below).
5. Lastly sprinkler the reserved wolfberries and other herbs on top, covered and place it in the slow cooker.
6. Add enough boiling water to cover almost 3/4 or more of the double-boil pot then cook over low heat for approximately 2hrs then open and drizzle the DOM evenly on the meat.
7. Continue to cook for another 30minutes. Serve immediately or reserved till later consume.

~ If you are using American Ginseng Slices, you can omit the use of DOM and serve it this Essence to kid.

As this Essence is Double-Boiled with DOM(Benedictine DOM Liqueur), it might not be suitable for kids unless you omit the use of this liqueur. You can prepared this in the mid-afternoon and reheat it to consume it before bedtime.


  1. This is nice.. got to try it out 1 day..^_^

  2. Ya.. You can try it out with different ingredients lik chicken, beef, mutton and pork for different results and taste :)

  3. DOM recipe!! hehe I gotta try this out one day man.


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