Friday 14 August 2009

Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage is a dam in Singapore that built across the Marina Channel between the reclaimed lands of Marina East and Marina South. It was officially opened on 1 November 2008. This S$226 million project turns Marina Bay and Kallang Basin into a new downtown freshwater Marina Reservoir. It also provides water supply, flood control and a new lifestyle of attraction.

There is a green roof top which doubles up as a recreational space, open to public access. You will be able to see a lot of visitors flying kites or having picnic on that area too. Other than recreation area, it is also serves as an insulation to lower the temperature of the building. The pump house which located at the ground floor contains seven pumps are used to flush water out of the reservoir during stormy weather at high tide. But the interior of the pump house is closed to members of the public.

This is the Marina Bridge which containing the press gates that form the barrier of the Marina Barrage. Besides separating the seawater from freshwater, it also acts as a tidal barrier to keep out high tides. The 5m tall steel gates can be lowered during heavy rains so that water from the reservoir can be released into the sea.

Other than the outdoor activities, they also have "The Sustainable Singapore Gallery (SSG)" which is an information and sensory extravaganza showcasing Singapore’s efforts towards environmental sustainability.

From 3 August 2009, SBS 400 will be added to the shuttle service between Marina Bay MRT Station and Marina Barrage. Please refer to the chat list of the schedule here. If you are free, do drop by either in the morning or late evening to enjoy the beautiful scenic from another side the city.

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