Monday 29 August 2011

Crystal Jade Tea And Wine Mooncake for Mid-Autumn

With Mid-Autumn festival around the corner, Crystal Jade has a wide selection of traditional mooncakes as well as some New contemporary ones. Their traditional flavours include White Lotus Paste, White Lotus Paste with Double or Four Yolks, Red Lotus Paste with Single Yolk or Double Yolk, Mixed Nuts and Ham(翡翠金华火腿) and Mini Traditional Mooncakes.

As for its more contemporary offerings, Crystal Jade has combined two distinctive flavours into one creation with its Cognac Coffee Mini Snow Skin Mooncake - 干邑咖啡 (brown colour, middle row), Red Wine and Cranberry Mini Snow Skin Mooncake - 红酒蔓越莓 (pink colour, top row) for wine lovers with it's full-bodied blend of red wine leaving a lingering note on the tongue together with coupled with a sweet cranberry goodness.

If liquor is not your choice, perhaps some Crystal Jade’s tea-infused snowskin mooncake such as Green Tea and Plum Mini Snow Skin Mooncake - 绿茶梅子 (green colour, front row) that comes with a lovely concentration of forest aromas will be a refreshing treats for you. We love its hint of plum taste lingering between those fragrant green tea paste which balance the overall sweetness.

For some light and healthier version of Mooncake, you can also try this New Crystal Jade’s Western Konnyaku Jelly Mooncake floral tea series (S$4.80/ each). These include the Roselle And Hawthorn Konnyaku Mooncake - 洛神花山楂蒟蒻月饼, Honey Chrysanthemum Konnyaky Mooncake - 菊花蜜蒟蒻月饼, Jasmine Green Tea Konnyaku Mooncake - 茉莉绿茶蒟蒻月饼 and Osmanthus and Plum Konnyaku Mooncake - 桂花乌梅蒟蒻月饼.

Or if floral tea series is not towards your desire, then go for their Aloe Vera Konnyaku Mooncake - 芦荟蜜蒟蒻月饼 which consists juicy bits of aloe vera that adds a refreshing and delicious texture to your bites.

For DBS/POSB Credit and Debit Cardmembers, there is a n exclusive 15% discount for all traditional and western mooncake gift sets. You can refer to Crystal Jade on-line "Mooncakes Leaflet" for more details on the pricing and flavour available HERE.

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  1. That is a wide selection of moon cakes! Lovely colors for the mini snow skin moon cakes. Lovely!


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