Wednesday 3 August 2011

{Featured @} Happy Birthday Singapore - Part 2, "National Day Bento"

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This year 09 August 2011, Singapore will be celebrating her 46th Birthday together with all citizens of Singapore as well as spectators and National Day performers at the Marina Bay floating stage. But even if you can't get hold of any National Day Parade tickets, you can still join in the celebration with friends and family members to enjoy some special holiday buffet, shop around at flea market, viewing fireworks and etc to enjoy a fun-filled National Day. (more details HERE).

Here upon the request of my boy, I have made a National Day Bento for him which I used his favourite Chicken Rice to make a rice parcel that is wrapped using red and white egg sheets to resemble the National flag. The concept of this bento is made to represent the different races and food cultures in Singapore. Example:- Chicken Rice is a well-known Chinese cuisine whereas Putu Mayam is one of the old-times Indian breakfast treat. In this way, at least my boy get to know and try the different kinds of food eaten by the different races in Singapore. If you are interested you can also take a look at our National Day Icing Cookies done by WaiFong at this link HERE.

Lastly for more details and recipe of this National Day Bento, please refer to the article at HERE.

Once again!!! We would like to wish everyone a Happy National Day and Happy Birthday Singapore!!!!


  1. loh_waifong3/8/11 1:24 pm

    what a lovely combination of the food representing the 4 races in Singapore!  Thumbs up!

  2. Ellena, you're the real bento queen :) I love how you created the flag to match the theme of Singapore National Day. Thumbs UP!!
    I also liked Fong's cookies creations. Cute and pretty.

  3. Wow~~~~~~~~!  You are so creative!  Your son is so cute just like you.  ;-) Congrats on another feature at  Happy Birthday Singapore!  I really hope to visit your beautiful country one day!

  4. That looks amazing! I love it!

  5. Thanks Waifong :) Your Icing Cookie is a HIT too :)

  6. Thanks Ann :) Mb u can try making some National Flag cake pop too :)

  7. Thanks Nami :) Hope soon you will be able to stop over at SG for a few days :)

  8. This is such a meaningful bento. 

  9. Parsley Sage4/8/11 8:53 pm

    So cool!  I love the flag :)  You've made your itty bitty VERY happy, I can tell from the pictures!

  10. Congrats!  You always create beautiful bento.

  11. mycookinghut6/8/11 3:21 am

    This is so cute!!!


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