Wednesday 27 November 2013

[Christmas Bake] Mini Fruit Cakes With Nut Topping

Fruit Cake is a traditional all-time British Christmas cake that is often made with butter, liquor (RUM/Brandy) and lot of dried mixed fruits and assorted nuts. This cake is best to consume a few days to weeks after baking for a better flavour. And if you prefer a strong taste of liquor, you can also bake the cake a few week ahead and brush it with RUM several times and allow the flavour to age before Christmas.

Out of all the Christmas bakes, fruit cake is one of my favourite and every year I will baked some for my family and friends as gift. And since Christmas is just less than a month from now, it’s will be a great time to start preparing some fruit cake to enjoy over the festive season.

[Mini Fruit Cakes With Nut Topping] Soaking the fried mixed fruit with lot of liquor for flavour
[Mini Fruit Cakes With Nut Topping] Step-by-Step On Making Fruit Cake
[Mini Fruit Cakes With Nut Topping] Drizzling the Fruit Cake with Toffee Glaze
Mini Fruit Cake With Nut Topping
This fruit cake has a wonderful flavour as well as combination of dried mixed fruits and nuts that barley covered by enough cake batter to bind them together. We love the after taste flavour of the Cointreau (an orange-flavoured liqueur) and sweetness of the ingredients plus the crunch of the nuts.

For those who interested to try this recipe, you can refer to our recipes collaboration with Bake King @

On top of Fruit Cake, we will be sharing another two Christmas recipes such as Cranberry Almond Shortbread and Christmas Baked Donuts soon. So stay tune for more updates.

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