Tuesday 20 December 2016

[recipes] 5 Healthy Drinks With Honey

With festive feasts and New Year approaching, I am sure you like to add some detox drinks to your diet in order to cleanse your body and boost up the immune system. Trust us; making your own Detox Drink is pretty easy as you probably have most of the ingredients in your kitchen.

In this post we have prepared a few drinks that can be served alongside with breakfast, teatime or main course which I hope it will be useful for you.


Drinking Honey Cinnamon Milk has a few health benefits such as calming effect for those suffering from insomnia (best to drink before bedtime). Furthermore cinnamon is one of the spices which are good for treating sore throat and by adding with some honey in beverages it also helps to increase immunity as well as ease digestion.

To prepare this delicious drink, you can either warm it using microwave or in a pan over the stove together with cinnamon stick.

(Yield: 250ml cup      |     Preparation: 5 minutes)

250ml fresh milk
1 cinnamon stick
1 tablespoon Huiji Honey
dash of ground cinnamon, optional
1/4 vanilla bean pod, optional

1. Bring the milk to a simmer in a pan along with a small stick of cinnamon. Stir the milk gently with a spoon to warm it evenly.

2. Next add 1 tablespoon of honey in a mug.

3. Pour in warm milk and sever with dash of ground cinnamon powder (you can use cinnamon stick as a stirrer to mix the honey for the drink).

- Instead of heating milk with cinnamon stick you can just infuse it into the hot milk which gives a milder flavour. Alternatively mix 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon powder with warm milk till combined.

- To enhance the taste you can add a few drops of pure vanilla extract or 1/4 vanilla bean pod while warming up the milk.


Honey Ginger Lemon is a simple homemade cold and flu remedy which you can prepare ahead by using just a few natural ingredients that are easily available at home. No special skill is required as all you need is a clean sterilised glass jar, slices of lemon & ginger together with good quality of honey.

(Yield: 250ml glass jar      |     Preparation: 10 minutes)

3 lemon
3" old ginger
1/2 tablespoon Of salt
80 - 100ml Huiji Honey
500ml glass jar

1. Wash and sterilized glass jar in boiling water for 5 minutes. Dry and set aside.

2. Scrub outer skin of lemon (omit if using organic lemon) with salt thoroughly to remove the coating of wax. Rinse, wipe dry and cut into thin slices.

3. Remove outer skin of the ginger, rinse and slice it thinly.

4. Place 2-3 slices of lemon in the jar, top with a few slice of ginger follow by a good squeeze of honey (1/2 tablespoon spoon). Repeat until you have used up all the ingredients to fill the jar.

5. Cover the jar and set it aside in the fridge overnight before using to allow the flavour to infuse.

6. You can keep it in the fridge for up to a month and use it to mix with warm water as drinks or use as marinade for making roast honey chicken.

Alternately you can just add:
- drop a few slices of fresh ginger and lemon into a mug;
- add 1/2 tablespoon of honey;
- pour in 200ml of hot water (70°c);
- stand for 1 minute before serving.


Drinking a glass or two of detox water a day can help to improve digestive health, fight inflammation and boost immune system. You can easily prepare them at home by adding fresh fruits such as; orange, lemon, berries, watermelon and etc together with vegetables, herbs and/or spices into water.

We made a refreshing Honey Citrus Drink with grapefruit, lemon, orange and rosemary to go with our pasta. The citrus fruit pairs well with the freshness of the Rosemary while giving a boost of Vitamin C and helps detoxify the liver. You can prepare this drink a day ahead in the fridge and serve it with your Christmas roast.

(Yield: 1-litre glass bottle      |     Preparation: 10 minutes)

2 grapefruit, halved
2 orange, halved
2 lemon
2 sprig of fresh rosemary
2 tablespoons Huiji Honey

1. Remove peels from 1/2 of a grapefruit and orange then segment them into cubes.

2. Juice 2 lemon, remaining grapefruit and orange then pour the juice into a 1-litre glass bottle.

3. Add citrus cubes, rosemary and honey into the juice bottle. Stir well to mix thoroughly then top it to the rim with either sparking or drinking water.

4. Chill for a couple of hours before serving to infuse the flavour.

(Honey Rose Tea)


(分量: 两人份 | 准备: 5分钟)



(Honey Lemongrass Tea)


(分量: 500毫升 | 准备: 15分钟)
5根柠檬草 (lemongrass)
少许老姜片, optional




- 在天气炎热的夏天这饮料也可加入冰块或等冷却后(先加蜂蜜调味)放在冰箱随时享用。

- 你也可以用煮好的柠檬草茶和吉利丁或蒟蒻粉加些水果来制作果冻。

If you are planning to try these recipes for the upcoming festive gatherings, perhaps you may consider getting Huiji Honey (滙集山密) which is a pure concentrated form of honey that comes with a jasmine flower scent. Furthermore their specially designed cap also helps to prevent spillage and wastage of honey making it easier for you to squeeze the amount you prefer without using a spoon or tissue to wipe the left over.

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Huiji Honey.

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