Tuesday 6 December 2016

[Review] Dal.Komm Coffee Singapore

Descendants Of The Sun (DOTS) fans, here is a good news! dal.komm COFFEE which featured in the drama has opened their first cafe here in Singapore at The Centerpoint on 03rd December 2016. This Korean style music concept cafe aims to bring music, coffee and dessert all under one roof. They also features the brand's iconic plushies; wolf & rabbit as seen in the show but currently there is only a pair available at the cafe for patrons to take photos with.

The bright and spacious area (can cater around 100 pax) is a great chill out venue in town. It has various sections like the semi-circle area facing the main road, high bench counter seats as well as the "secret garden" hidden at the back which is prefect for private function or birthday celebration.

Furthermore the interior is decorated with musical elements such as speaks and old records found plus entertaining music and Music Card (given when you make a purchased and it acts a loyalty card too) which has a QR Code that allows you to scan and stream live music video.

dal.komm has a variety of drinks option ranging from coffee, tea to juice. Coffee lovers can pick any of their three categories of Arabica bean blends; K1 to K3 while placing your coffee order.

K1 - well-balanced and sweet which recommended for milk-based drink 
K2 - light roast with soft citrus and creamy body
K3 - fruity and full-bodied .

Whereas Tea lovers can check out their Vitali-TEA tea blend on Apple Lemon, Mojito Black and Red Elderberry. Besides beverages the cafe also offers food items such as burgers, cakes, pastry, toast as well as bingsu.

Above is my Cafe Latte ($6) with K3 blend; love the smoothing after taste which is rich and creamy just for my liking.  Heard that their ice coffee is good choice so it will definitely be on my list to try their frozen espresso cubes in milk.   

As my boy don't really drink coffee, we get him this Hot Choco Cube ($8.90) where he can enjoy making his own hot chocolate by dipping the "chocolate pop" into the hot skimmed milk and let it melt slowly to create a smooth milky taste.

*On a side note this drink is quite rich in taste so if you don't have sweet tooth, perhaps you can skip this. 

Bro had this Ice Honey Grapefruit ($8.90) serve with fresh grapefruit cubes and drizzle of honey. For me I think this is one of the expensive fruit drink in the cafe which I will rather swap it with Strawberry Cubes or Bingsu with the same pricing.  

As a matcha lovers we sure won't miss out this Matcha Pie ($8); the nutty crust balance well with the sweetness of the mousse like fillings. Besides this the cafe also has many other options depending on the availability and they have a signature Paddle Pop Cheesecake (rainbow) and Cruffin Matcha (croissant muffin) which I would like to try if I spot them next round.

Injeolmi Toast ($8.50) is the catch that draws me to the cafe so when I heard that it was not available when placing our order I was kind of disappointed. But luckily my brother decided to check it out again before we leave and thanks God we did managed to try it.

We ordered red bean and mochi fillings and we really loves it. The warm toast is nicely done with slight crisp crust sandwich between generous amount of red bean paste, mochi cubes and soy bean powder. Just my option, perhaps they can cut the toast into 8 pieces instead of 4 so that it is easier to eat rather but well we can always cut it on our end.

Their Bingsu comes in 3 different toppings (mango, red bean & cherry tomato) and the recommended one is Cherry Tomato Bingsu ($10.90, $15.90) which serve with shaved ice drizzled with homemade sweeten milk then freshly cut cherry tomatoes.

On the first try we didn't really like the taste but after mixing the ice and tomatoes together things starts to react differently and each spoonful become very addicting especially with a hint of refreshing plum powder taste.

DOTS fans, look what I spot! It's Song Joong Ki (Big Boss) poster stand on that "tie-shoe-lace" scene.

Like most of the themed cafe, there is also retail section selling mugs and tumblers for fans.

Here is a short clip on our visit to dal.komm Coffee.

176 Orchard Road
#01-05 The Centrepoint
Singapore 238843

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dalkommsg/
Website: http://www.dalkomm.com.sg/

Opening Hour:
9.00am - 10.00pm (daily)

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