Tuesday 4 September 2018

[recipe + video] Mala Xiang Guo - 麻辣香锅

Hello! Today I am sharing another quick one-pan dish which you can easily replicate it at home. I am sure for those who loves spicy food you might have heard or tried "Mala Xiang Guo - 麻辣香锅" which is one of the food trend in Singapore. This stir-fry dish is origin from Sichuan and it has a numbing (ma) and spicy (la) aftertaste which is pretty additive once you start off with.



Since having "mala xiang guo" can be quite costly sometime because the vendor actually charged separately for vegetable and meat items so ou might as well prepare it at home. What you need is just a pack of pre-mixed sauce which you can easily grab from supermarket. In this recipe I am using Hai Di Lao (海底捞) basic stir-fry sauce together with some of our favorite ingredients listed below.

Watch how we prepared this quick and easy Mala Xiang Guo.

(Yield: 2-4 | Preparation: 15 minutes | Cooking: 10 minutes)

6 large prawns
100g chicken fillet, sliced
1 medium squid, cleaned and sliced
8 slices lotus loots
2 medium potato, sliced 0.5cm thick
6 shittake mushroom, sliced thickly
2 cluster black fungus, sliced thickly
1 pack of vegetarian beancurd stick, soak till soften
80g napa cabbage, sliced
80g broccoli florets, blanched
10 baby asparagus, cut into sections
100g glass noodle
1 pack instant noodle
hard-boiled egg, optional

Spicy Sauce:
1 pack (110g) Hai Di Lao stir-fry sauce
150 - 200ml hot water
3 cloves garlic, lightly pound
6 slices ginger
6 dried chilli
1/2 teaspoon sugar, optional

2 tablespoons roasted peanut
2 stalks Chinese parsley, chopped
1 teaspoon toasted sesame seeds

1. Simmer potato and lotus root in salted water for about 5 minutes till potato slightly soften. Remove and rinse with water then set aside.

2. Next cooked instant noodle and glass noodle accordingly to packet instruction, rinse and set aside.

3. Drizzle some oil in a hot skillet (or you can prepare the ingredients separately according to the size of your pan) then arrange vegetable ingredients such as cabbage, mushrooms, beancurd stick, asparagus and 2 slices of ginger then simmer for 2 minutes.

ALTERNATIVELY you can choose to blanch the vegetables in boiling water for a minutes, remove and set aside.

4. Push the vegetables to one side of the pan; add 1 teaspoon of oil follow by garlic, ginger and dried chilli then saute for 20 seconds till aromatic before adding prawn, squid and chicken.

5. When the prawns almost cooked through, combine all the ingredients together except noodles. Next stir in a pack of Hai Di Lao stir-fry sauce then let it simmer for 20 seconds before adding in hot water.

6. Lastly add in noodles, mix well and let mixture simmer for a minutes to adsorb the flavour.

7. Garnish with peanut, sesame seeds and chopped Chinese parsley and serve immediately on its own or with steamed white rice.

你们喜欢吃麻辣香锅?有时是不是觉得好像只选了几样简单的材料就花了十多元。其实你可以在超士购买一包 "麻辣香锅" 的酱料然后依照自己的喜好加入适当的蔬菜,肉类或海鲜。这样就能以最简单的方法做出一锅好吃的麻辣香锅与朋友和家人分享了。

(分量: 2-4人份   | 准备: 15分钟   |  烹调时间: 10分钟)

6 只大虾
100 克鸡柳,切片
1 只中等墨鱼,清洗和切片
8 片莲藕
2 个土豆,切0.5厘米厚片
6 朵蘑菇,切厚片
2 朵黑木耳,切片
1 包素食腐竹,浸泡至软
80 克大白菜菜,切片
80 克西兰花花,切小块
10 根小芦笋,切成段
100 克冬粉
1 包方便面
1 粒煮熟的鸡蛋

150 - 200 毫升热水
3 瓣大蒜,轻微捣碎
6 片生姜
6 个辣椒干
1/2 茶匙白糖

2 汤匙烤花生
2 根中国香菜,切碎
1 茶匙白芝麻

1. 将莲藕和土豆用加了盐的水煮大约5分钟到土豆微软即可捞出。过水后,沥干备用。

2. 接着按照包装指示煮方便面和冬粉然后过水后,沥干备用。

3. 热锅加油,把所有的蔬菜排在锅里用中火焖煮2分钟又或者你也可以选择把蔬菜过热水。

4. 把蔬菜推到一旁,锅的另一端加入少许油爆香大蒜,姜和辣椒干。之后倒入虾,墨鱼和鸡肉翻炒。

5. 当虾变红色时即可把所有的材料(除了面和冬粉)搅拌在一起,倒入麻辣酱拌匀。

6. 最后加水和面类,随意拌几下。加上盖焖一分钟让材料吸收汤汁。

7. 上桌前撒些花生,芝麻和香菜。

Above is a sample of the basic stir-fry sauce from Hai Di Lao (海底捞) which I bought it from local supermarket. It comes in 2 small packs (110g each) which you can use to in 2 separate cooking. Beside this basic sauce, they also have hotpot soup base such as tomato, seafood, mushroom and etc.

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