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Sunday 15 November 2009

Orange Cocoa Macaron

I must sincerely apologise to all my readers and visitors from this Cuisine Paradise - Tea time blog. It had being a while since my last entry on baking or making a new items. Guess I don't really spent enough time on this "Tea-time" area. This afternoon upon my little baking pal request, I decided to bake his favour Chocolate Macaron...........

It has being really a long long time since my last baking on Macaron. I remember during year 2007, when Macaron started to be a "HOT" items on most leading cafe, a lot of food blogger or bakers started to experience on baking these "little gems". I was also one of those home baker who venture out into different flavour of Macarons (click HERE to read more) baking.

Today's flavour is a combination of Chocolate and Orange. Since my little darling requested for a Cocoa Shell, I used the Dutch Process Cocoa Powder which I got it from "Shermay Cooking School" from one of my friend who is working there. And since she wanted to make some Macaron and ask me for an easy recipe to follow, I decided to try my luck on making this "Gem" again after the years. And Thank God, this recipe still works well and the end products is still as lovely as before.

I was still quite nervous during the process of whisking the egg white and mixing of flour mixture. When the piped batter is ready to go into the oven, I was even more excited and I standby near the oven door to look at the "Feet" raising up slowly which really makes me so happy about it. I guess the process of making Macaron is to make sure that they have a nice "Feet" and most important the shell does not crack or sink. So overall I am very satisfy with this "Orange Cocoa Macaron" which sandwich with Orange scented Chocolate Ganache. Posted by Picasa

As requested by some of the readers who wants to try making their own macarons, you can refer to this link HERE. The blog author, Tartelette has a wide range of macarons recipes with great explanation on how to make the shell as well as the filling. I am sure those who are interested in this will be able to find some inspiration and help on making these beautiful gems.

Friday 5 October 2007

Mango Poppy Seeds Cupcakes & Macarons

Mango & Poppy Seeds Cupcake top with luxery creamy Mango Cream Cheese and serves with an Extra crunch of Mango Cheese Cream Macaron, how does this sound to you for a Tea-Break? I am sure you will want to have a bite on either one of these treat.

The cake base itself consists of Mango, Lemon and poppy seeds which makes the cake moist and fragrance and full of mango taste. This will be a good treat for Mango lover because from the cake to the cream it's all full of mango and fragrance.

Overall I love this special cupcake which I think it's great to serve during tea time or as dessert because of it's great refreshing aroma of the mango and if you prefer to serve it light, you can omit the cheesecream topping. But I still prefer to have the mango cheese topping which enhance the overall flavour of this cupcake. Posted by Picasa

Sunday 26 August 2007

East Meet West

I had received this order to make 7 different flavours of macarons in one good. And the flavour is like Asian Vs the West. As you can see from the order, they have the west flavour like Rose, Lavender and Mocha. While on the other hand, we have Green Tea, Black Sesame, Lychee and Durian.

I personally loves the Rose and Lavender Batch as it's so sweet in colour and aroma. When you bite on it, you will really be drag into the dream of macarons...... or we said, addicted to it.

This creamy little treat will be good for those durian lover, you can taste local flavour in french goodies..... the aroma and taste of the D24 Durian do make a grade for this.....

Green Tea Macarons goes well with either Dark Chocolate Ganache or Red Bean Butter Cream, but so far seems like all the order are requesting for Dark Chocolate Ganache. Personally I feel, Red Bean Butter Cream is much nicer than the Dark Chocolate.... :) Mocha Macaron is a mixture of Cocoa and Coffee which then sandwich with Dark Cherry Butter Cream with a dose of liquor.

Lychee Macaron is kind of light in fragrant and taste, I added some lychee flesh in the butter cream to enhance the crunch when bites. Em... lastly, we had the very oriental Black Sesame Macaron which is kind of bitter and nutty taste. I used pure grind black sesame seeds in both the shell and butter cream paste to make it more nutty taste. Good choice for those who love black sesame and it's really lower the sweetness of the macarons.Posted by Picasa

Monday 20 August 2007

My 1st Macaron Order

This is my 1st batch of Macarons Order from one of my blog reader. I am really overwhelming to receive this confirm order other than those enquires. I really appreciate that she is willing to give me a chance to share my baking products with her and her friends. Iris, thank you for your valuable feedback too! :) The flavour that she order are:

a) Rose Macarons With Rose Scented Cream
b) Pistachio Macarons With Pistachio Cream
c) Green Tea Macarons With Chocolate Ganache
d) Chocolate Macarons With Chocolate Ganache(a token from me)

This is the Lavender Macarons that most of the blog readers enquiry about from the emails to me. I made a batch with two different flavour using Rose Scented Butter Cream and Lemon Lavender Scented Butter Cream.

Saturday 11 August 2007

Vanilla Vs Mocha Macarons

Finally I have completed my last batch of Macarons experiment baking for the moment. Although I still have a few flavour which I would like to try on, but I am kind of tired on the sifting and folding of these goodies..... Maybe after some other bakes it will refresh my ideas on improving new flavours on these goodies. Actually I still have Carrot & Pumpkin Macarons which I would like to experiment and share with my baking pal Evan who always inspired me on her macaron making. Thank Pal, hope your new flavour of macarons will be on sales soon.... :)

These two flavour above are:

Vanilla Macaron With Blueberry Butter Cream
The vanilla fragrant on the shell really boots up the aroma of this macaron. Is like before you give a bite, you already feel that you are eating an vanilla ice cream with blueberry topping.......

Mocha Macaron With Black Forest Butter Cream
For mocha lover, here you are. A mixture of Cocoa Powder and Coffee really make this shell taste great! When you give a bite, you will taste the mocha shell sandwich with some black cherry cream that is cherry brandy scented.......Posted by Picasa

Thursday 9 August 2007

A Gift For A Friend

Hahaha, this is a post on macarons again. This is my 3rd Batch of macarons to send as a gift to one of my forum pal. Hope that she and her family will find these up to standard :)

This round I made 3 different flavour for her, and instead of using all Almond Meal for all the shell, I change to Ground Pistachio for two of the shells. These 3 flavour are:

a) Coffee Pistachio Macarons With Black Forest Butter Cream
b) Pistachio Macarons With Blueberry Butter Cream
c) Pandan Macaron With Kaya Butter Cream

Overall for these 3 new flavour, I personally prefer the Coffee Pistachio Macaron with Black Forest Butter Cream. Because the combination of coffee and pistachio really brings out the extra fragrant of the shell. While the black forest butter cream that contain splash of cherry bandy which further more enhance the overall fragrant and texture.Posted by Picasa

Sunday 5 August 2007

Assorted Flavour Macarons - 马卡龙系列

Finally I had fulfill my dream of Macarons making by doing the all those wonderful Assorted Flavour in a few batches and putting them into a gift. For this assorted flavour, I made a total of 7 different colours. I really loves my food to be in vibrant colours.

These are made by me as a gift to some of my special friends and boss. I really hope that these will brighten up their day and as well suits their taste bub. Cross my fingers and hope that they will love these.... :) The 7 Assorted Flavour are:

1. Apricot Macaron With Apricot Butter Cream
2. Blueberry Macaron With Blueberry Butter Cream
3. Coffee Macaron With Coffee Butter Cream
4. Green Tea Macaron With Red Bean Butter Cream
5. Lavender Macaron With Rose Scented Butter Cream
6. Poppy Seed Macaron With Lemon Butter Cream
7. Rose Macaron With Rose Scented Butter Cream

Look at all these wonderful colour, my dear son loves them so much that he don't even allow me to lay my hand on them. He gets to choose those colours that he wants and he loves that Pink Rose Macarons the most.

Out of the 7 assorted colours, I love the colour of this blueberry flavour. It's really special and it gives me the feel of those European Tea Snack feeling. It's kind of cooling colour combination with that little bit of pink & purple blueberry filling being sandwich on two pieces of Aqua blue. Em... really loves this......

These are the 3 new flavour that I had did for this batch of assorted flavour. And my favourite from the list of 3 is the Blueberry Macaron which I am so attracted to it's colour.Posted by Picasa

Sunday 29 July 2007

New Flavour Macarons

So fast another week had past, hope that I had not being putting you "reader" OFF with all these macaron posts that I had wrote. This week we had another 2 new taste from Cuisine Paradise Kitchen and I must thank Evan from Bossacafez for tying out this new idea first :)

After seeing her Poppy Seed Macarons I must said, I really fell for it. Because like what she and I agreed with, poppy seeds can also be used in other area rather than the usual Cakes and Muffins. And we do proof that, it actually fix well in this macaron and the texture was wonderful. It's so addictive that you will not want to lay your hand off it, because when you munch in your mouth those poppy seeds seems to be jumping around in your tongue. For my case, I used Orange Butter Cream together with some extra dose of poppy seeds to make the overall texture more "poppy".

Next, I also try out another flavour on Green-Tea with Red Bean Butter Cream. At first I was still wondering what will be the taste like to mix butter cream with red bean paste. But finally when the product is out, the taste is just great. The fragrant of the red bean butter cream just blanace well with the green tea shell.

As you can see, the red bean paste that I am using are not those very fine type that used for Asian dessert and kueh. I used the Japanese Red Bean paste which come in the can from those supermarket. And I find this taste great as you can see munch some of the whole soft beans in the cream. This do provide some extra texture to the cream itself.Posted by Picasa

Saturday 21 July 2007

Rose & Lavender Macarons

A special gift for a special friend. Tomorrow is one of my best friend Christina's Wedding Day. So I thought of making something "In" and different for her as a small gift. After going through a long search of my recipe lists, I still settle to make macarons but I designed something romantic for her.

I come up with these Rose & Lavender Macarons in Heart Shapes version. In this special day of her, I hope to send her my best and warmest regards and hope that you will be the most Prettiest and Happiest Bride.

I made the Rose Scented Butter Cream with grinded dried rose petals to make the cream more fragrant and with it's natural nice pinky colour. While for the lavender shell, I made the Lemon Butter Cream with some grinded Lavenders to enhance the lemon flavour. And these two flavour really infused my whole kitchen will wonderful aroma.

I had never thought that these two lovely flowers really make a great pair when making macarons with them. They have wonderful colours and fragrant that makes you want more of these additives goodies once you sank your teeth in them.

But as for my Lavender Macaron, I think that the colour is not good enough as I can't actually achieve the voilet colour that I want after baking. It turns out to be slightly towards the greyish side. Hope next round if I had a chance to try this again, I can achieve a better colour for it.

Overall I still loves the rose macarons, maybe it's because of it's colour, texture and shapes. I love the Heart Shapes one as I find it very adorable and too wasted to be eaten. I guess these can make a great Gift for Anniversary or Valentine Day Gifts too... :)

Saturday 7 July 2007

Pistachio Macarons With Assorted Cream

I guess I am really into French Macarons Craze..... Whenever I saw new macarons flavour from those blogger's site I will be very tempted to try it out. It is just like little kids having fun with the jigsaw puzzle. We can mix and match different kinds of macaron shells with different assorted flavour of butter cream which is very challenging and fulfilment when you do get a good result out of it.

Like those blogger who tried Pistachio Mcarons, we had to grind our own pistachio in order to have it as one of the main ingredients. And very surprisingly, ground pistachio do give a very nice colour and fragrant when making into macarons. This round I made a batch of about 15 Pistachio Macarons to pair with 3 assorted Italian Butter Cream which are: Coffee Butter Cream(reyon's flavour), Lemon Butter Cream and most stunning one which is the Pistachio Butter Cream. Out of the 3, I guess Pistachio Butter Cream goes very well with the Pistachio Shell because of it nutty flavour and crunchy bits.Posted by Picasa