Friday 5 October 2007

Mango Poppy Seeds Cupcakes & Macarons

Mango & Poppy Seeds Cupcake top with luxery creamy Mango Cream Cheese and serves with an Extra crunch of Mango Cheese Cream Macaron, how does this sound to you for a Tea-Break? I am sure you will want to have a bite on either one of these treat.

The cake base itself consists of Mango, Lemon and poppy seeds which makes the cake moist and fragrance and full of mango taste. This will be a good treat for Mango lover because from the cake to the cream it's all full of mango and fragrance.

Overall I love this special cupcake which I think it's great to serve during tea time or as dessert because of it's great refreshing aroma of the mango and if you prefer to serve it light, you can omit the cheesecream topping. But I still prefer to have the mango cheese topping which enhance the overall flavour of this cupcake. Posted by Picasa


  1. im so glad i can hv them for my tea break later, i cant wait pal :p do i get to eat the mango mac too? heeee

    btw your swirls are really very pretty. not messy at all lah, where got? u too humble! i think its already very well-done for yr 1st attempt *thumbs up* my 1st attempt also wasnt as good as yours!

  2. Evan,

    Thanks for your kind comments. Haha.. i hope by the time u come the mango mac are still around hehe.... :)

  3. wahhhh so swee swee, ellena!!!

    can share what piping tip u used??? jiayou

  4. Hi Ellena,

    It's my first time to visit your beautiful blog and I am so impressed by what I have read so far. I love baking too and browse the internet for new recipes.Do you mind sharing the recipe for the mango poppy seed cupcakes? They look so yummy.

    Thanks in advance.

  5. Hi Ellena,
    I need your help desperately and I really hope u can help me. I am baking macarons for my schools bakesale to raise funds for a home. I am using the italian meringue method but the feet of my macaron always turn up lopsided. Do you know what caused it to be lopsided? I really appreciate your help. Thanks so much

  6. Hi Irma,

    Thanks for dropping by :) I will email u the details later.. :)

    Hi Felicia,
    Em.. I am not so sure on what had happened to your macarons. As for the lopside that u mention it might due to the way u pipe your mac or the batter itself. Mb if u can, email me the photo of your mac so that i can see what is going on :) HTH

  7. wow they look so yummy!
    may i know where you got the poppy seeds?

  8. Hi Sweet_tooth,

    Oh.. i got them from oversea form on of my friend. :) I think you won't be finding any in singapore.

  9. Hi Ellena,
    Thanks for your advise the other time! I managed to make muffins that at least look like muffins the next time!

    I would like to try your cupcake recipes but I cant find them in your blog... can u please direct me?

    Thank you again for your help!
    Soya Ng

  10. jacquisbakingsomething1/6/09 6:09 pm

    Hey Ellena.
    This is Jackie. Hope you still remember me. Love this recipe... can teach me??? By the way, how do you pipe the frosting on top? What tip and technique do you use? thanks


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