Tuesday 9 October 2007

Assorted Cupcakes

Cupcakes!!! Cupcakes!!! Now it's my turn to try them out too... :) Em... I find that Cupcakes are easy to consume rather than cake itself. Because it's more of a individual portion size and it's easy to handle and more challenging to design a small cake compare to a big one. Since I am still not very well verse in my cupcake skill with those sugar paste and figure I might as well keep them simple and easy to handle for beginner like me.

After posting the Mango Poppy Seeds Cupcakes Post, I had a chance to make a batch of those with mango for an order this week. Thanks Marlyn for giving me this chance :)

This Lychee Cream Cheese Cupcake idea came from my Lychee Charlotte Cheesecake. Since most of us find that cheesecake is rather heavy to consume in large quantity, we can actually make them into smaller portion which is easier to distribute and more presentable.

You can made them into different cup size according to your preference from mini, medium or large. I personally prefer mini size which is great to serve as dessert to guest after meal.

I loved the Green Tea muffins & Green Tea Auzki Bean Bread from one of the local bakery Breadtalk, so it had being always my dream to make a some bakes using Green Tea.

So This round, I had made these Green Tea & Auzki Beans Cupcakes With Green Tea Butter Cream instead of Cream Cheese. As I want to try the different taste and texture of these two cream. As for the cream I used the same Italian Butter Cream as my Macarons and it really taste great with these Green Tea Cake.Posted by Picasa


  1. I love all the cupcakes flavors. Ellena, you are such a genius. :)
    Keep up the good work. Btw, what tip did you use for piping the buttercream icing? They look like an elegant rose!

  2. Superb piping skills, Ellena!!!!

  3. Beautiful cupcakes! Any tips on how to ice the cupcake like you did? They are so nice!

  4. Thanks for all your comments ladies :)

  5. wow I just bumped onto your blog from searching for green tea and red bean paste,

    i was wondering if you would share this lovely recipe!

  6. wow the green tea and azuki beans cupcakes look sooooo good!
    i love green tea, you see ;D

  7. Hi Ellena

    May I know which tip did you use for piping the cream? They look beautiful.


  8. Hi Renee,

    You can use any close star tip :) HTH

  9. hi does the closed star tip have a number? theres so many, im so confused! :(

  10. Hi Ellena,

    I'm Veronica, I'm looking for a recipe for green tea cupcakes and yous... they look stunning!
    Congrats the frosting is really perfect nice, sharp shaped!
    So I was temptted to try them!
    I would like to do them but I can't find the recipes or directions in the blog! are them here? Thank you in advance!

    Veronica K.

  11. Ellena (: yours look really nice! i was searching on how to pipe those nice cream on top of it and the recipe. TADA! found yours and it look GORGEOUS!! im sooo going to try it! can you pls advise me how you make such beautiful piping? i've never try it before. thank you! (:

  12. Like our cupcakes that you baked for your church event, when can you post the receipes..

  13. Hello, do you think you could share the recipes for the cupcakes?


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