Saturday 29 September 2007

Winni The Pooh & Friends

It had being so long after I re-baked these wonderful butter cookies. This round I had made these as a Children's Day Party for a Childcare. I am sure those kids will be delighted to receive these wonderful Cookies in their Children's Day gift pack.

Would you like to have a piece for your Morning or Afternoon Tea. I am sure you will love these wonderful Butter Cookies too...... For those who wish to try, you can try making these for your kids with those normal cookie cutter even though you do not have these Disney Cookies Cutter.

>Ingredients: (around 30 cookies depending on the size)
125g Butter, softened at room temperature
1/4 Cup Icing Sugar
1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla Essence
1 Egg, at room temperature
1 1/4 Cups Top Flour
1/4 Cup Cornflour

1. Using an electric mixer, beat butter, sugar and vanilla until pale and creamy.
2. Add egg, beat until well combined.
3. Sift flour and cornflour over butter mixture.
4. Mix well and divide the dough into half, press each half into a disc then wrap in cling wrap and refrigerate for about 20 minutes.
5. Preheat the oven to 160 degree and line 2 baking trays with baking paper.
6. Roll each disc out between 2 sheets of baking paper to about 3mm thick.
7. Using cookie cutter, cut out the desire shapes and place onto the trays.
8. Roll leftover dough together and repeat, baked the cookies for 15 - 20 minutes until light golden.
9. Stand on trays for about 5 minutes then transfer to a wire rack to cool.

a) Dip cookie cutters into flour in between cutting each cookie to prevent dough from sticking.

These are some of the example from my recent order for Children's Day Party. And for those who are interested in Ordering Assorted Butter Cookies for either Children's Party or as Gift for any Special Occasions you can always check out at the Ordering Site. Posted by Picasa

Sunday 9 September 2007

Gifts From My Dear Friends....

Isn't these lovely? I am sure these will be the hot snatching stuffs for every kids who love these cartoon characters. These are made by one of my best blog pal, Susan. She knew that my son love all these characters so she actually spent her Saturday making these for us. I really appreciate it so much, thanks pal. Reyon really loves it and he kept telling me I cannot eat them because it belongs to him.... haha.....

Look at these gorgeous mooncake that is done by Evan from "Bossacafez", it's really nice of her to share with me her new creation of mooncake and you can take a look at those beautiful pictures from her Flickr. Thanks pal for bring it all the way to me and it really taste great.... I love the lovely fragrance of your Rainbow Soda Snowskin Mooncake.....

Friday 7 September 2007

My Orders On Assort Mini Baked Donuts

These are some of the Assorted Mini Baked Donuts for my recent orders. I am sure you also can't resists the temptation of donuts when you receive such a tray of Assorted Donuts.......

This tray consists the basic donuts which is the Cinnamon, blueberry, apricot and caramel...... Personally I like the Apricot and Caramel Flavour. What about you :)

These Light and fragrance donuts which glaze with Caramel Sauce and top with bits of crushed Pistachio Nuts. The nutty and salty taste of the pistachio nuts really brings out the flavour of this donuts.

Simple and easy to capture the heart of little kids as well as adults is to have some Blueberry Jam over the freshly baked donuts and serve with freshly brewed coffee or tea for breakfast or serve as snack for tea-break.

This is one of the favourite item on the ordering list, which is donuts coated with white chocolate glaze and top with Apricot Conserve.

This is the most hottest order from the list which is the Bacon and Cheesy Donuts. I used mixture of shredded cheese to make the cheesy effect and top the baked donuts with extra cheese......

Using crush oreo pieces in the donuts and make the Oreo Donuts which glaze in chocolate and top with extra crush oreo.....

This Rose Scented Donuts ideas came from my Rose Scented Macarons. The grind rose really gives these donuts a light and fragrance scent and taste.

Donut coated with Dark Chocolate then top with yummy Peanut Butter... Is this your choice of donuts for your snack?

Rose Scented Donuts which taste of and smell of a light rose fragrance with coated with a mixture of grind rose and caster sugar.....

Isn't this Lavender Donut look Romantic & Elegant with the White Chocolate Glaze and some doze of lavender on it.... Even before you put into your mouth you can already smell the lovely lavender scent....

Sunday 2 September 2007

Assorted Mini Baked Donuts

Guess where did I have bought these Mini Donuts from?'s from my own Cuisine Paradise Kitchen..... Baked these Mini Donuts using flour, yoghurt, egg and etc. Most important fact is these are baked rather than those deep-fry donuts which are sold in most bakery shop. To me these are sort of a cross version between a donut and a muffin texture. It's soft and moist and even taste just as good as it is on the 2nd day. But you can't expect it to taste exactly like those usual donuts that are sold in the bakery shop because these are not those deep-fry type with bread like texture. I guess this is a more healthy version for kids as there is no butter added and it used yoghurt to enhance the flavour and softness of the texture.

Cinnamon Donuts which contains a mixture of mixed spices in the batter and baked into mini donuts which is then coated with some cinnamon and castor sugar mixture. It had a slightly spice fragrance which is a good flavour for spice lover.

Plain Donuts which coated with Castor Sugar are the choice that love by most of the kids. This is Reyon most favourite donuts compare to the chocolate flavour .

Adding a touch of the green tea powder to the batter will make a great flavour of Green Tea Donuts. The fragrance is light and great when enhance with some dark chocolate coating and top with some dual chocolate curls.

These mini donuts are coated with Strawberry Chocolate Glaze and i guess the sweetness and fragrant of the strawberry is another great flavour of the kids.

These mini Plain Donuts are coated with White Chocolate Glaze and then top with purple crystal sugar which give it a sweet and gentle outlook.

These mini Chocolate Donuts are coated with another layer of Dark Chocolate Glaze to further enhance the chocolate flavour. The strawberry curls are to enhance the flavour and give it a pinkish look.

This is another decor of the Green Tea Donuts which using two tone of the Chocolate Glazing then top with Dual Chocolate curls.

Lastly, we have the Cheesy Donuts which I added some shredded cheese in it to enhance the flavour and the texture. Overall I find these donuts very different from the normal deep-fry donuts that we used to eat. Overall these donuts are light and moist in texture and the even remind soft on the 2nd day. Most of them who tried these all give thumb up for these little snack.