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Thursday 6 January 2011

Korea Winter Discovery 2010 - Mt Sorak National Park And Nami Island

After a good night rest and hearty breakfast our itinerary of the day would be heading towards Mount Sorak National Park to witness it beauty through granite peaks, lush green valleys, dense forest, snowy scene and etc. And due to the good weather we also have the chance to ascend to the summit by cable car and get a magnificent view of the park at the top of the mountain. After lunch we proceed to the 2nd attractions; Nami Island where some scenes from Winter Sonata are being filmed there.

Thursday 30 December 2010

Korea Winter Discovery 2010 - Phoenix Park Ski Resort

After a fun day at the Everland Outdoor Theme Park(read more HERE), we finally gets to stay in the skiing resort which is one of the highlight for this tour. As we went during the earlier months of Winter, we still can't really sees the whole skiing mountain being covered with thick snow. But despite of the disadvantages, everyone still had a great time catching up with some skiing lesson snowballs fight.

Monday 27 December 2010

Korea Winter Discovery 2010 - Everland Theme Park

Upon returned from Jeju Island we spent almost half a day at this Korea famous outdoor theme park known as "Everland". This park equipped with many different kinds of rides and attractions that are suitable for all ages. In it there is also a safari park in Zoo-Topia area where tourists would get a close up view of the wild animals.

Thursday 23 December 2010

Korea Winter Discovery 2010 - Jeju Part II

Continue from Part I (link HERE) of our "Korea Winter Discovery 2010 - Jeju" (link HERE), we will explored another 4 places in this post such as the Horse Riding, Teddy Bear Museum, Glass Castle and Nanta Show.

Wednesday 22 December 2010

Korea Winter Discovery 2010 - Jeju Part I

Jeju Island (濟州島) formerly known as Cheju Island is an island off the southern coast of South Korea. This island is also known as the "Island of the Gods" which is a popular vacation spot for Koreans and many Japanese and Jeju is also one of the top honeymoon destinations for Korean newlyweds. Even thought we are there during winter but with its' typical mild coastal climate the minimum temperatures in winter is also above 0 degree due to the warm currents.

Tuesday 21 December 2010

Korea Winter Discovery 2010 - Day 1 at Seoul

During early December we went for a 8 Days Winter Trip in Korea and I would like to share with you some of our experiences, scenic views, food and etc that we have encounter during this holiday trips in a few separate posts.