Thursday 23 December 2010

Korea Winter Discovery 2010 - Jeju Part II

Continue from Part I (link HERE) of our "Korea Winter Discovery 2010 - Jeju" (link HERE), we will explored another 4 places in this post such as the Horse Riding, Teddy Bear Museum, Glass Castle and Nanta Show.

After lunch we take a break before embarking a short journey to the horse riding site. And along the way, the tour guide shares with us some history of this Jeju Island and the life-style of the natives. "Haenyo" or female divers of Jeju Island are born, grow up and die near the sea. Their lives revolve around the water where they harvest abalone, conch and etc marine products.

Jeju Island is inextricably linked to its stone culture. It starts and ends with stone. Jeju people are born in stone houses surrounded by stone fences.

They work in fields fenced in by stacked stones. When they die their bodies are returned to the rocky earth, buried under a mound surrounded by stone. (at the back of the hill you can see the some square made with rocks, those are the native graveyard)

Horse riding session which cost around US$20.00 per ride according to the tour guide. This is one of the most thrilling activities that Rey looking forward and enjoy.

Assorted Colourful Seashell that we spot at the ranch area.

Another set of beautiful rocks.

The Jeju Teddy Bear Museum officially opened on 24 April 2001. In this dreamland, you can find everything you want to know about Teddy Bears and inside this museum it contains two galleries which divided into three sections, the History Hall, the Art Hall and the Project Exhibition Hall. Inside the museum there is a gift shop, cafe and outdoor teddy's forest too.

Average human size wedding bear near the entrance of the museum before the display galleries.

Prince Charles And Princess Diana's wedding.

This Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear fetched a world record price of over $190,000 (about S$293,500 sing dollars) at a fund-raising charity auction in Monaco. And this most expensive Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear can only be seen at the Teddy Bear Museum in Jeju, South Korea.

Cute bears wearing traditional Korea outfit during festive celebration.

Giant Teddy Bear near the gift shop gallery area for visitor to take photos. It is so huge that for my height of 5Ft 8(1.72m), I am only half way near it's arm area.

Beautiful Sunset along the way while heading towards the Glass Museum after our Teddy Museum tour.

The Glass Castle is one of Jeju’s newest tourist attractions. It contains six themed areas with around 250 works on display, and a walking course around the attraction that follows a predetermined route. A mirror maze, tunnel of jewels and eternal ring are highlights.

In the outdoor theme park there are glass fish made from recycled soju (Korean liquor) bottles, thousands of many-sized convex mirrors, a mirror lake consisting of white rocks, a glass pyramid with spectacular colorful night lighting, a large glass coffee set floating on the lake and many colored flower beds made of glasses and a glass bridge that make out this outdoor theme park.

Dining furniture that are made of colourful glass in the middle of the park.

Dinner for the day, black pork fillet slices, saba fish, scramble egg, spicy kimchi and accompany sides.

One of the top things and must-see attractions in Korea, NANTA is a great entertainment for everyone! You do not need to understand Korean to enjoy the show just follow the plot.

The story line begins with washing vegetable, carrying meat loafs, starting the fire, the cooks in the NANTA kitchen are about to begin their busy daily routine, when their surly manager arrives with his nephew. The staff must now teach the young man to cook. As he's about to leave the kitchen, the manager informs the staff that he has just added a wedding reception to their schedule. Though stunned by this unexpected and last-minute order, the cooks set about preparing their best recipes. With time running out and a neophyte in the kitchen, they face a daunting challenge.

For more photos of our Jeju Island Discovery, you can click HERE to view from Cuisine Paradise Facebook Album or direct link at


For the next post we will be sharing with you one of the South Korea famous theme park known as "EverLand" and our up-close experience with the animal wild.

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