Thursday 30 December 2010

Korea Winter Discovery 2010 - Phoenix Park Ski Resort

After a fun day at the Everland Outdoor Theme Park(read more HERE), we finally gets to stay in the skiing resort which is one of the highlight for this tour. As we went during the earlier months of Winter, we still can't really sees the whole skiing mountain being covered with thick snow. But despite of the disadvantages, everyone still had a great time catching up with some skiing lesson snowballs fight.

For morning Breakfast we had some simple Western and Korea dishes in Buffet syle together with assorted bread, toast, fresh juice and coffee/tea.

After breakfast, everyone changed into skiing outfit and getting ready to embrace ourselves with beautiful morning view from the "Scenic Gondola Ride" up the snowy mountain.

Breathtaking sights of the downhill view from the top of the snowy mountain. This is also the starting point for those Alpine skiers too.

A group of skiers getting ready for action. At that moment we wished that we could be half as good as them to handle all the turns and jumps.

Our first encounter with the real snowflakes at the top of the snowy mountain.

Although Rey is too young for the actual skiing fun but he did have lots of fun with the sled-riding. And he even complaint that the half day skiing itinerary is too short for him.

Uncle and cousins are training hard to balance their skiing set after the demo session by our tour guide. Guess skiing is not an easy sport after all as we saw a lot of young kids of age below 6 starts learning at such young age with their full gears on.

Lunch was at a small cottage about 8 minutes bus ride away from the skiing park. From the photo you could roughly see that we had some "Assorted Mushroom Hotpot" with shaved meat and the usual accompany sides.

While the rest of the tour mates were enjoying themselves at the "Blue Canyon Water Theme Park", we explored around the small shopping area with a few others and enjoying our afternoon tea-break with Yogurt ice-cream and Starbucks coffee to warm ourselves on the cold weather.

After a relax afternoon at the jacuzzi for the Adults and fun filled excitement at the various pools for the kids. Everyone is so tired and doze off during the an hour plus of bus journey to our dinner destination and hotel.

Dinner: We had "Octopus & Lean Pork" hotplate.


Nami Island, the filming location of popular drama series "Winter Sonata". And we finally experience the downpour of snowflakes and the freezing cold weather of -10 degree in cold winter evening.

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