Monday 20 December 2010

Christmas Potluck Dishes

Festive seasons are always full of parties and gatherings. With Christmas just a few days around the corner I am sure most of you are busying with the festive feast preparation too. As usual every year our church cell group would organize Christmas potluck party a week before Christmas where each family would bring along some food/goodies to share with each other during the gathering.

This year with my NEW Tupperware Tapau set we could easily prepared and brings the food without being afraid that the gravy from the food might leak out half way through the journey or having trouble to pack food in multi sizes containers. Below are some of the food we prepared and packed for our last week Christmas potluck gathering using my Eco-friendly Tapau containers.

Using one of the 1-Litre size Crystalwave Dish to pack some homemade pizza , gingerbread man and tart as finger food.

For starter we packed some freshly prepared salad using red and green coral lettuce, rocket leaves, mixed dried fruits and etc with some Italian dressing in another similar Crystalwave Dish.

As for the big Crystalware bowl mum used it to pack some curry chicken to go with the freshly baked baguette which most of us love to use it for dipping the curry gravy (in order to prevent the bread from contact with the curry gravy you can place a layer of aluminum foil/baking baker on the holder before placing the bread).

Before reheating the curry chicken in the microwave, open the cover and remove the noodle holder with bread then secure the cover back on the Crystalwave bowl leaving only the vent cap open. Reheat the curry chicken for about 2  - 3 minutes high (depending on the microwave voltage) and serve warm with bread.

These collage photos shows the ingredients and steps on preparing the chicken curry.

Ingredients: (serves 4)
1 Medium Size Chicken, about 1 - 1.2kg
1 Packet Hai's Instant Curry Chicken Paste
3 Medium Potato
150ml Coconut Milk
600ml Hot Water
1 Medium Tomato, optional

1. Trim, clean and chop the chicken into bite-size chunks and set aside.
2. Peel the skin of the potato, cut into cubes.
3. Preheat a medium pot and sauté the Hai’s instant curry paste on medium low heat for about 1 minute or so till fragrant.
4. Stir in the chicken pieces and potato cubes, give it a quick stir till combined.
5. Slowly pour in hot water till the chicken mixture is almost covered with water.
6. Add in tomato wedges and when the mixture comes to boil again simmer it on medium how heat for about 15 minutes or till the chicken and potato are cooked through.
7. Lower the heat, slowly stir in the coconut milk and simmer for another 5 minutes till done.
8. Serve warm with white rice or baguette.

~ If you prefer thick and creamy curry gravy, you can use 250ml coconut milk/cream with 500ml hot water as stated from the instructions from the back of the packaging.

This is the new packing of Hai's Instant Curry Chicken Paste that I have used for this recipe.

If you have read through the 2 previous Tupperware posts (refer to links below) that I have shared I am sure you would agreed with me that this Tupperware set is indeed a great gift for Christmas season. You could use it not only as a TaPau container but as well as for packing homecook food or snacks too. I believed there are still many ways of using this wonder products which some of you are practicing so do share with us your valuable tips if you do own a set.

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This Tupperware Tapau Set retails at S$49.00 which comes with  2 Crystalwave Dishes in 1-Litre capacity,  1 Crystalwave Bowl in 2-Litres capacity, 1 Noodle Holder and a Grip-n-Go Cariolier. And if you are interested to know more about this product do take look at their website here ”” or contact any one of the nearest Tupperware outlets shown below:

This post is sponsored by Tupperware Singapore but the opinions expressed are 100% mine. No photos or text may be reproduced without seeking prior permission.


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  2. I'm a great fan of Tupperware products. This tapau set look practical and perfect for all potluck occasion. And, the food you cooked makes the set look even prettier.


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