Monday 13 December 2010

Comfort Food At Ease

Isn't this look great for a modern  Tingkat set? We love these bright "Yellow" Tupperware which comes in handy for all occasions. Whenever I took out this set from the kitchen pantry my boy would be jumping in joy because he knew that we are going for a "Tapau" trip again. Guess what we have bought in it and where we are heading for our lunch?

My boy loves to go picnic at the beach but sometime if beach is not accessible during gloomy weather or etc we would choose to go somewhere near our area together with some packed food. With a different eating environment at outdoors it actually helps to increase the appetite of kids as well. And moreover they would be delighted to have some outdoor activities before the meal too.

  Since my mum was around with us during last weekend, my boy suggested that we shall have lunch at one of the nearby playgroup so that he could play the swing before lunch.

With this multi-function Eco Tapau set Tupperware it actually makes our usual picnic more convenient because I could get different combination of food without afraid that the soup or dessert would leak out. The airtight cover and “Grip-n-Go” Cariolier actually helps to secure the containers firmly too.

Out of the 3 containers, I am in love with this Big Crystalwave Bowl (2 Litres) which is great for packing food soupy food. This container comes in 3 different portions such as the airtight cover with vent cap, big soup bowl and a noodle holder. In this way the noodles and ingredients placed on the noodle holder which is separate from the soup in order to retain its’ freshness and texture of the noodles. And with this container mum can enjoy her "Kuah Tiao Soup" which still taste warm and fresh even after 30 minutes of tapau time.

With this set of Tapau containers we could always enjoy fresh and warm food even during our picnic day. I am sure some of you might have seen the advertisement on these containers which could be useful in a way in long run. And if you are interested to know more about it, you can take look at their website at: ””. Or contact your nearest Tupperware outlets shown below:-

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