Thursday 2 December 2010

Sushi Tei @ City Square Mall

Located at one cozy corner of level 3, City Square Mall. Sushi Tei has a few sitting areas that suits different occasions for group or individual dining. I have always wanted to try the food at Sushi Tei after hearing good feedback from friends but usually back off by the long queue that is often seen outside their Vivo City and Takashimaya outlets.  Finally a few weeks back I managed to try out some of their dishes at their City Square Mall branch which has lesser crowd after the peak lunch hours.

First we have "Chawanmushi" which is a common Japanese appetiser that is also known as "steam egg in cup". The ingredients might various from different restaurant but basically you can find prawn, chicken, mushroom and intimation crabstick in it.
Price: S$4.00 per bowl

  My aunt loves this "Spicy Hotate" because of it's chewy texture with a hint of spiciness. This cold dish makes a great appetiser before the main course.
Price: S$4.50 per plate

  When I spot this "Hotate Misomayo" on the menu, I knew I must order it because I love the combination of grilled scallop with miso and mayonnaise. The hint of miso adds extra flavour to the scallop together with the creamy texture of the mayonnaise. And this is also a pretty easy dish to prepare at home if you could managed to grab hold of some decent scallops with shell.
Price: S$6.00 per plate

"Dragon Roll" is one of the  popular dish that can be found in most Japanese restaurant. In Sushi Tei, their dragon roll comes with a deep-fried King Prawn wrapped together with sushi rice and seaweed then topped with slices of avocado and Japanese Mayonnaise. Overall it taste quite similar to the rest but if the deep-fried prawn can be more crispy when bite it would add extra bonus point to this dish. 
Price: S$12.00 per plate

  We always love to order either "Salmon Head Shio" or Saba Shioyaki and this portion of the salmon head at Sushi Tei was reasonable in size for its’ price and we love its moist and juicy texture too.
Price: S$8.00 per plate

  Another salmon dish we tried was this "Salmon Chasoba". The lightly fried salmon fillet was placed on top of some cold "chasoba (green tea noodle)"  and decorated with some mayonnaise and fish roes to enhance the taste. 
Price: S$10.00 per plate

  After a satisfaction meal we decided to go for some dessert. So while looking at the dessert column one of the waitress suggest perhaps we could a cup of this Yuzu Sherbet for a try. Indeed all of us agreed that this yuzu sherbet taste good and refreshing with its' bite of sour and sweet compliment.
Price: S$3.20 per serving

For second dessert we choose this "Strawberry Taiyaki" that has a crispy outer crust with strawberry ice-cream and red bean paste in it. Although it might be a little too sweet but I am sure this would be a great dessert for all ages too.
Price: S$3.20 per plate

I will definitely be back to try out their "Sashimi" menu again because a few friends of mine are sashimi lovers like me whom we can feast share and feast it together.

Sushi Tei
180 Kitchener Road
#03-53/55 City Square Mall
Singapore 208539
Telephone: +65 6509 1171

Opening Hours
Daily: 11.30am to 10.00pm daily (last order 9.30pm)

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