Saturday 4 June 2005

Peach Marshmallow Cake

Made this Peach Marshmallow Cake from a recipe that I saw from Mum's website. The recipe is quite easy to follow and it is a non-baked cake too. All you need to do is boil the Marshmallow and Jelly Layer then chill it in the fridge to let it set.

As you can see my first attempt was not very successful because some of the Jelly Layer had sunk into the Marshmallow Layer. And this might because I did not wait long enough for the Marshmallow Layer to be harden before I pour in the jelly mixture. Besides that the overall taste was good with smooth marshmallow layer plus springy jelly on top.

Ingredient For Base:
200g Macvitie's Original Digestive Biscuits
80g Melted Butter

1. Crushed digestive biscuits in a ziplock bag and mix it well with melted butter and press into a 8" or 9" square or round spring-form cake tin. (alternatively you can use similar size disposable aluminum cake tin)
2. Arrange some peach slices on the biscuit base and chill for later use.

Ingredients for Marshmallow Filling:
250g Marshmallow (Get from NTUC)
150ml Fresh Milk
300ml Whipping Cream
2 Teaspoons Of Gelatine Powder

1. Put all the ingredients into a pot and boil over low heat until all marshmallow are dissolved.

Ingredients for Jelly Topping:
1 Packet of Raspberry Jelly
400ml of water
2 Teaspoons of Gelatine Powder

1. Boil all ingredients until well dissolved.

Methods On Assembling the Cake:
1. Pour Marshmallow mixture into the prepared baking tin with biscuit base.
2. Put in the freeze until slightly harden but not totally frozen roughly about 20 minutes.
3. Take it out and arrange sliced fresh peaches. Put it back to freezer to harden a little about 30 minutes.
4. When slightly harden take it out and pour the slightly cool jelly on it. Put in fridge to chilled for about 2 hours. Cut into small pieces to serve.

- The jelly mixture must be cool until lukewarm if it is still hot, when you pour into the marshmallow it will sink to the bottom.
- You can use any type of fruits and jelly flavour depending on your preference.

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