Sunday 15 November 2009

Orange Cocoa Macaron

I must sincerely apologise to all my readers and visitors from this Cuisine Paradise - Tea time blog. It had being a while since my last entry on baking or making a new items. Guess I don't really spent enough time on this "Tea-time" area. This afternoon upon my little baking pal request, I decided to bake his favour Chocolate Macaron...........

It has being really a long long time since my last baking on Macaron. I remember during year 2007, when Macaron started to be a "HOT" items on most leading cafe, a lot of food blogger or bakers started to experience on baking these "little gems". I was also one of those home baker who venture out into different flavour of Macarons (click HERE to read more) baking.

Today's flavour is a combination of Chocolate and Orange. Since my little darling requested for a Cocoa Shell, I used the Dutch Process Cocoa Powder which I got it from "Shermay Cooking School" from one of my friend who is working there. And since she wanted to make some Macaron and ask me for an easy recipe to follow, I decided to try my luck on making this "Gem" again after the years. And Thank God, this recipe still works well and the end products is still as lovely as before.

I was still quite nervous during the process of whisking the egg white and mixing of flour mixture. When the piped batter is ready to go into the oven, I was even more excited and I standby near the oven door to look at the "Feet" raising up slowly which really makes me so happy about it. I guess the process of making Macaron is to make sure that they have a nice "Feet" and most important the shell does not crack or sink. So overall I am very satisfy with this "Orange Cocoa Macaron" which sandwich with Orange scented Chocolate Ganache. Posted by Picasa

As requested by some of the readers who wants to try making their own macarons, you can refer to this link HERE. The blog author, Tartelette has a wide range of macarons recipes with great explanation on how to make the shell as well as the filling. I am sure those who are interested in this will be able to find some inspiration and help on making these beautiful gems.


  1. i can feel how flavourful and airy these macarons are!

  2. Your macarons look and sound delicious and stunning! You're really very talented. ;)

  3. hi, your macaroons looks fab - couldn't find the recipe, perhaps u can provide the link, tks. this is one thing i want to try but havent!

  4. Hello, they look great, but I also can't see a recipe. Is this for the photography only?

  5. Your macarons looks great. While I was in KL, there were charcoal macarons, cocoa macarons and many varieties with durian filling. They were very sweet.

  6. Hi FoodForTots, thanks for your compliments :)

    Hi lululu, yup...these Mac are wonderful esp with that extra citric aroma.

    Hi javapot and Candice, I have already add in the link for reference under the note area in the above post :) Hope that will help :)

    Hi Margaret, Mac itself is actually a sweet pastry and it goes well with black coffee or tea to blend in its' sweetness i guess... :)

  7. Hi Ellena,

    I am a passerby who happened to find your blog while searching for info on the Hot and Cold Blender which you have shared your comments. TQ. Your blog is fantastic with so many recipes to share and I can't wait to try out your recipes :) YOur macarons have such lovely feet. I have been trying to bake these macarons but was unsuccessful cos they don't have feet and are not flat. May I have a copy of your recipe? Tried the link you wrote above but can't find the recipe. It could have been removed. Hope to hear from you.... your family is so lucky to have a wonderful cook like you...:)


  8. Hi Ellena

    Love your blog. I have been trying to bake macarons but was unsuccessful, would you mind sharing your recipe? Your macarons have very nice feet :)
    TQ, TQ

    1. Hi Madeline, Thanks for your kind words. I have just google and found that the website had changed domain to Hope that help :) at the side bar there is a macaron tutorial which is pretty cool to follow too!


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