Friday 23 July 2010

Seah's Premix Spices Gift Pack & Giveaway

Recently I have received an email from the marketing department of Seah's Spices Food Industries Pte Ltd mentioning that they are sending a gift pack in appreciation to me on sharing some of their products in my blog post recipes. Upon hearing that, I was too shock and overjoy to believe that their team actually take the time and effort to go around sourcing and reading recipes blogs such as mine.

After about two weeks from their email, I have received their gift pack yesterday, which consists of a box of their makeover premix spices, oyster sauce and a recipes book on how to use their products.

Their "Roasted & Steamed & Braised food" range consists of my favourite Emperor Herbs Chicken Spices which I used to ask my mum to send it to me while I was in overseas. And now I spotted that they actually have Salt-roasted Chicken Spices and Stewed Fragant Spices too which I am curious to try it out soon.

So far I have tried only two of their "Broth & Soup" products which are "Singapore Bak Kuet Teh"(click HERE) and "Herbal Chicken Soup"(click HERE) that I have shared in my previous posts.

But they do have other products under this range are:- Scallop Shark's Fin Soup, Buddha Jump Over the Wall Soup and Seafood Hotpot which acts as a great helper for festive season meal. Or you might prefer something healthier to build up the family members immune system such as trying their "Nutritious Black Chicken Soup".

Seah's spices also have a range of "Deep-fried food" spices which can be use either as a batter or seasoning for deep-fried stuffs. The sample that I have over here are:- Five-Spices Fried Chicken Spices, Spicy Fried Chicken Spices, Prawn-Flavoured Fried Chicken Spices and Fried Crispy Prawn Spices.

If you prefer some hot and spicy flavour from their products, then these "Stir-Fried Food" range will be great for a choice. Honestly speaking, I have not try any of these before and I am surprised to see some of these spices too. Here you can find:- Pepper Salt Prawn Spices, Black Pepper Crab Spices, Black Pepper Spices(Beef/Chicken) and Curry Chicken Spices.

Until I found these in the gift pack, I didn't know that Seah's also have their very own "Desserts & Beverages" products such as Red Beans Dessert with Orange Peel, Ginseng Chrysanthemum Powder and Creamy Corn Coconut Dessert Powder. Posted by Picasa

Dear Readers,

I would like to share my joy on some of these special Seah's Spices that I have received with those who is interested in trying these prodcuts. So in this "Giveaway" a lucky reader will have a chance to pick any 5 packets of the above spices that I have shared in the above-mentioned post.

If you are interested to participate in this "Giveaway", what you need to do is just leave your NAME and a comment tag of "I'll love to try these Seah's Spices!" before 2359 hours, 31 July 2010 and I will pick a lucky reader on 01st August 2010 using an online randomiser.

Till then, have fun and join in the Giveaway!!!!! Who know you might be the next "person" like me to be spotted by SEAH's SPICES on using/sharing their products and be rewarded with some of their freebies too :p

p/s: Overseas readers are also welcome to join in this Giveaway too!


  1. Hi Ellena

    May here, and I would like to enter myself in the "I'll love to try these Seah's Spices" contest. Hope I am lucky and thanks for organising this giveaway!

  2. Oh yes, another giveaway! Let's see if I'm lucky. Thanks Ellena! :)

    "I'll love to try these Seah's Spices!"

  3. Thanks for another giveaway. Really curious to try the spices. I'll love to try these Seah's Spices! :)

  4. muffin lover23/7/10 8:39 pm

    Hello Ellena its so generous of you to give away this lovely spices.Would like to give it a try as we dont have it here in penang. "I'll love to try these Seah's Spices!"Thanks and hace a nice weekend, Llchoo

  5. Hi Ellena,
    Thanks for sharing =D I'll love to try these Seah's Spices! In fact, I've tried the Emperor Herbal Chicken, as well as the Herbal Chicken Soup (did not take photo for this). Would love to try more!

  6. Hi,

    Yes, I would certainly love to try some of Seah's Spices. Thanks so much for organising and sharing this with your readers.

    Wai Fong

  7. Hi friends! Thanks for showing your interests in these products :) Good luck to every each of you :p do stay ard and have fun till the end of this event.

  8. Hi Ellena,

    I'll love to try these Seah's Spices! Hope to whip up a dish or 2 using these Seah's products during the weekends!


  9. Hi Ellena,

    I'll love to try these Seah's Spices!"

    The red bean dessert looks good :)


  10. Hiya

    "I'll love to try these Seah's Spices!"

    All these seem good.. i would love to try out as well... hopefully i am one of the lucky winner..


  11. ME! ME! ME!
    I'll love to try these Seah's Spices!

  12. the food looks great! I'll love to try these Seah's Spices!


  13. Hi Ellena,

    Thanks for all the sharing and guidance throughout the years of all the marvellous recipes!

    Hope to try out the recipes as mention in the recipes book on how to use the Seah's Spices products.

    "I'll love to try these Seah's Spices!"


  14. "I'll love to try these Seah's Spices!"

    Tan MY

  15. Hi Ellena,

    Please count me in.
    I'll love to try these Seah's Spices!


  16. Hi Ellena,

    I tried a few of their spices but personally I love their bak kue teh, even my taiwanese frens also love it and keep asking me to mail to them.

    Really hope to see your post re "Black pepper crab" and "Pepper salt prawn' soon..

    "I'll love to try these Seah's Spices!"

    Thanks for sharing.

    Jassy Tang

  17. Hi, Elena.
    My mum and I are crazy about premix spices. When our friends go to Singapore or Malaysia, we usually ask them to get some for us. We've never tried Seah's before that's why I'll love to try these Seah's Spices!
    Thanks so much.


  18. Hi Ellena

    Thanks so much for sharing this.

    "I'll love to try these Seah's Spices!"


  19. Hi Ellena
    I have tried the Singapore Bak Kuet Teh and it tastes really good. So, "I'll love to try these Seah's Spices" too!

    Thanks for sharing,
    Janet Tan

  20. Dear Ellena,
    I'm never the lucky winner for any lucky draw but I'll like to give this a try cos the spices looked yummy. Here goes!!:
    I'll love to try these Seah's Spices too!

  21. hi Ellena,

    I 'll love ti try these seah's spices too!!!!!!

    thanks you Grace

  22. Hi Ellena

    Thanks for sharing. I'm always keen to try premix as I'm a working Mom.

    "I'll love to try these Seah's Spices!"


  23. Hi Ellena,

    Thanks for sharing these with yr readers. I must admit I am not a great cook but I will definitely keen to learn and want to receive the Seah premix sauces and I want to participate in "I'll love to try these Seah's Spices!"
    Thanks and best regards.

  24. Hi Ellena,

    Please let me know where I can purchase Seah's spice. A friend of us went to Taiwan for business and purchased some Seah's Spice broth soup and my family enjoyed it so much. I would like to purchase and try different products from Seahs spice but cannot find them anywhere in the US. Please help.

    Best regards,

  25. Hi Jessica,

    I am not sure whether they is any Seah's spice products in US. But according to their website you can actually email them for order enquires.

    May you can try to email them :)


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