Monday 26 September 2011

Orange-Scented Flourless Chocolate Cake

Flourless Chocolate Cake has being queuing in my "must-try" lists for at least more than 2 years. Whenever I saw beautiful photos and recipes from fellow bloggers who lay their hand on this delicious looking cake I will be fascinated to give it a try. But the "fate" between me and this cake only begins to spark last week while I was planning to bake something for my neighour and my boy's school teacher.

From the name "Flourless" you can more or less figure out that this recipe does not require any Flour, but somehow or rather it did call for a minimum amount of cocoa powder to enhance the taste. So in order to have better texture and taste for this cake, I would suggest you get some decent brand of cocoa powder which would give it that dark and luxury outlook.

I love this recipe because it is so easy to prepare and you can even let your kid(s) handle most of the beating and folding job with maybe a bit of help from the Adult. Furthermore those of us who tried this cake were surprised of it's taste and texture which is moist, fluffy and tasty even without any use of "BUTTER or MILK".

Ingredients: (make 4, 9cm x 9cm square disposal baking case)
4 Egg Yolks
4 Egg Whites
110g Caster Sugar
12g Valrhona Cocoa Powder
100g Valrhona(Guanaja - 70%)Dark Chocolate, melted
1 Teaspoon Grand Marine/Vanilla Essence
Zest of 1 or 2 Oranges

1. Preheat oven to 180 degree.

2. Separate egg yolks and whites in two different mixing bowl. (i use a bigger bowl for my yolks mixture in order to mix in the whites later on)

3. Whisk egg whites in a bowl with a mixer until soft peaks form. (do not over beat till stiff peak)

4. Next whisk egg yolks and sugar in another mixing bowl until pale and airy before folding in cocoa powder, orange zest and grand marine.

5. Stir in melted chocolate till well combined. Fold in 1/3 of the egg whites at a time and mix well. (since chocolate mixture will be heavier than egg whites, try to scrap and stir from the bottom when mixing to get an even texture)

6. Pour mixture into prepared cake pan or disposal baking cases. Bake in preheated oven for 18 minutes(9cm square paper case), 25 minutes(7"/15cm round cake pan) or when skewer insert and comes out clean.

7. Cool the cake completely on baking rack before sprinkle it with icing sugar and decorate with whipped cream, ice-cream or assorted fresh berries of your choice and serve.

1. You can either melt the chocolate over a double-boiler or place them in microwave safe bowl and cook on HIGH heat for about 90 seconds, stirring at an interval of 30 seconds to prevent burnt.

2. Eggs use in the recipe is 60g each in weighs.

As you can see from the photos, the top of the cake has a delicate crispy crust which gives this cake a few layers of texture such as crisp top, moist and fluffy cake with orange-scented flavour on each bites. And since this is my 1st trial, I hope I would be able to achieve a bit slightly fudgy texture perhaps with a 3 minutes under bake on the timing.

For more recipes on different type of Flourless Chocolate Cake, you can refer to the follow site which I bookmark too.
1. Flourless Chocolate Gateau from Happy Home Baking
2. Flourless Chocolate and Almond Cake from Little Teochew


  1. I love flourless cakes too... a lot lighter

  2. Awesome cake.  I have seen this flourless cake but havent got the chance to doing it.  I bet its very good!

  3. Low Yi Juan26/9/11 5:37 pm

    looks light and yummy to me!

  4. Low Yi Juan26/9/11 5:38 pm

    looks light and yummy!

  5. i have not tried a cake withour flour, just curious how it would taste! yours look good.

  6. Tina@flourtrader26/9/11 9:36 pm

    I have yet to try a flourless cake recipe, but this one looks like a great one to start with.  Love the crackly top-yum!

  7. Ellena, this looks yummy.  I think flour-less cake quite popular dessert in Japan too.  You are becoming such a great baker that you are giving me a huge home.  Wait, correction.  You've been baking more stuff before...definitely wrong level with me.  LOL!!!  Lots of recipes to come back here when I look for easy baking recipes.  p.s. I like the idea of putting strawberries there because usually it creates crater right?  It looks so fancy and pretty.  You constantly make good food to lure me into Singapore... ;-)  You might see me in your kitchen soon!  ;-)

  8. I'm sure 1 slice wouldn't be enough for me...Gotta have more!!! Pretty plating...

  9. Such a baking job would be in my queue forever! but I don't mind eating it....looks so soft ;)

  10. Sonia, i must said even without flour and butter this cake still taste great with rich chocolate taste :)

  11. Thanks for your kind words Nami. Your homecooked Japanese style dishes and desserts are always so mouthwatering and easy to follow that we love them so much. Whenever we find the ingredients we will give it a go and now we can  have similar Japanese food at home comfort :)

  12. Hi Tigerfish, Anna, Tina, YiJuan, Yummy Bake and Wendy thanks for your kind comments. Do share with us your thought if you make this cake :)

  13. hi, can replace

    Grand Marine with rum?


  14. Hi Ellena, thanks for the link-up. Your cake looks AMAZING!

  15. Hi, When you put 180degrees, is that in Celcius?  And what is a good substitute for the Grand Marine?  I am making this cake tomorrow for a lil Wine and Dessert gathering I'm having. 

  16. HI Mandy, Yup it is in 180 degree Celsius. If you don't have Grand Marine, can replace with vanilla extract or any other orange liquor.

  17. Thanks Ju, I will tried your mouthwatering recipe next round as i do not have any "ground almond" in stock :)

  18. Hi Mmmyen,

    Sorry for the late reply. Yes u can or even vanilla extract :)


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