Sunday 20 November 2011

{Real Spice} The BK Way of Chicken by Burger King

Photos courtesy of Burger King, Singapore

Almost every month or two Burger King(BK) will launched some new items on their existing menu to lure the tastebuds of their customers. If you are a loyal fan of BK I am sure you have tried their BK Chicken French and BK Chicken Italian treat which has ended recently. And now the new theme for November will be “Never chicken out on real spice” which is one part of a series of their “The BK Way of Chicken” lessons.

Here BK features two new spicy chicken sandwich such as:- "Spicy Panini Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich" and "Spicy Panini Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich" that will bring you spicy enlightenment.


Photos courtesy of Burger King, Singapore

For chicken burger lover who demand a bigger crunch and spicier kick from their chicken sandwich, the Spicy Panini Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich with 100% thigh-meat patty wrapped in a crisp batter packed with a fiery spice mix of capsicum, garlic powder, rosemary and chili oil is a must to be in your ordering list.
*Price: S$5.50 for ala carte, S$7.65 with meal


Photos courtesy of Burger King, Singapore

Or for something less greasy, try this Spicy Panini Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich and experience a flavour explosion that will make your tastebuds dance. In the quest for chicken perfection, the 100% succulent thigh-meat patty is marinated in a complex blend of spices such as cayenne pepper, black pepper and hints of mustard, onion powder and celery seed before the chicken patty is then flame-grilled to smoky goodness.
*Price: S$5.95 for ala carte, S$7.95 with meal

For your information, both sandwiches are topped off with whole-leaf premium crisp Batavia lettuce and fresh juicy slices of red, ripe tomatoes together with the real spice-marinated chicken thigh nestled within soft Mediterranean Panini bread, baked with quality herbs of rosemary and oregano.

*Pricing varies at selected restaurants. Each meal comes with medium fries and a 16oz drink. BURGER KING® reserves the right to revise menu items without prior notice.

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