Saturday 9 August 2014

Happy 49th Birthday Singapore!

Happy Birthday Singapore
Happy 49th Birthday Singapore! This year lady luck is with us because I was fortunate to win four National Day Parade (NDP 2014) tickets through the balloting. We were very contented even though it was only the preview tickets on 02 August 2014 and furthermore it was also our very first time attending the National Day Parade. And we waited eagerly for the big day ever since we collected the tickets a month before hand.

[NDP2014] Our entry ticket for Blue Sector.

[NDP2014] Walking towards the Floating Platform
The seats allocation starts from 4pm and by the time we reached the nearest MRT station at Esplanade (according to our colour zone) around 4.15pm we saw crowds moving in wearing their red and white outfit to celebrate Singapore's Birthday.

[NDP2014] Fun Packs redemption counters
Before proceeding to the specify colour zone shown on the entry tickets, we were told to collect our Fun Packs from the counters near the entrance. More information about the fun packs can be found at the end of this post. 

[NDP2014] View of the stage at the floating platform from the audience seats.

[NDP2014] My boy was waiting eager for the parade to start.

[NDP2014] Audience in red and white outfit waving the national flag together with the motivate.

[NDP2014] Red Lion in action

[NDP2014] Red Lion in action

A short video on our Red Lion in action during the NDP2014 - Preview.

[NDP2014] Colour Party at the march past parade

[NDP2014] National Flag + National Anthem

[NDP2014] Flypast by RSAF's F-15SG

[NDP2014] Our Singapore Armed Forces; Military Tanks

[NDP2014] Coastline - Our Singapore Navy Force in action

[NDP2014] Our Singapore Civil Defence Force
Second part of the NDP2014 showcase the Dynamic Defence Display (D3) that was set to excite the audience with a 10 minutes performance showing how they have the will to defend our nation and protect what we have built.

[NDP2014] Musical Show

[NDP2014] Show and Fireworks

[NDP2014] Show and Fireworks

In line with this year's NDP theme, the shows focus on four different Acts featuring the can-do, caring spirit of our people plus reflecting the love, passion and courage of our nation who overcome personal challenges with care and support from family and community.

[NDP2014] Enjoying the songs, performance and fireworks display.

[NDP2014] Our city skyline

[NPD2014] Fireworks Display

A short video clip on the fireworks display.

[NDP2014] National Pledge + Fireworks display to end the 2014 National Day Parade
This year National Day Parade 2014 theme is - Our People, Our Home! We all must believe any ordinary people can also do extraordinary when we come together as one community, one people.

[NDP2014] Crowds at the NDP2014 - 02 Aug 2014 Preview

[NDP2014] National Day Parade at The Floating Platform at Marina Bay

[NDP2014] The National Day Parade Funpacks!
This year's National Day Parade Funpack has a colourful “NDP 14” print on the front and it contains many items such as a Singapore scarf, miniature flag, light stick, foldable fan and tattoo sticker, drinks, snacks and etc. Beside the goodies, this funpack is also water-resistant and it can hold a weight which is more than 6kg too.

Once again, we would like to wish Singapore a Happy and Prosperous 49th Birthday! Hope we could managed to obtain the NDP2015 tickets next year so that we would be able to celebrate Singapore's 50th Birthday! 

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