Monday 31 January 2005

My Favourite Sunflower.....

Among all the flowers, I prefer Sunflower which represents hope and warm in my heart. To me it looks like a smiley face that always fill your heart with happiness.

During my days in Australia years back, I grew quite a few variety of sunflowers from miniature to large size and I love the above giant sunflower the most. It is about the size or slightly bigger than the face of an adult which you definitely can't find such a big one in Singapore.


  1. Hi Lena,

    Your blog's interesting. And your recipes are simply calling for me to try them out! I love your sunflower pics. Did you grow them successfully in Singapore? I'm a sunflower lover too. I've seen this big and taller than me flower in Canada.

  2. Hi Lena,

    I'm a sunflower lover too. Did you manage to grow these sunflowers in Singapore? I've seen them in Canada too.

  3. Hi Rena.... I had being trying to grow some sunflower using the seeds that i bought back from australia..but i can't really makit it grow... so sad... Thanks for showing interest in my humble recipe.. do try it out and give me your feedback......

  4. Hi Lena,

    Just to let you know I've tried the Green Curry Recipe which you so kindly sent to me and I like it. Actually if you find it's too saltish, all you have to do is to add a little more milk. This is become a regular dish in our home, I have a feeling!

  5. Hi ...Rena, Glad that u like that Thai Green Curry recipe...hope to hear from u after trying my other recipe.... take care... :)


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